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(Sunday 13th September) saw all the main action from the World Martial Arts Games in Geneva and the ProKick team began where they left off on Saturday – on a winning streak. First up was the adopted Swiss son of the Belfast gym Killian Emery who won his K1 fight with a unanimous decision from the judges.

Samantha Robb was next for Team ProKick up against the French opponent Cathy Le-Mee in full contact rules.
This was a tight affair that couldn’t be split within the two rounds and went to an extra round, a decider, with Samantha out-working Cathy Le-Mee. The Tattooed Dragon Robb walking out as the victor and gold medalist.

Next up the was the young ‘Duracell Bunny’ Jake McCready, after fighting twelve rounds yesterday he stepped back between the ropes against an opponent ten years older than him. This didn’t deter young McCready as he continued to show his strength, determination and skill and in the second round Quiquerez took a standing 8 count before Jake knocked him down again and the referee stopped the fight with only seconds left of the round. One more goal medal for Jake!

Stepping into the ring next was Johnny ‘Swift’ Smith up against Julien Domingos fighting K1 style. With a clinical knee to the face at the beginning of the second round, Domingos was immediately on the back foot and Smith took full advantage putting the pressure on, again the referee stepped in an stopped the fight declaring Johnny the winner 48 seconds into the round. Gold medal number 4 for Team ProKick!

After a busy and victorious day yesterday, next into the ring for ProKick was Gary Fullerton fighting full contact rules against Edgar Carpint. Gary got his boxing going early in the first round but then took a kick to the head and a count followed, getting up and regrouping he continued to show courage however the referee decided enough was enough and stopped the fight just before the bell would sound for the first round. On his return to competitive fighting, black belt Gary Fullerton walks away from the Championships with a gold and two silver medals.

Finally then for Team ProKick, it was the turn of Rowena Bolt up against Laurien Geerebaert (if you blinked you missed it… ) It was all over inside 17 seconds. It all started at a lightening pace as usual with Bolt and with a right cross her opponent was knocked out and the referee called it off even though Geerebaert got back on her feet and wanted to continue.

It was a disappointing games for Belfast WKN European full-contact champion, Cathy McAleer. Saturday saw the Karate queen fight well but managed to fall short on what the judges were looking for. Cathy's Coach Billy Murray said, " Not the ideal preparation for Cathy's KICKmas world title tilt. On Saturday she had two fights in two different styles - I thought she well won them both even-tough giving weight away in both fights. Sunday was worse as she sat around all day to be told at the end she was not fighting. Sometime this happens in this style of events." Promoter Carl Emery was also disappointed for Cathy and promised he will put her on the next night show event in an all expenses paid trip to compete. 

With the final fight of the day for Team ProKick it was one more gold medal!
So a successful day all round, 5 golds and a silver for the Made in ProKick team, and even Mr. Murray managed to sneak himself onto the podium to claim a gold medal.

David Oudin vs Raphael Jourdan
Jean Baptiste Chartier vs Mitch Allenbach
Lucas Shilliger vs Cedric Menereuilt
Killian Emery vs Stephane Grimonpont
Gregory Monnier vs Yann Pottier
Diego Diserens vs Thierry Muffat-Joly
Samantha Robb vs Cathy Le-Mee went to third round decider – tight!
Fabien  Quiquerez vs Jake McCready – referee stopped the fight in the 2nd round 1:58 mins
Johnny Smith vs Julien Domingos – referee stopped the fight 48 secs 2nd round
Florian Gallay vs Gary Fullerton  - referee stopped the fight 1st round 1:40
Edgar Carpint vs David Oudin – referee stopped the fight 1st round 1:40
Rowena Bolt vs Laurien Geerebaert  - referee stopped the fight 1st round 0:17 secs
Yann Pottier vs Cedric Menereuilt


Results in brief:

11am the 9.30pm September 2015:

After a long, hectic day at the World Martial Arts in Geneva, the ProKick team are celebrating this evening with a flurry of medals. Today was all about the light contact fighters with quite a few debutants however it all kicked off with the ProKick Peacefighting kids who set the standard for the rest of the team.

Even with the long, uncertain hours of waiting around as soon as the action started the ProKick team were ready for action. And not just any action….they meant business! The team were hungry for every opportunity that would come their way and young Jake McCready stepped into 3 different categories (light contact, low-kick and boxing) showing desire and determination as he walked away with 3 medals; 2 silvers and a gold. With many of the team competing simultaneously on various mats around the arena, the usual ProKick team spirit shone through as the Made in Belfast roar echoed throughout Geneva for every ProKicker from the youngest to the eldest. Everyone will be going to bed tired and happy here in Geneva, in fact, I’m sure some will sleep with their well-deserved gold medal around their neck (Lisa).

Cathy McAleer (light contact & points)
Gary Fullerton (low kick & boxing)
Michael Swann (low kick)
Rowena Bolt (light contact)
Daryl Campbell (low kick)
Jake McCready (low kick, light contact & boxing)
Lisa Mulholland (light contact & points)
Mark Cairnduff (light contact)
Charlene Best (light contact)
Ruth Anderson (light contact)
Kathryn Warren (light contact)

ProKick Kids
Grace Goody
Taylor Armstrong
Riley Hamilton
Joseph Millar
David Hagan

The Championships were staged on Saturday and Sunday, September 12-13th 2015 and yet again the event is organised by no other than former world champion and now one of Europe's top promoters of Martial Arts, Mr Carl Emery.