ProKick Belfast have four fighters matched on tonight card.
Rematch -David Foster 66kg (winner points)Vs Scott Bryant 66kg
3x2 min rounds full contact 
Davy Foster was first up from the ProKick team, the father of four stuck to the game plan with front kicks being the order of the night. At the final bell the judges tilled towards the Ballynahinch fighter.
Michael Swann 62kg Vs James Hurst 64kg (winner KO3rd)  
Michael Swann was doing well in the fight and reports state in all accounts that he was in front going into the last round. however you never win until your hand is raised. half way through the 3rd round Michael throws a front kick and when setting his foot down was ko'd with a straight right hand

Johnny Smith 72kgVs Jacob wells 73kg(winner points)
3x2 min rounds full contact
Johnny Smith was up against tough Wells an all out bomber – Smith was doing well in the opening round and in the 2nd was caught with an over the top right that sent him to the canvas – it took Smith the rest of the round to clear his head. The third round was even with neither fighter really pushing forward, the decision went to the Londoner Jocob Wells.

Michael O'Neil 75kg Vs Jack Davies 75kg (winner Ref 3rd)
  3x2 min rounds full contact
Michael O’Neil was stopped in the third round with the referee calling a halt saving him any further punishment – it was a competitive match up to the end of the final round when the West Belfast man run low on gas.

A big well done to the travelling ProKick team - put it down to experience and move on lads. I know it’s a disappointing result for us -we’ll just have to train harder for the next one.

Thanks to Marty Cox and his team for the hospitality given and arranging to show which included bring some of my team to your event in London.


Billy Murray