Here is the medal count for the ProKick team who took the time and spent the money to attend the World Games in Geneva, Switzerland. Samantha Robb - 3 GOLD, 1 SLIVER

Ursula Agnew - 3 GOLD, 1 SLIVER
Amy-Lee Tonner - 1 GOLD, 2 SLIVER
Aaron Anderson 1 SLIVER
Junior section:
Jake McCready 1 GOLD, 2 SLIVER    

Oh yeah, not forgetting a medal winner for our special camera man…Boy …..Riley Hamilton-Murray

The World games is an international Martial Arts festival which combines boxing, semi- light- and Full-Contact Kickboxing, K-1 rules, Thai-boxing, Grappling, Ju-jitsu, Forms (kata, sets), Breaking and Mixed Martial Arts.

30 Countries were represented at the 2013 World Martial Arts Games which took place 10th & 11th August in Geneva, Switzerland.

Big thanks to Mr Carl Emery and all his team….look forward to bring a full squad to next years event which I'm sure will be bigger and better.