First out of the blocks was ProKick's young up and coming welterweight fighter Karl McBlain who had his hand raised as the victor in his tough fight against previously unbeaten Englishman Dean Petty in Lincoln KBA's event tonight. The tough 21 year old East Belfast fighter took the fight to his opponent from the very first bell and it was non stop action from both men. Karl stuck to his game plan and listened to his corner well, using his strong boxing techniques and a very powerful and accurate front kick that the Englishman, Petty couldn't seem to find an answer for. After 3 solid rounds of Full-Contact style action all of the judges at ringside sided together for a unanimous decision for McBlain. Karl's next stop is in Kilkenny where he switches not only style but sport as he takes to the ring for his first competitive conventional rules boxing fight.

More good news from Lincoln as ProKick's former World Champ Gary Hamilton gets the nod from the judges and wins a hard fought 6 round against tough campaigner Michael Johnston. Hamilton certainly had his work cut out for him against the WUMA world champion from Sunderland and even though the 'Belfast Boy' dropped kicks in a round, he soon found his stride and put the Sunderlandchampion to the canvas for a standing count. The last few rounds were nothing short of an all out war but the majority of the judges at ringside favoured for the Belfast fighter making it two wins for the ProKick team. In one round alone, Hamilton was seen to show a true return to form, thundering in the trademark power roundhouse kicks that saw him lift the WKN World featherweight crown and defend it three times. After what seemed like an entirity of unanswered kicks from the Belfast fighter, the Englishman was forced to the canvas for a standing count, however the next round would not go the same as Johnston took the fight to the front foot and looked stronger than ever, landing some very hard shots to Hamilton's chin. But the pace was no longer in Johnston;s favour by round number 5 as Hamilton soon regained his composure and won the last two rounds. Only 2 out of the 3 judes gave the Belfast fighter the nod but it was a good win for the Belfast man and maybe just the fight he needed to spur him on to once more bigger and better things.

More pictures will follow from England when the team return, watch this space.