A United Nations top diplomat jetted in specifically to sit ringside at the kickboxing show. Dr Carole Presern, a UK counselor at the UN in Geneva, sat alongside Derry City's Mayor Drew Thompson at the Brawl on the Wall event in Derry City’s Millennium Forum.

MC and host for the event Joe Lindsay also entertained the packed Forum with his patter.

The Prokick enforced its hand as the Premier fight club, not just with their fighters but on the promotional front and event management.

The flawless event produced a new European Champion and an Irish super heavyweight King. And Ian 'Mighty Cheeks' Young cemented himself as the number one super welterweight in Europe by defending his WKN European super welterweight title.

The rest of the Prokick team had amazing success with the majority of wins going to the Prokick Team.

A special thanks to all who travelled in to make the event a success fighters, trainers and officials, and the Prokick members who travelled in the coaches to support the event and not forgetting the North West fight fans as Prokick fulfilled their promise of delivering a quality event.

Watch out for the return - Brawl On The Wall II - The ProKick Road Show may come to a town near you - let us know where you would like to have us.

Special thanks to Adrian Moat for his help. Without his help the event would have been extremely difficult. And not forgetting all our sponsors for the event.


WKN Amateur Vacant Middleweight European Title 76kg Full contact
Darren Dougan (Winner points)(NI) Vs David Wachs (Germany)
Co Derry's Darren Dougan was true to his word by saying he would 'beat him' and he did and he brought a roar. It wasn't the prettiest of fights but it was one of the most exciting Brawls and the event lived up to its name - 'Brawl on the Wall'. Dougan hassled and harried the German top contender, forcing the German to take a standing count in the 3rd round. The Millennium Forum's rafters were lifted with the atmosphere of local man Dougan's victory.

WKN European Amateur Title Kickboxing Rules Super Welterweight 69kg -
Ian Young (Winner points)(NI) Vs. Uwe Menzzer (Germany)
It's not often sequels live up to their first encounter but this one was a thriller. Non stop action from start to finish with two tacticians along with guile thrilled a packed audience. It was Young's kicking power that gave him his first defence of his WKN Thai style european title.

WKN. Irish Super Heavyweight Amateur Kickboxing Rules - Low kick Title
James Gillen (Winner 3rd RSF )( Portadown)Vs Dylan Scally (Dublin)
Both super heavyweights promised a thriller and that's what was delivered. The Dublin punisher forced the referee to administer a standing count to the big Portadown man at the end of the first round. 2nd round Gillen came out with a game plan to hit and move which he done with effect throughout the round and got himself back into the mix. In the 3rd it was a different story Gillen found the confidence and the aggression he once had when he was champion of the Island of Ireland as he pushed forward throwing with a two handed attack catching the Dubliner with some heavy shots. The referee was forced to jump in with a count. Dylan received attention for a bloodied nose by his cornerman. The referee continued to count, Dylan didn't answer the call and the referee was forced to stop the fight. This was a thriller and one of the most exciting fights of the night. A true fitting for the title of kickboxing champion of All-Ireland.

Light-middleweight 73kg - 3x2 Kickboxing Rules - Low Kick
Barrie Oliver (Winner points)(NI)Vs Steve Schnorrbusch (Germany)
Brad'll do nicely, Oliver said as he still unbeaten in five outings. The Killinchy Destroyer, aptly named by Mighty Cheeks Ian Young, put on a dazzling display of low leg kick style kickboxing. Both boys were evenly matched, it was a close fight with all three judges giving the nod to Barrie Oliver.

Super Welterweight 69kg 3x2 Full Contact
Steve Kidd (NI) vs. Nels Hackstein (Germany)  (Draw)
Shankill man Stevie Kidd faced his second German in his third kickboxing match. Last time out he lost in Germany but this time he shared the spoils with Hackstein, a fighter who has visited our shores no less than three times. Ringsiders thought the Shankill man done enough to win the match but Hackstein was a tough opponent and nobody deserved to lose.

Super Heavyweight 3x2 Kickboxing Rules
Martin Connelly (Winner points)Vs Christian Maciej (Germany)
Miro Herda a Slovakian fighting out of Prokick was to face Christian Maciej but the super heavyweight giant was KO'd and forced out after battling a flu. Docker Martin Connelly, knows a thing or two about tying up big vessels. he took on the taller German with just 36 hours notice after a lay off with a knee injury. The heavyweight from Carrickfergus was flying through the air like a lightweight with jump punches connecting to the talented Maciej. This was also a close call with the majority decision going to Connelly. Well done Martin Connelly, when asked if he wanted the fight he didn't ask who, what or when - Yes please he said, I'm keen to get back into action.

Lightweight - 3x2 Full-Contact Rules
Robert NcNeill (NI) Vs Diego Diserens (Switzerland)
A disastrous start to a promising kickboxer. Robert McNeill was forced to quit by the referee after taking a heavy knockdown from the talented Swiss fighter. This was Robert's first fight and he is adamant that he will continue and learn from his first defeat. He didn't want the fight to stop but the referee was spot on with his call.

Welterweight - 3x2 Kickboxing Rules
Gary Fullerton (Winner points) (Belfast) vs. John Deegan (Dublin)
29 year old Belfast man Gary Fullerton looks as if he's found a style that suits him. In previous outings he struggled to make a real impact in the kickboxing scene but after a change of style he has found his calling. He fought for the first time under freestyle rules, low leg kick, and out worked Dubliner Deegan in another close well matched fight. Well done to both fighters.

Light Middleweight- 3x2 Full-Contact Rules
Darren Wilkinson (NI) vs. Guillaume Sauty (Winner points)(Switzerland)
Falls road man Wilkinson had the best fight of his career even though he didn't get the nod from the judges. with one loss, one draw a now another loss, which ringsiders felt shouldn't have gone against him, the popular joiner showed maturity and was pleased with himself even though he didn't take the decision.

World Champion Gary Hamilton, Ken Horan 
Two world champions met in the ring in a round robin demonstration and they were joined by up-n-coming star Mark Bird. Gary Hamilton was in a warm-up bout to keep the two fighters active ahead of his professional boxing title fight on October 13 at the Park Avenue Hotel. Ken Horan (Galway ROI) was to face Sacha Vetterli of Switzerland unfortunately the Swiss fighter pulled out two days before the fight with a damaged hand. The Swiss fighter was ringside. Mark Bird's opponent Paul Cowzer from Dublin was also forced out with injury. The talented Lisburn fighter took on two world champions.

For more information on the Brawl on the Wall log onto www.BrawlOnTheWall.com also check out this video