McAleer was pipped-at-the-post as she came up short in a gallant effort to lift the world title. Her quest to become a two-time world Martial Arts Champion will have to wait a bit longer and more work is needed to adjust to the new style of kickboxing.

McAleer lost on a narrow points decision to the current and talented champion Fadma BASRIR (France) over 4 x 2 min rounds under K1 style rules of kickboxing. The 36 year-old McAleer forced the fight from the first bell right to the end of the last round not taking a backward step.

The Virgin Active general manager, McAleer, thought she had done enough to lift the title but her coach wasn't so sure. McAleer's kickboxing coach, Billy Murray, said:
" Cathy equipped herself very well against the current world champion, she pushed the fight right to the end, she actually made the fight, but please take nothing away from Fadma, this is why she is a world WKN champion by not letting Cathy work and nullifying her boxing by using her knee. Cathy may have lacked the experience at this style, but certainly made up for it in her fighting spirt - she done amazingly well in this fight, and I'm so proud of her.

Murray went on to say: Cathy can hold her head high, this is not her style of fighting, she took the fight in a heart-beat when offered, trained as hard if not harder than any of the fighters I have trained and worked with. Her work ethic was incredible in the run-up to her world title match and when we iron out some further difficulties in fighting styles - Northern Ireland will have another world champion."

Team mate Darren McMullan showed why he is still in-line and knocking on the door for a WKN world title. McMullan started well commanding the centre of the ring and dictating the pace of the fight. He fought smart over the first two rounds landing some heavy shots. In the third round Darren pushed forward wanting to mix it up with the tough Zahafi. It worked this time, as the French champion Mimoun Zahafi looked out on his feet at the end of the last round. Good smart tough fight by the IceMan McMullan....(AKA Ballybeen Samurai)

Darren McMullan was called back to the ring later in the evening. He just didn't win his fight, he also won an award for one of the events best fighters of the night. Darren was presented with a Katana which is a samurai sword. The 26 year-old was awarded the sword just before the main event for being one of the best fighters at the international championship tournament. The Katana was awarded by the Promoter, Mr Farid Berrais, from Clichy-Boxing Club France.

A massive thanks to Clichy-Boxing Club France and of course the Promoter, Mr Farid Berrais for his help and generosity.
And to our ProKick friend International WKN supervisor, Mr Alexis Andre (France)


Photos will follow today 16th June 2014