Stefanie McMullen was first up out of the ProKick fighters. Stefanie came in light for her second bout at 50.8kg while Yvonne McNevin from Black Dragon Galway hit dead-on the weight at 54kg. The match was under Full-Contact Kickboxing Rules and set for 3x2 Minute Rounds. Right from the first bell both ladies showed tremendous heart and determination throughout the hard 3 rounds. Stefanie using her sharp kicks and stiff jab to keep the more experienced McNevin at a distance but the Galwegian fighter using her ringcraft and experience to work her way in behind the Belfast fighter's defences. After three hard fought rounds the judges could gave the decision to the Galway based fighter, NcNevin - well done to both girls who set the standard for the men to follow.
This was a good performance from McMullen who impressed a lot of people at the event -  for her lack of experience in the ring and for the weight disadvantaged.

Next up out of the ProKick corner was Ursula Agnew of Lisburn she weighed in at 59kg, and her opponent Donna Larkin from Black Dragon tipped the scales at an even 60kg the agreed weigh for the match. This bout was a return match from June this year when the Galwegian Larkin defeated Agnew on points in a low-kick kickboxing rules fight over 3x2 rounds. This time match was set for 4 x 2 minute rounds and a rule change under K1 style rules. The Galway fighter Larkin started the first round like a sprinter out of the blocks coming straight for Agnew with thunderingly quick punch combinations and sharp kicks, the Belfast fighter couldn't seem to find her feet in round one but used her ringcraft well to stay away from most of the blistering shots. Round two - was more of a step up in effort from Agnew as she became the agressor and dominated the round with some stinging low kicks and good work rate. The third and fourth rounds were much of the same from both ladies giving their all with Agnew finishing the stronger in the last round. It was was now down to the three judges ringside to sort a winner, but they
couldn't split it and called a draw.

It was time for the Battle Of The Big Men as ProKick's Peter Rusk was taking on a World Champion Aidan Brooks of Dublin (fighting out of Black Dragon). At the weigh-ins Brooks hit the scales light at 84kg whilst ProKick fighter Peter Rusk came in at the required weight 88kg. This bout was set for 3x3 mins under K1 style rules. The Newtownards fighter started the round with some hard low kicks and long boxing combinations keeping the shorter Brooks at distance but the Dublin based IKF World Champion soon found his feet and was starting to read his opponent's shots well causing some damage to both their legs with some hard leg blocks and fast counters. After trading some stinging kicks Brooks found his range and caught Rusk with a solid right hand, sending him to the canvas for a standing 8 count. Rusk soon regained his composure and went straight on the front foot but Brooks' experience again shone through as he backed Rusk into his own corner and delivered some devastating punches forcing the ProKick corner to call a halt to the bout in round 1st.

The last fighter out of the ProKick corner was Karl McBlain who faced tough Thai stylist Bryan Merrigan, also from Black Dragon in Galway. McBlain weighed in at 68kg and Merrigan hit the scales at 69kg on the dot. This fight was set for 3 rounds of K1 Style kickboxing rules. All three rounds were much of a same from both fighters, it was as if it was a clash of styles as none of the two fighters finding their usual form. Merrigan was more the kicker whilst McBlain was using his punches to effect on occasion. Both fighters landed some telling blows at several times of the fight but neither could seem to land the KO shot they both seemed to be looking for. A times a tad scrappy in places and a lot of clinch work in rounds one and two but in the third McBlain set the pace and had the Galwegian fighter constantly on the back foot perhaphs that's 
what swung it for the Belfast fighter. At the end of the bout the judges gave the nod to the 21 year old ProKick fighter Karl McBlain.

A massive thank you goes out to Peter Foley and all of his Black Dragon team and we are sure that we haven't seen the last of any of these fighters.