While Murray knows a thing or two about combative disciplines, he welcomed and thanked the help of Paul Douglas for his insightful knowledge -Dougals an ex-amateur and professional pugilist was also a former Olympic boxer who represented Ireland as a heavyweight.

Douglas, who had a short professional career consisting of six contests, said: “It’s nice to know people still recall my amateur days and I found it an honour to be asked by Billy Murray, a great world champion, to help the guys who took and experienced boxing for the first time.” The former Holy Family boxer also said he would come back and help out anytime.

The event featured fighters from all over the country regardless of style or competitive background and took place under orthodox boxing rules.


Some of the ProKick boxers after the event with promoter Diarmaid O'Sullivan...All friend in Love and war.
Some of the ProKick boxers after the event with promoter Diarmaid O'Sullivan...All friend in Love and war.



3x2 Minute Rounds - 77kg
Darren McMullan (winner points) (ProKick NI) Vs Philip Ryan (Kilkenny Boxing Academy)
Darren hit the scales at 75.8kg - Philip weighed in at 78.7kg

3x2 Minute Rounds - 69kg
Johnny Smith (ProKick NI) Vs Brian
Moore ( Fighter withdrew) (Kilkenny Boxing Academy)

3x2 Minute Rounds - 74kg - (Draw)
Andrew Duffin (ProKick NI) Vs Brian Crowe
  (Kilkenny Boxing Academy)
Andrew was on the scales at 72.9kg - Brian tipped the weigh-in at 75.5kg

3x2 Minute Rounds - Match made at 72kg
Pawel Stemerowicz (ProKick NI) Vs Evan Ryan ( winner RSF 3rd) (Kilkenny Boxing Academy)
Pawel jumped on the scales at 70.3kg - Evan came in at 74.2kg

3x2 Minute Rounds - 87kg
Peter Rusk (ProKick NI) Vs Miles Price (winner points)(Kilkenny Boxing Academy)
Peter hit the scales at 87.1kg - Brian's weight was at 87.9kg

3x2 Minute Rounds - 88kg
Alex Ciocoi (ProKick NI) Vs Maiwand Banayee
( Fighter withdrew)(Kilkenny Boxing Academy)

3x2 Minute Rounds - 65kg
Tam McKee (ProKick NI) (winner points )Vs Daniel  Micholski (Kilkenny Boxing Academy)
Tam hit the scales at 64.4.kg - Daniel weight was bang on at 65.3kg

 3x2 Minute Rounds - 72kg
Karl McBlain (Winner points)(ProKick NI) Vs Johnny McCabe (Kilkenny Boxing Academy)
This was a catchweight contest, McBlain scaled at 69.4kg whilst McCabe heavy at 76.8kg
a concession on gloves was allowed to balance the weight out a little

Steven Forde 
hit the scales at 66.3kg
Also traveled with the team he was scheduled to have his fight ever fight but unfortunately his opponent was too heavy.