Darren McMullan Vs 'Taz' (Primal Kickboxing)
McMullan, a24 year old joiner from Belfast, won on a unanimous points decision. His opponent dropped kicks in all rounds and was deducted minus a point for holding. Darren was clearly on top throughout the entire fight and said he can't wait until thenext one.

Johnny 'The Gas-Man' Smith Vs Jordan Webster (Primal Kickboxing)
ProKick fighter Johnny Smith dubbed 'The Gas-Man' was certainlyon fire on Sunday night. He had tenacious Englishman Jordan Webster from Primal kickboxing in trouble a couple of times, with his fast hands and tactical ring-craft and kicking ability. Even though his work rate far out-shone the tough English fighter, Johnny just couldn't nail the finishing blow to end the fight but was happy with a unanimous points decision win.

Ken Horan (Winner) Vs John Lee (Grimsby Martial Arts Academy)
ProKick's adopted son, Ken Horanlifted another European title in an non stop 7 round brutal fight against local fighter John Lee from Grimsby for the vacant title. From the first bell, Ken started like a man out of a sprint block and finished the same way at the end of the 7th and final round. It really is a testimony to the 40 year old's fitness and heart. He out worked John Lee not allowing the Englishman time to throw his trademark right hand. After 7 round of fast and furious action Horan won on a unanimous points decision.

Well deserved credit goes outto John Lee as he absorbed some savage shots for 7 hard fought rounds. The Englishman was looking dangerous at times with fast, looping right hands and sharp uppercuts which found the mark occasionally to the Irishman's chin but not often enough to do any real damage.

The Galway Fighter was never taking second place tonight he set the pace of the fight and never let up until he was crowned King of Europe - another belt to his growing collection...What's next?

Billy Murray and the ProKick team would like to thank and send congratulations to Mr Mr Cris Janson Piers and all at The Grimsby Martial Arts Academy for the invitation to a well run event.