- Brief Report with ProKick Fighters on Dublin Fight card -

Low-Kick Kickboxing Rules - Weight +96kg - 3x2 Min Rounds
Paul Best (ProKick NI) Vs John Mullally wins 2nd KO (Global Kickboxing) 
Paul Best was hoping to continue his winning form with a 3rd victory in his 3rd fight as a ProKick fighter - Best, dubbed 'The Beast' by team-mates, faced experienced opponent John Mullally an Irish champion. 
Well done to Big John, Round 1 - Best started fast in the opening round landing some hard low kicks and even rocking the Dubliner with a big right hand. But it was at the end of the second round Best took a good straight right that stunned him and then another right which dropped Best for a count of 9 - Best made it to his feet but referee Roy Baker stopped the fight at the end of round two.

Well done to Big John, this time experience outweighed raw strength - this will be a good leaning curve for the ProKick fight called the 'The Beast' 
Paul is back in action on October 1st in Switzerland.
Lets hope the man called 'The Beast' is not tamed!

Full-Contact Kickboxing Rules - Weight 58kg - 3x2 Min Rounds
Ursula Agnew wins in 3rd - fight abandoned (ProKick NI) Vs Lindsey Doyle (Global Kickboxing)
Lisburn Mum - Ursula Agnew was next up from the ProKick team - the Lightweight finally faced talented kickboxer Lindsey Doyle. The pair were scheduled to meet a few times but always something stood in their way and never got the chance to faced one-onother in the ring - well that all changed.
In round 1 it was Ursula Agnew who forced the action continuing to move forward but falling a little short with her shots. It was a different story in the 2nd round as it was all Agnew's round landing some meaty hard round kicks to Doyle's mid-section. In two occasions the ProKick fighter was warned by the Ref for kicking slightly low to the hip (Not the leg)  - at the end of round No.2 Lindsey was clearly in distress from Agnews's kicks. 
Doyle failed to answer the bell for the third and final round. The match was given to Ursula Agnew on a TKO victory.  

Full-Contact Kickboxing Rules - Weight 67kg - 3x2 Min Rounds
Gary Fullerton wins 1st KO (ProKick NI) Vs Nick Dullard (Global Kickboxing)  
East Belfast Man and ProKick fighter Gary Fullerton was on his way to be named the nearly man! That all changed in this fight in Dublin on September 10th. Gary has been involved in some good competitive matches but extremely unlucky at times not to get the verdict. He has been on the wrong side of the judges in his last 5 fights, justified or not that's where he found himself.
Gary Fullerton didn't need the judges this timeCoach Murray form the ProKick Gym said: " Out of all our fighters on this fight card tonight, Gary was the one who really needed a win. Don't get me wrong I want all our fighters to win and win or loose as long as they try hard that's good enough for me. Gary is a great inspiration for any young fighter, he never gives up, trains very hard and is living testimony to the saying - 'If you don't succeed try try again! He really wanted to win this fight in Dublin, he done everything right followed his game plan and believed in himself - he closed Nick Dullard down and dropped him with a lovely body punch. Dullard was counted out by the referee."
Gary's back at 'Boot Camp' on Monday Sept 12th at 6am for the week-long fitness camp, early morning style for his up-n-coming fights, first in Switzerland and then the Big one on the 'Fright Night' event on the 30th October at the Hilton Hotel in Belfast. 

All the ProKick fighters are in full training as they prepare to travel to Galway September 24th - then Switzerland at the start of October as part of an All-Ireland ProKick select. A few weeks later the team are in Belfast at ProKick's own 'Fright Night' event on the 30th October and then two trips to England.

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