Below is a brief rundown for the ProKick team in Carrick-on-Suir 

Full-Contact Rules 3x2 min rounds match made 70kg 
Karl McBlain ( ProKick NI) Vs Dominic Stephenson (Cork Kickboxing) WINNER points 
First up out of the ProKick corner was unbeaten Karl McBlain on his 7th outing as a ProKick fighter. Karl faced a former Jnr Semi contact WKAO world champion now turned Full-Contact fighter - Cork's Dominic Stephenson. The pair of young fighter's showed good variety in technique. 
The Belfast fighter moved forward the entire fight putting the talented Cork fighter constantly on the back foot and landing the more meaningful shots with the hands whilst Stephenson landing the cleaner kicks.

After three rounds of a good competitive and even match it was down to the judges to call the decision - this time it didn't go the young Belfast McBlain.

RingSiders believed the judges got this wrong as none of the two kickers needed to lose which was also echoed by the Cork fighter who apologised to both McBlain and McBlain's coach Billy Murray.
Stephenson obviously disappointed with his own performance knowing he could do better - he said: 

"I'm sorry, the wrong fighter got this tonight." Murray thanked and congratulated Stephenson and told him it was not his fault. 

This match will make a cracking return fight for anyone's event. Hopefully Cork's Kickboxing team will offer a return and travel to Belfast for the next ProKick event.

Low kick Rules 3x2 min rounds match made 85kg 
Alex Ciocoi ( ProKick NI) Vs Eric White (Black Dragon Galway) DRAW 

Next up from the ProKick team was Belfast-Based Romanian fighter Alex Ciocoi - who was in the ring for a second time as a ProKicker in what would be his second fight. Alex faced first-timer Eric White a tough fighter from the Black Dragon Galway team - this was a classic clash of styles the boxer-hitter, White V the kicker, Ciocoi. 

From round one there was no holding back as both fighter's gave their all leaving nothing to chance. Ciocoi showed some very impressive low kicking technique throughout the three round fight and his opponent was looking to land the big bomb that was just a whicker away. This was a very hard fought fight with the ProKick fighter finishing that tad stronger and landing the telling shots over the three rounds.
A win was expected by the ProKick team - however the judges failed to separate the two and a draw was given. 

K1 style Rules 3x2 min rounds match made 70kg 
Johnny Smith ( ProKick NI) WINNER points Vs Alex Novac (Black Dragon Galway) 

The last Prokick kickboxer to step into the ring was Johnny Smith. Smith the East Belfast kickboxer dubbed 'The Gas Man' kept his title hopes alive by beating experienced Romanian Alex Novak who fights out of the Galway Black Dragon club in a K1 Style match-up.

This was a good test for Smith as Novac is noted for dangerous hands. Novac set his stall out by-way of starting fast on the hands and taking the fight to Smith from the first bell but after feeling some devastating leg kicks from the young-up-n-coming Smith, Novac needed to rethink his game for the next round.

This match looked at times as if it was the kicker against the boxer only this time when the Galway fight came within boxing range he had to cope with Smith's knee strikes. Saying that Novac was not there to make up any numbers - he was there to win and wanted to make a statement to the Belfast fighter that he was the man!
This was a good test for Smith as Novac is noted for his dangerous hands.   
Novac sensed the fight was slipping and upped the pace in the third and final round and at times becoming reckless even desperate to head-hunt looking for a knock-out. 

At the end of the contest the Belfast fighter got the nod from all three judges.
It's been a busy time this year for the Gas man - this was his 6th fight this year with 6 wins.
Well done to the ProKick team and all who travelled to the event in support - a big thanks to all who helped out and to Mr O'Sullivan for the invite.