Foster started very fast putting Bryant on the ropes with some very good body punches, the Ref interjected to what looked to be a count for Bryant, it was very confusing. The fight continued and with a well timed right hand from Scott, Foster was dropped. It was a standing 8 count and with only 20 seconds left on the clock Foster stayed close working in the inside. The rest of the fight was too close to call - well done both fighters, it was a thrilling match over the five rounds, Foster lost of points.
Alex Coicio beat Jake Wells on points and Samantha Robb fought hard for the full three rounds to receive a draw from the judges against Samatha Ryan.

A big thanks once again to the Father & Son partnership, for looking after the ProKick team when back to London - the squad made a welcomed return to England's premier kickboxing promoters event. 'Team Cox' .

The fight card to date is as follows:

Rematch - for the fifth time!
David Foster 66kg Vs Scott Bryant 66kg WINNER POINTS
5x2 min rounds full-contact

Alex Coicio WINNER POINTS  Vs Jake Wells  79kg
3x2 min rounds Full-Contact rules

Samantha Robb 68kg Draw (ProKick) Vs Samatha Ryan 67/68kg Draw(Cox Gym)
3x2 min rounds full-contact