It was at the open air kickboxing event in Martiada Iglesias, McBlain landed a straight right to floor Piras and the next knock-down came just seconds after with a bone-crushing right-leg mid-section kick for another 8 count and the final knock-down came with a right hook to the body that forced the referee to wave the match over at 1:30 in the first round.

This win gives Karl McBlain his third European WKN title belt in three different kickboxing styles and in three different weight devisions. The phenix gas engineer will now be in-line for a crack at one of the WKN world titles.

It wasn't the same fortune for one of Ireland's top decorated martial art fighters, Gary Hamilton. Now with controversy surrounding his loss at the feet of Alessandro Alias. Hamilton, was down at the end of the second round and it was unclear what put him down if anything and whilst both hands touched down and were still on the canvas the Sardinian Alias, kneed Hamilton to the head.

Hamilton, managed back up to his feet before the bell sounded for the end of round number 2 had ended. The MC now claiming Gary Hamilton was Ko'd when he clearly wasn't but actually fouled.
Hamilton's coach Billy Murray, is on his way home from the Italian Island in the Mediterranean and promises that he will lodge an official inquiry to WKN world office insisting they look at the video footage.  
Well done team ProKick