Thirty people travelled for a weekend of sport with 16 of them competing and coming away with 26 wins & 4 losses from a total of 30 matches.  With competitors ages ranging from 7 years of age to 32 years old.  The event was under a selection of KICKBOXING rules from light-contact, full-contact and low-kick rules.

"The event was not what I expected at all, it seemed a bit manic at the start with over 70 fighters young and older. The event took on a life of its own and within minutes our team were fighting in 3 different rings all at once. There were 3 fighting area's going at once, I didn't even get to do my own grandson's corner or see him fight. And that goes for a few of the other kids who I train as well. It's one of those situations that one needs to overcome difficulties and adapt, and that's what we did. ", said team captain Billy Murray.

Murray went on to explain, "Our whole preparation for this event was based on previous shows that Carl and I have staged.  And overall, I was pleased with the kid's performances.  They showed a lot of heart and courage. They done themselves, their family's and the ProKick gym proud."

After the event the ProKick squad headed to O'Neill's Irish Bar and had a very enjoyable dinner, courtesy of the pubs owner Mr Donal O'Neill.  The kids were presented with chocolates by Shirley and James from UNESCO.  We also met with other UNESCO representatives and Mr Oliver Muller (A dinosaur within the sport of kickboxing.  And without his influence none of what Mr Murray and Mr Emery have achieved would have been possible.)  We thanked our hosts, exchanged gifts and said our good nights'.  It was another success for the Peace Fighters initiative!  

In Brief - results from Geneva Switzerland March 24th 2013

George Eyre, won 2 matches: Both on points lost 1- referee stop Eyre nose would not stop bleeding.   
Jamie McCusker,  won on points: McCusker could not continue due to groin kick.
Jake McCready won 1 match (on the matts):  He was too experienced. He then went to the ring and won a further 2 bouts against tougher opposition.

Anna Mallon,  winner: Her opponent withdrew 2nd round
Samantha Robb, won on points: This was a low-kick match
Gareth Anderson lost on points: Anderson took a front kick to stomach that dropped him in the first & second round.

There where different categories for the kids, depending on age. Some of the kids had the opportunity to have several matches.

Riley Hamilton (boy) (ProKick) age 7, orange belt lost 2
Joseph Millar (boy) (ProKick) age 7, green belt  won 1
Morgan Buchanan (girl) (ProKick) age 8, blue belt  Won 1 (Her opponent was disqualified due to hitting too hard)
Grace Goody (girl) (ProKick) age 11, blue belt won 1 lost 1
Bailey Allen (boy) (ProKick) age 9, purple belt won 1 lost 1
Taylor Armstrong (girl) (ProKick) age 9, purple belt won 1 lost 1
Jay Barron (boy) (ProKick) age 11, blue belt won 4 bouts
Jacob Eyre (boy) (ProKick) age 11, purple belt won 1 bout lost 1
Jay Sturgeon (boy) (ProKick) age 11, blue belt won 1 and lost 1 (Judges couldn't split it in the planned 2 rounds so they called an extra round.  After 3 rounds they still couldn't split, and found it difficult but eventually called it in Jay's opponent's favour)  
Marshall Neill (boy) (ProKick) age 11, blue belt won 3 bout

A big thank you to Mr Carl Emery and his team for organising this event.