Teenager Mark Bird didn’t get the win he was looking for against experienced Michael Johnston but he never deserved to lose either. The four rounder looked more like a demo fight with neither fighters landing telling shots. Ringsiders thought a draw would have been the right call in the welterweight full-contact contest.

It was a change of rules for Bird from the Thai style to full-contact rules with kicks above the waist. Bird prefers the low kick and Thai style but was happy to take the bout on short notice just to get another bout.
Bird spoke with ProKick.com right after the match: “I knew Michael was a tough campaigner with a lot more fights then me. I wasn’t hurt in any part of the fight with Michael and would do it again anytime maybe in low-kick or Thai. I didn’t fight to the way I know I can or wanted too - but I did enjoy it nevertheless.”

Bird was hot off a KO win two weeks ago at the ‘Bash n Mash’ where he stopped German champion Kevin Eiberg at the end of the first round in a K1 style match.

Mark’s team mate man-mountain big James Gillen was further up the fight-card the ProKick kickboxing instructor was involved in a tit-for-tat war. First the English man was down then big James was forced to hit the deck with a couple of nice punches - the fight went the distance with James losing on points. The audience really got behind this bout after a thoroughly entertaining and hard fought match.

Thanks to Master Goff for the invitation to compete on his event and for the hospitably received, we look forward to working with you and your team in the future.