The #LordsOfTheRing show opened its doors on Saturday night at the Ulster Hall and featured seven World title fights. The event celebrated 25 years since ProKick Head Coach Billy Murray won his own first Pro world title in the same venue. A show of this magnitude has never been attempted before in Europe and every seat in the house was full as the show kicked off.

The main event was Hamilton`s bout against Paolo Renna for a vacant WKN Professional World title. Hamilton had stated at an earlier press release that he would retire if the fight resulted in his defeat but his fans had no need to worry as the ProKick fighter gave it everything he had, and that was enough for him to take his second world title at a second weight. The fight didn't make the 12 rounds as Hamilton’s continual attack on Renna was too much and it was stopped in the fifth round after a veracious attack on the Belgian's body with both hands and feet.

SEVEN world titles up were up for grabs on this historical night when ProKick's homegrown fighters took to the ring. The team took home five of the World titles; one was declared a draw and the other a loss. Billy Murray couldn’t have been prouder as family, friends and fight fans congratulated him on the superb result.
Surprise: Joe Lindsay paid tribute to friend Murray as he stepped into the ring and called for more media attention on the sport as well as proper recognition for Billy Murray’s dedication and work within the sport and the local community.

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Other Result in Brief:

WKN Professional Light welterweight world title 64kg
Full-Contact rules. 12x2 min rounds - Vacant title
Gary Hamilton 62.5kg (WIN 5th TKO) (Belfast, NI) Vs Paolo Renna 62kg (Belgium)

WKN Amateur Middleweight world title 76kg
K1 Sytle Oriental rules. 5x2 min rounds
Darren McMullan 75kg (WIN 5th TKO)(Ballygowan, NI) Vs David Wachs 75kg (Germany)

WKN Amateur Lightweight world title 54.7kg (DRAW)
K1 Sytle Oriental rules. 5x2 min rounds  
Cathy McAleer 53kg (Belfast, NI) Vs Fadma Basrir 53kg (Moroccan French) WKN World Champion

WKN Amateur Light-heavyweight world title 79.4kg
K1 Sytle Oriental rules. 5x2 min rounds  
Alex Ciocoi  78kg (WIN Points) (Romania-Belfast) Vs Mumun Batur 80kg (Turkey)

WKN Amateur Lightweight world title 58kg
Full-Contact rules. 5x2 min rounds
Ursula Agnew 58kg (Belfast, NI) Vs Ivana Miklašova 58kg (WIN 1st KO) (Slovakia)

WKN Amateur Welterweight world title 66.7kg
Low-Kick rules. 5x2 min rounds
Samantha Robb 65.5kg (WIN Points) (Tyrella, NI) Sona Čeredejova 66.5kg (Slovakia)
WKN Amateur Super-welterweight world title 69kg
K1 Sytle Oriental rules. 5x2 min rounds  
Johnny Smith (WIN 2nd TKO)(Bangor, NI) Vs Hakim Ketaieb 68.5kg (France)