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Easter Fight Special Eggs-Travaganza

Sunday 13th April 2014

Holiday Inn Hotel, Belfast

The Easter special fight day is confirmed (Sunday 13th April 2014)  25 ProKick wannabe fighters have signed up for this show in April.
The Easter special fight day is confirmed (Sunday 13th April 2014) 25 ProKick wannabe fighters have signed up for this show in April.
It is coming close to the time for Northern Ireland’s wannabe kickboxers to have an opportunity to don the gloves for the very first time in an amateur event designed for beginners. The event is set for Sunday 13th April 2014 - An Easter themed event which is for our beginners with No or 1,2 or 3 fights under their belts. We will have just a few of our top fighters who will also get an outing, keeping them busy as well.

Event Details

The event is set at a top hotel in Belfast - Holiday Inn Belfast.

We have an array of experienced fighters that have fought in various styles from Full-Contact, Low-Leg Oriental Rules to K1 style who are on the event card just to spice it up a little.

Fight Card

Check out some of the ProKick fighters on the Fight-Card

Fight Card for Sunday April 13th Holiday Inn Belfast
Fight-card still under construction & Negotiation

K1 Style Kickboxing Rules - 69kg - 4x2 Minute Rounds
Johnny Smith (Bangor, NI) Vs Eric Nsinga Sassy (Osman Gym) Belgium

K1 Style Kickboxing Rules - 81kg - 3x2 Minute Rounds
Alex Ciocoi (Belfast Romania) Vs Lukasz Paprocki (Poland Galway Horan's Gym)

Full-Cantact Rules - 63kg - 3x2 Minute Rounds
Micky Shield (kickTec Scotland) Vs Gary Mc Donnell (Wolfpack, Athlone)

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds  74kg
David Malcom (Belfast, NI) VS Dawid Mileoski (Ken Horan, Galway)

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds 70-72kg
Gareth Anderson  (Belfast, NI) Vs  Shane Harney (Wolfpack, Athlone)

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds 74kg
Darren Pope (Belfast NI) Vs Jacob Wells (London Marty Cox Gym)

 Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds  Novice debutant matches

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds  85kg
Martin McNally (Belfast, NI) Vs Van Wilhem MBemba (team Kongolo Switzerland)

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds 105kg
James Boyd (Belfast, NI) Vs John McGuinness (Wolfpack, Athlone)

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds  67kg
Jonathan Pope (Belfast, NI) Vs  James Cox (Wolfpack, Athlone)

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds  76kg
Stephen Donaghue  (Belfast, NI) V s Shawn Allen (Wolfpack, Athlone)

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds  58kg
Johnny Olgivie  ( Belfast, NI) Vs Bradley Morgan (London Marty Cox Gym)

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds  78kg
Paul Dobson (Belfast, NI) Vs Michael Gallagher (Wolfpack, Athlone)

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds  58kg
Stephen Houston ( Belfast, NI) Vs  Harley Coleman (Bedtfont sports Gym)

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds  72kg
Warren McKittrick (Belfast, NI)  Vs  Aaron Coleman (Bedtfont sports Gym)

Female Bouts Novice debutant matches
Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds 56kg
Rowena Bolt (Belfast, NI) Vs TBA  Naomi Kongolo - team Kongolo Switzerland

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds 50kg
Caris McKnight (Belfast, NI) VS Brélaz (Swiss Team Emery)

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds 56-58kg
Ruth McCormack 58kg (Female) (Belfast, NI) Vs TBA (Osman Gym) Belgium


ProKick Gym (Belfast) Teenagers VS Billy O'Sullivan Gym Teenagers (Waterford)
All matched

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds
Jamie McCusker 60kg (17) (Belfast, NI) Vs Patrick Stokes 65kg (16) 2 fights

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds
George Eyre 52kg (14)1 FC-fight (Belfast, NI) Vs Rytis Daniolous 55kg (13) - No FC fights

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds
Killian Emery 59kg (15) 1 LC-fight (Swiss - Belfast, NI) Vs JJ Stokes 58kg (14) 4 LC-fights

Full-Contact rules 3x2 rounds
Cameron Dickson 60kg (15) no fights (Belfast, NI) Vs Shane Duggan 60kg (13) No fights


Junior Friendly Team Event under the name of The peace Fighters
North Vs South
ProKick Gym, Belfast Vs Wolfpack, Athlone

We have a selection of younger kids matched under light-contact rules 2x1 min rounds.
 Aged between 7 to 13 years-old.  This is  just to obtain experience competing in front of an audience.

Junior light contact 2 x 1min rounds

Riley Hamilton (Boy) 22kg 3.11ft 1L/C (8) Vs Scott McGuinness (Boy), 4L/C, 31kg, 4.1ft, (8)

Joseph Millar (Boy) 25kg 4.1kg 2L/C (8) Vs Camron Peppard (Boy) 27kg, 4.4ft, 2L/C (10)

Bailey Allen (Boy) 46kg 5ft 3 L/C (10) Vs Dylan Molloy (Boy) 48kg, 4.9ft, 0L/C, (10)

Taylor Armstrong (Girl) 34kg  4.9ft 2 L/C (10) Vs Jade Molloy (Girl) 41kg, 4.9ft, 1L/C, (10)

Marshall Neill (Boy) 54kg 5.2ft 5 L/C (12) Vs Kaylem Molloy (Boy) 42kg, 5.1ft, 7L/C, (13) 

Saskia Conolly - no Fights 50kg (teenager girl 14) Vs Danielle Peppard (tennage girl 16) 45kg 1L/C

light-Contact rules 2x2 rounds
Jake MccCready (teenage 13) 58kg 5.6ft 9 L/C Vs Krzysztof Klimek 15yrs, 51kg, 5.4ft 1 L/c

Yet to be matched
Jacob Eyre (Belfast, NI) Vs TBA -  Morgan Buchanan (Belfast, NI) Vs TBA  Jay Sturgeon (Belfast, NI) Vs TBA



Ticket Information

Tickets are on sale priced £20

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Seamus Fyfe

Looking forward to a great afternoon on Sunday 13th, best of luck to all the fighters

By Seamus FyfeSeamus Fyfe on 02 Apr 2014

Brian Gunning


My goodness, that’s a big fight card, think I’ll bring a piece with me and maybe a wee flask of tea as well, will be great to see so many novice Pro Kickers take a bow and strut their stuff. Best wishes and good luck to all of you. Regards.

By Brian Gunning on 25 Mar 2014

Greig Anderson

Are there still tickets available?

By Greig Anderson on 20 Mar 2014

Stephen Houston

Count me in for this!!

By Stephen HoustonStephen Houston on 12 Jan 2014

Brian Gunning


This is great news for Pro Kicks Novice fighters and those keen to step into the ring for the first time.

After Kickmas , I didn’t think we would be seeing another fight night quite so soon, it will be great to see Pro Kicks’ new generation of fighters coming through to compliment the established fighters.  Do we have a few new Champions in our ranks?

I’m sure that we do, I look forward to watching them train and develop into Pro Kick fighters in the coming months.  Regards.

PS. If you have Sky Sports:  don’t miss Extreme Sports Channel tonight at 10 pm : Muay Thai World Series, it’s on Mon. Tues. and Wed night, 10 - 11pm. I saw a trailer , it looks good.

By Brian Gunning on 06 Jan 2014

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