The event was between a ProKick select and a South of Ireland IKF select. Topping the first part of the bill was Mark Bird against Thai fighter Aziz Tali, the crowd were woed with some flashy kicks and great technical abilty from both lads. Bird weathered the fast pace of the 1st and second to stop Aziz in the third round with some hard low leg kicks. He is a big talent in the making.

Just weeks after the heartbreaking loss of his son through cot-death, brave Saintfield fighter Stuart Jess fought for the memory of his tragic boy in a kickboxing ring. Jess, 26, and his devastated partner Heidi lost their nine week old son Calum on August 24.

Despite the utter tragedy of what happened, Jess – European light middleweight kickboxing champ - decided to step back into the ring in a matter of weeks in memory of his son. Jess fought in Dublin last Saturday night against local man Chris Ichem. It served as a warm-up for a world title tilt in Belfast’s Waterfront Hall on December 1 that Jess has said he will win for young Calum.

“It was a very close fight for Stuart but he showed the passion and desire needed for a world title tilt.” Said Coach Murray

In total tenof ProKick’s top amateur fighters travelled to the event. A bus was also arranged to take 50 Prokick members to the event. Prokick won 4 out of 6 with 3 demos.

 Light Contact
David Bird (Lisburn/Prokick) (Winner Points) V Robert Kelly (Dublin Gan Teora)

Full Contact
Stuart Jess (Saintfield/Prokick) (Winner Points) V Chris Ichem (Dublin Gan Teora)

Kickboxing - Low kick
Mark Bird (Lisburn/Prokick) (Winner 2nd round KO) V Aziz Tali (Dublin Gan Teora)

Full Contact
Ann Gallagher (Donegall/Prokick) (Winner Points) V Charlene Reynolds (Dublin Gan Teora)

Full Contact
Miro Herda (Slovakia/Prokick) V Barry Matthews (Winner Points) (Dublin Gan Teora) 

Full Contact
Barrie Oliver (Killinchy/Prokick) Vs Martin McGlynn (Dublin Gan Teora)  (Winner Points)

Demos & Hard Spars
Ken Horan (Galway/Prokick) Vs Seamus Geoghegan (Dublin Gan Teora)
Gary Hamilton (Belfast/Prokick)  Vs Ronan McSweeny (Dublin Gan Teora)
Pawel Gorka (Poland/Prokick) Vs Ciaran Magill (Lurgan/Prokick))