There should be no question or doubts from the Tarr camp that Hamilton is King of the Ring as concerns for Tarr’s safety were visible from all officials. And cries from the audience to stop the fight as Tarr was taking too much punishment from the slick Hamilton.

The end came in Tarr’s own corner as Scottish referee Gary Langford called a halt to the bout just as Tarr’s own corner was waving off the fight from unanswered blows.

The duel headlining bout, Hillsborough’s rising star Mark Bird, secured his place for an amateur world title shot in June this year in Cyprus by knocking out Swiss opponent Diego Diserens with a clean one punch left hook that ended the match immediately in the first round.

It was a happy household for the Birds as Younger brother David was victorious in his match up against Mattio Lo Valvo of Switzerland.

Other reports to to follow.

St Patrick's Day Bash

Irish Dancing Display -Grace Goody - ProKick Orange Belt
Live Music by Scorpion Jack

Demo Bout 3x2 minute rounds
Full Contact kickboxing 79kilo
Ken Horan Vs Jack Davis (Marty Cox Gym)

Full Contact Demo lightweight 3x2 minute rounds
Johnny Wightman Vs Dylan Moran (Billy O'Sullivan, Waterford)

Low-kick 95kg 3x2 minute rounds +
Gary Jess (winner 3rd-TKO) Vs Barry Walker (Marty Cox Gym)

Full Contact Kickboxing 3x2 minute rounds 66kg - 10oz
Davy Foster (winner points) Vs Dave Mannion (Galway - Ken Horan)

Demo bout 2x2 minute rounds - Full-Contact Weight 68kg
Stuart Jess (winner points) Vs Sam Ward Marty Cox Gym TBA

Full-Contact Catchweight 90kg 3x2 minute rounds
Peter Rusk (winner 1stKO) Vs Jamie Hopcraft (London)

K1 Style kickboxing Weight 60kg 3x2 minute rounds
 David Bird (winner points) Vs Mattio Lo Valvo (Switzerland)  

Full Contact kickboxing Catchweight Bout 3x2 minute rounds
Darren McMullen (winner 3rd KO) 78kg Vs Jermey Jossi 80kg (Switzerland)

Low Kick kickboxing Weight 73kg 3x2 minute rounds
10oz - Johnny Smith (winner points) Vs Joe Harte (Waterford - Billy O'Sullivan)

K1 Style kickboxing Weight 65kg 4x2 minute rounds
Mark Bird (winner 1stKO) Vs Diego Diserens (Switzerland)

Professional Bout 5x2 minute rounds Full-Contact Rules
Gary Hamilton 62kg (winner 3rd-TKO) Vs Aubrey Tarr 64kg
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