Jess and his oponent weighed just 6 hours ahead of the match with Stuart Jess weighing in at 69.9 whilst his opponent Terrence Cilio tipped the scales at 69.8.

Both men were ready and primed to give their all - which they did!

James Gillen was in Malta with Stuart and sent this report though right after the match:

"The first round was very even with both fighters landing big shots of their own. The second round Stuart waited a little to long before landing any telling blows but still managed to land some good shots with good use of the knee, but Cilio was landing first and more. Stuart's nose starts to bleed heaver in the third round much like in the second - the Doctor took a good look at Stuart's nose in third. Forth and final round, both fighters give it everything with both knowing that the fight was very close and a big push could tilt the judges. It was over and it was down the the judges.
It was a good fight but the Maltese fighter terrence Cilio just done enough and takes the nod from all three judges on his work rate."

Big james added, At the end Stuart finishes his first K1 style fight with his head held high, he liked the style and the main thing is that Stuart was not hurt and is ok and now looks forward to the next fight....Bring it on.