ProKick's Karl McBlain added another win making it 5 out of 5, ProKick Novice Heavyweight Paul Best opened his account on his début bout and just overpowered the Dubliner, Kris Hanna lost out on a points decision and ProKick's adopted son, Ken Horan won a tough battle, the fight was close in the first 2 rounds with Lynch edging on the cleaner kicking. It wasn't until the third round Ken found his distance landing the cleaner and heavier shots. In the last round Horan landed a fantastic right hand that sent the Dubliner, Lynch to the canvas. Lynch fought back hard even after the heavy shot and didn't help his cause by dropping a kick in the final round. Ken 'The Hitman' Horan still runs unbeaten in a countless amount of fights in recent years. 

First up out of the ProKick corner was 21 year-old Karl McBlain. The young east Belfast fighter wasted no time in taking the fight straight to his opponent with impressive kicks and fast hand speed. The tough opponent came back a few times in the first and caught Karl with some clean shots but McBlain wasn't deterred and pushed through straight to the bell. The second round started much of the same, Karl starting off with some strong kicks and combinations that forced the referee to step in and administer a standing 8 count but his opponent soon found his feet again and landed some impressive kicks. However it was the work rate and the strength behind McBlain's shots that earned him another solid victory.

Next up was ProKick débutante Heavyweight Paul Best. Paul had only 24 hours notice and was already training for a fight on Sunday in Belfast but took the bout as a warm up match. He started like a sprinter out of a block with hands and feet combinations and knocked his opponent to the canvas early into the first round. After another flurry of shots, all landing cleanly and with sheer force, the referee stepped in and called a halt to the match.

Kris Hanna, ProKick's latest lynchpin and all round 'dogs body' entered the doors of the gym at 12pm and upon his entry he was told "There is a fight for you" he immediately said "Yeah, no problem" then was told it was that same night in Dublin. He didn't even get a chance to get home but threw together some gear and headed with the rest of the guys to Dublin. This is the type of thing that you need to do if you want to be a fighter. Well done Kris, not many people would take a few hours notice and jump into the ring, especially if they haven't trained for a fight.

A big thanks to Chris Boyne for the invite, glad to help him out on this special occasion, especially for rasing money for cancer research.