Locals were treated to knock-out and hard-hitting action through-out the night along with the two British national titles which stayed on Scottish soil and if that wasn't enough there was a team event. A WKN country event with the Celtic Nations doing battle, Northern Ireland faced Scotland.  The Northern Ireland select team beat the home nation, Scotland - 5 wins with Scotland taking 3 wins and 1 match the judges couldn't split and called a draw.


WKN British Full-Contact Title 4x2 - 69.6kg
Kris Urquhart winner points (Scotland) Vs Stuart Jess (Northern Ireland)

British Title Full-Contact Title 4x2 73Kg
Dave Krasjuck winner points  (Scotland) Vs Jake Wells (England)
Celtic Nations (Scotland) Full-Contact Title 4x2
Shari Martin (Scotland) Vs Ursula Agnew (Northern Ireland) 2nd R.S.C

Championship of Scotland Super welterweight Full-Contact Title 4x2 -69.6kg
Gary Dalgarno winner points (Scotland) Vs James McRobbie (Scotland)
Prestige Full-contact Rules 4x2
Douglas Morrison (Scotland) Vs Karl McBlain winner points (Northern Ireland)

Full-contact Rules 3x2
Chris Duncan winner 3rd R.S.C. 84Kg (Scotland) Vs Poiter 82kg (Northern Ireland)

Full-contact Rules 3x2
Mark Simpson 62Kg winner points (Scotland) Vs Johnny Whiteman 60kg (Northern Ireland)

Full-contact Rules 3x2
Martin Young 72Kg  (Scotland) Vs  Damien Slawmur74kg (Northern Ireland) Draw

Full-contact Rules 3x2
Alan Henderson 68Kg (Scotland) Vs Gareth Anderson winner points 68kg (Northern Ireland)

Novice Full-contact Rules 3x2
Colin Ewen 73Kg (Scotland) Vs Darren Pope winner points 74kg (Northern Ireland)

Novice Full-contact Rules 3x2
Aaron Leckie 65Kg Vs Steven Forde  winner points 65kg (Northern Ireland)
Novice Full-contact Rules 3x2
Grieg Fletcher 91Kg (Scotland) Vs Terry Butcher 87kg (England) winner points KO nd

A big thanks to Mr Albert Ross and Gary Langford the WKN rep for Scotland for a good job on the event