Third round saw Jess getting caught with heavy body shots and took a count from the referee. Landais capitalised, forcing another knockdown the game Prokick fighter wanted to continue but the referee had seen enough and stopped the fight.

Samir Vs SamirThe ever-smiling Mohamed Samir stepped into the ring to take part in the 120th fight of his career at the show.

Having already won all 119 of the others it looked promising that the Petit Prince would be having another day at the office.

Unfortunately Samir Berbachi had other plans as he hassled and harried the unbeaten Petit Prince. Mohamed Samir normally campaigns at the light welterweight division but chose to move up to welterweight to meet Berbachi.

All judges gave Samir Berbachi the nod and the Accolade of dethroning one of the sports potential legends.

"The mark of greatness for any true champion is not how many titles or fights you win but which way you accept victory and defeat and more importantly in defeat how you can move on to better ones self!"