The event on Sunday especially showed that the future is bright for the next generation of kickboxers coming through. Aside from the 20 first-time competitors who took to the ring in a powerful display of skill during a round robin contest (just two minutes each) three of the more experienced novices faced a Swiss team.

The home team delivered three stunning victories. The youngsters may well have been spurned on by the results from the day before.

Results in Brief:

 Adrian Moat (N. Ireland) Vs Thierry Boscarino (Switzerland) This match was made at 72K under Full-Contact rules with both boys making their ring debut and neither of them keen to take a step back.

It was an even match until the third and final round, as it all changed when the Belfast fighter caught Boscarino with some heavy body blows. Referee Bob Hunter called it a day in favour of Moat.

David Bird 50kilo vs. Ryan Dougal  - Fight fans were dazzled by these two teenagers - David Bird age 13 and Ryan Dougal just 15 years of age Both showed crisp technical ability and hunger for the fight game - the two boys are names to remember for the future.

Robert McNeil (N. Ireland) Vs Hakim Benhounette (Switzerland) - September last year at the Brawl On The Wall in Londonderry saw a disastrous start to a promising kickboxing career when Robert McNeill was forced to quit by the referee.

Six months on - McNeill returned to the ring and showed what he was made off. He squared up against talented Swiss fighter Benhounette in a 3 rounder.

Hakim Benhounette came with an impressive record in the semi-contact continuous kickboxing game and is tipped as the next Mohamed Samir. The young Swiss fighter started fast and furious, throwing impressive and spectacular spinning kicks catching the Belfast man off guard.

McNeill weathered the storm and fired back strong with his own salvo of punches and kicks - forcing Hakim’s corner to end the contest.

Young Hakim showed great promise but without taking anything away from him, it was definitely McNeill’s day.

Wayne McCormick (N. Ireland) vs Thierry Girard (Switzerland)  - Thierry Gillard was scheduled to fight Niall Devlin from Darren Dougan’s Camp in The Loup, Magherafelt.

Unfortunately as the day dawned, promoter Billy Murray was informed that Niall was out due to flu. (We wish him well)

McCormick who has just recently returned to training was keen to get a couple of rounds in and agreed to a demo bout to help the Swiss fighter. The pair scrapped over 2x2 minute rounds with no decision given.

Gary Fullerton (N. Ireland) Vs Julien Aeschlimann (Switzerland) - East Belfast’s Gary Fullerton topped the bill on the Next Generation show along with Julien Aeschlimann in a non-stop tit-for-tat battle. The light welterweight match was under Full-Contact rules. It was an even first round with neither kickboxer wanting to take a backward step.

Change of tactics in the second round as Fullerton focused more on body punching, ‘and it worked’ which forced the referee to award a standing count to Aeschlimann. Third round was no different as Fullerton stepped up a gear, giving the referee Robert Masterson no option but to call an end to the fight.

A rematch is already scheduled for April in the Swiss Alps.

Other wins on the day by way of walkover
Stevie Kidd wins by walk over no-show
David Bird wins by walk over no-show

Thanks to all the competitors, coaches and officials who travelled to help make this a successful day. Special thanks to Mr Carl Emery and Tony Fiorre for all there help.