McMullan was looking to put a good show on for the Swiss fight fans on this Mixed style show between Pro Boxing and Kickboxing, he said right after the bout:

"I'm so disappointed the fight was called to a stop by the referee at 1:12 of the first round. I was wondering why the doctor wasn't called into the ring, but when I saw the cut it was a good call by the ref to stop the match. I really felt strong and was looking for a good display before my next fight in Germany for the European title against German David Wachs. I'm very disappointed for me and David, no one wants a fight to end like that it could have been an excellent test of skills for the both of us.  

He went on to say;
One good thing is i've no injuries from this short bout, so I'll be back in the gym right away this week with no disruption and getting ready for my revenge match in Germany on March 30th."

Topping the bill was kickboxing star - Swiss Yoann Kongolo - he stopped Scotland's hard-man, Steve Kitchener from Aberdeen in the 2nd round.

Topping the bill was Swiss kickboxing star, Yoann Kongolo the WKN Pro European K1 style 80kg champion. Kongolo just back after a lay-off with a badly broken arm. He faced a former a Scottish & British full contact champion - hard-man, Steve Kitchener from Aberdeen.

At the weigh-in the day before, Thursday 14th FEB Kongolo hit the scales at 80kg and Kitchener came in at 79.5kg - the fight was made at 80kg and was over 3x3 minute rounds under full oriental K1 style rules.

Round 1. The Scott, Steve Kitchener came out firing, thumping some hard body shots to the champions midriff, forcing the Swiss champion to cover-up. Kitchener was certainly not intimidated by Kongolo's reputation. Halfway into the first round  Yoann Kongolo showed his class as he took Kitcheners best punches and came back with his first knee attack to the Scott's mid-section that visibly hurt, putting Kitchener on the back foot. From then on Kongolo seems to have the measure of his opponent throwing a wide variety of technics from high kicks, jumping knees which sent the brave Scott to the canvas for his first of two counts in round No.1.

Round 2. Kitchener walked froward starting fast and pushing his Swiss opponent on the back footing again - very similar to the start of round one. It was another fast start from both Kickers, with Steve Kitchener starting to show his inexperience at this style of fighting.  If the Scottish fighter could fire the Knees into his opponents the way he can do with his hands then he would go a long way in this style of fighting.

The night belonged to Yoann Kongolo as he switched it on half-way into the second round, sending Steve Kitchener from Aberdeen crushing to the canvas for the last time. Kitchener's second's called a halt to the bout just ahead of the referee.

Well done to Switzerland's latest kickboxing hero the Swiss kickboxing star, Yoann Kongolo - he should be renamed 'The fighting Gentleman.'

And commiseration's to Scotland's answer to BraveHeart - Steve Kitchener from Aberdeen for making a fight of it, in this, his first K1 style match and moreover his return to the ring after a long lay-off.

A big thanks to Mr Carl Emery and his team for looking after us so well. Also the Boxing promoter for staging kickboxing matches on a professional boxing fight-card.