First up of the ProKick fighters was Johnny Smith, dubbed as 'The Gas Man'. The fight was made under low kick kickboxing rules for 3x2 minute rounds and faced experienced full-contac t fighter Daryl Orr from Black Dragon Donegal under the instruction of coach Joe Wilson. Johnny was hoping the fight would be under K1 rules but unfortunately wasn't to be but this is understandable as this was Orr's first encounter in the low kick style but boy did the Donegal fighter bring the fight to the table. Orr took Smith's best shots finding himself on the seat of his pants with low kicks twice in the first round. But he came back in the second and third rounds and Smith found himself on the back foot, not a normal occasion for the Belfast fighter. Orr caught Smith with a trademark headkick in both the second and third rounds and put the Belfast fighter pressure. This was an under par Smith that he have not seen in a while but taking nothing away from Orr who fought extremely well. I'm sure these two young kickboxers will meet in the future and when Orr gets more experience in the low kick, it will make a very intriguing fight. Well done to Mr Wilson and his team.

Joe Wilson and his team will be back in Belfast on 30th October where Chris Coyle and ProKick's Gary Fullerton will be back in action all over again and let's hope lightning doesn't strike twice and Gary stays away from that turning back kick that cost the Belfast fighter the last time. If you want to see more on the last fight, click here.

The next ProKick fighter to make her way to the ring was Lisburn girl and mum of one Ursula Agnew. What a way to celebrate your 30th birthday, there wouldn't be many that would celebrate their birthdays by climbing into the ring for a full K1 rules fight. Ursula has had a busy time of it lately, fighting an outstanding 4 fights in just a 5 week period. 3 Of those fights were back to back under a mixture of rules with one every weekend so good for her to take another tough fight and under a change of rules just hours before the fight took place. The rules for Ursula's fight were as follows. K1 rules, 1 hold/1 knee, knees to the head and spinning back fist included. These are pro rules and Ursula didn't batter an eyelid as she faced AQisling Daly, a tough MMA fighter. At the weigh in Ursula weighed 59.1kg just three hours before the fight and even though it was arranged that Daly was to weigh in at the same time, there was some confusion and she weighed in the night before at 60kg. Ursula's coach insisted that he see her opponent on the scales and that thi was not the arrangement for the fight and when she hit the scales, after no problem of agreeing, was 64.9kg. She was matched with an experienced opponent who was 5kg heavier. There was some deliberation about whether the fight would take place or not but to compensate for the weight difference a 2oz glove concession was made where Daly wore 12oz gloves and Agnew wore 10oz.

Into the fight, the first round started with the MMA fighter coming out in true grit style, all guns firing. Agnew covered up and took her best shots and weathered the storm and in the latter part of the round started to land her own telling blows. Second round was much of the same with Daly forcing the issue however the ProKick fighter concentrated on the low kick and landed some telling shots. At times it was hard to seperate both girls as their fighting styles were so different. The Belfast fighter more the technician vs the more aggressive fighter in Dubliner, Daly. Third round saw a change of style from the ProKick fighter as she went forward and was more aggressive, knowing that she ahd it all to do and that she didn't want to leave it in the hands of the judges. This was only Daly's second stand up fight, her other fight under Thai rules and she equipped herself really well. In the end it came down to the judges and they opted for the side of the home girl, Aisling Daly. Well done to Aisling for what was just her first or second stand up only fight. If she continues like this, she will certainly be a force to be reckoned with.

Thanks again go out to the event organisers and staff and also to the ProKick supporters who travelled all the way down to Dublin to support their team mates. On the camera was ProKick fighter Karl McBlain and in the corner with Mr Murray was ProKick fighter Gary Fullerton.

Catch Ursula and Johnny Smith at 'Fright Night' on 30th October at the Hilton Hotel in Belfast.