First to take to the ring was Gareth Anderson (ProKick) Vs Kevin Egan (Galway Ken Horan Kickboxing).  And after a hard fought first fight, the result: Draw.       

The next to go between the ropes was Steve Forde (ProKick) Vs Jomo Ruane (Galway Ken Horan Kickboxing).

Only 3 months ago Steve had his jaw broken and reset after taking a spinning back kick delivered by Johnny Smith, but he didn’t let it interfere with making his debut in the ring.  He bounced straight back afterwards and back into training towards fighting.  Result for his first fight: Lost on points.  Steve lost but ringsiders thought none of the two should have lost.      

The last of the Prokick’s trio into the ring was Samantha Robb (ProKick) Vs Aoife Sharkey (Galway Ken Horan Kickboxing).   

Samantha has trained very hard at Prokick and had this to say about her first fight: “I’m really excited and looking forward to the next one!”  In the 1st round, Samantha rocked her opponent with a hard left hook, although it didn’t stop the battle.  The two battling babes gave their all for the 3 rounds in the packed Marquess. The result: Samantha won on points 

After the last of the fights, it’s straight back on the road for the touring squad and the faster return trip home to Belfast. 

A Big thanks to Ken Horan, and all his team involved at the Marquess of Queensberry 'White Collar' boxing event.