Only two ProKickers emerged victorious our of eight fighters who travelled.

Young Carl Wilson was first out of the blocks on his debut, he faced Sean McKiddie, a visibly more experienced Dundee fighter. ProKick corner stopped the fight in the second round.Carl said he will back to the gym on Monday and that this hasn’t put him off.

Ballynahinch father of four Davy Foster finally got matched after weighing in too heavy. It was hard hitting non stop action but Foster laid it on thick in the last round to secure the match.

Johnny Wightman was forced to withdraw with travel sickness.

Young David Bird hot on the heels of last weeks win but this week he was on the wrong side of the judges score cards when they totted up the final score.
The talented kickboxer lost on a split decision. It was an unfair call from the judges as Murray said none of the two young talents needed to lose, Bird was the busier of the two in the first and third round landing the better shots.
He added, " It’s one thing travelling from home to fight but you shouldn’t have to fight the judges as well".

Karl McBlain travelled with the team - last week he was refused on medical grounds to fight at the St Patricks day bash, he went through procedure of the pre fight medical and the doctor gave him the all clear to fight which left the east Belfast fighter more confused, Billy Murray explained to the Doctor what happened last week the doctor said that he did notice a small murmur in his heart however it wouldn’t harm him in physical exercise, McBlain is now awaiting results from an ECG.

Darren McMullan won by KO last week, this week, the Prokick fighter with only his third fight was beaten by the more experienced fighter on points. No disgrace for the Dundonald man Darren McMullan - well done.

Johnny Smith also fought in last weeks event and went one better by a first round knock out, the gas man said "I'm stunned, I have no idea what I hit him with but whatever it was it must have been good as he was down for a count of ten." 

Unfortunately for Bill Morrow who recently is making a come-back to the ring was side-lined at short notice, he is readying himself for the next event.

It was battle of the big boys Gary Jess also won by KO last week, this week he knows what it is like to be on the receiving end, the battle with Scotsman answer to Hulk Hogan Geoff Craigie was a real crowd Pleaser, Jess was down in the first and and manage to shake it off then it look all over when he took another standing count and by the end of the first The Ulsterman Jess was finding his range. In the second Jess turned it around and looked as if he could force a stoppage as he had Man-mountian Craigie in trouble in the second.
The start of the third Jess failed to make the bell - the doctor stopped the bout with a suspected dislocated shoulder. This bout had the crowd on their feet wanting more.

Final bout of the evening, Stuart Jess and Paul Leonard, this was a non stop battle from start to finish, tit for tat from the two experienced kickboxers on the show - it wasn’t until the final round, Jess found his form with meaningful kicks. Jess' final push to catch the judges eye give to late as he rocked Leonard in the closing seconds of the last round. Jess lost on a points decision.

Billy O’Sullivans team from the south of Ireland had five fighters who travelled as part of an All Ireland squad, they to were also unlucky on the wrong side of the judges as only one fighter came away victorious.

Billy Murray would like to thank all the team for travelling just a week after our own event last week.....  and Big thanks to Paul Keane for the invite and for the hospitality .

This week April 2nd Mark Bird is in Scotland along with Johnny Smith and Darren McMullan they are fighting in Glasgow at DA-James event