The young amateur ProKick team faced some of Japan's hardened professionals for sparring with all of the team having the opportunity of going a few rounds.

Check the Japanese fighter out.

Team coach Billy Murray said: " I'd like to thank the World Kickboxing Network and the Shidokan Karate & kickboxing in Tokiwadai Tokyo - Especially Mrs Shinobu SESHIME who went out of her way to help us. The sparring was great and invaluable for this young team. I really wanted to pit my guys with the same standard of amateurs from Shidokan. This would have given me a better indication to gauge our performances. Having said that all our team loved the chance to step into the ring with some of Japan's finest kickboxing talents." 

私は Shidokan まったくのおかげで、すべての彼らの助けにWKNするには、この機会を利用したいと思います。Watashi wa Shidokan mattaku no okage de, subete no karera no tasuke ni WKN suru ni wa, kono kikai o riyō shitai to omoimasu.

頑張って、私たちはまた会う日までGanbatte, watashi-tachi wa mata au hi made 

Billy Murray OSU!

ProKick team coach & manager