Over thirty four new members from prokick had thrown their names in for the event in April 11th. only 10 completed and went the distance! Listed below are Results in Brief:

If you have any fighters looking for matches in a well run and safe event, please contact us through the contact section.

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WKN International Prestige Bout -  4x2 K1 Style
Mark Bird ( ProKick) NI Vs Daniel Zahra (Malta)(Winner Points)

Prestige bout 4x2
Mikey Shields (Scotland) (Winner Points) Vs Shawn Burton (Lincoln Kickboxing Club)

  Prestige Bout 3x2 K1 Style (Demo Bout)
James Gillen Vs Krzysztof Misiewicz (Ken Horan Gym (Galway)

WKN British Super Welterweight Amateur Champion (DRAW)
Stuart Jess Vs  Ian Welsh (Billy O'Sullivan - Waterford)

Irish title
Gary Fullerton Vs Oliver McCarthy (Ken Horan Galway) (Winner Points)

Oliver Murphy (Winner 2nd TKO)(Billy O'Sullivan - Waterford) Vs Bert Regulinski Polish ( Golden Dragon)

  Michael Swann Vs Sean Barrett (Billy O'Sullivan - Waterford) (DRAW) 

 Adam Turnbull (Winner 3rd retired) Age18 Vs Alan Flynn (Billy O'Sullivan Waterford)

English Select Vs Northern Irish (ProKick) Select

Anne Gallagher Vs Jody Brett (Winner 3rd Doc Stopped) (Gatwick Kickboxing Club, London)

Ursula Agnew
(Winner Points) (ProKick NI) Vs Louise Collier (Marty Cox Gym)

David Bird
  (Winner walk over) Vs Vernon Green  (Cox Gym London)

Greig Anderson Vs Ryan Davies  (Cox gym london) (DRAW)

Stuart Boyd Vs Jacob Wels (Winner 2 TKO) - (Cox Gym London)

Davy Foster Vs Scott Bryant- 66 kilo (Cox Gym London) (DRAW)

Chris Cullen Vs Jordan McLaughlin (Lincoln Kickboxing Club)  (DRAW)

Darren McMullan (Winner Points) Vs Jack Davies -  (Cox Gym London)

Michael O’Neill Vs Sean Robinson (Winner 2nd round TKO) (Cox Gym London)

Gareth Miller  Vs  Frederick Bainton Gale  (Winner Doc Stopped) (Cox Gym London)

Noel Shapard and Thomas McKee done a round robin with Pierres McManus from Ken Horan's gym

Fight card subject to change