As Belfast relives the wonderful 100 year-old story of Titanic, the greatest ship of them all, top Irish kickboxing stars added to the occasion with a spectacular Thai-tanic event of their own. The city hosted a Sold-out Thai-tanic event full of Titles at the Holiday Inn on June 10. And the promise of a great event was lived up to. " It was riveting, according to promoter and one of Ireland’s kickboxing king-pins Billy Murray. The Thai-Tanic event had everything a fight fan would want to see at an event. Great fights, great audience knock-outs and three new home-grown European Champions for Northern Ireland. Just real good well matched hard fought fights. Murray finished by saying, We showed the rest of the world that our fight talent here on this small Island is as good if not better than any other part of the world.

is Supported by the Holiday Inn and sponsored by Schwarzkopf International. To-date we have SIX BIG titles on the line - four European and two British crowns will be contested for with other championship honours yet to be confirmed.


Johnny SmithAlexis Iordianides
WKN European Amateur Thai-Boxing Title
Thai-Boxing Rules - 69kg - 4x2 Minute Rounds
Johnny Smith (ProKick NI) Vs Alexis Iordanides (Winner Stoppage Rd3) (Cyprus)

Darren McMullanDemetris Sarantopolous
WKN European Amateur  Middleweight Oriental Rules Title
Oriental Style Kickboxing Rules
75kg - 4x2 Minute Rounds

Darren McMullan (ProKick NI) Vs (winner Stoppage 3rd) Demetris Sarantopolous

Gary FullertonBo Delbressine - holland
WKN European Amateur Oriental Rules Title
  64kg Max - 4x2 Minute Rounds
Gary Fullerton (ProKick NI) (Winner KO 4th) Vs Bo Desselbrine (Amsterdam)

Jamie Bays - London
Mickey Shields
WKN British Amateur Full-Contact Rules Title
67kg - 69kg - 4x2 Minute Rounds
  Mickey Shields (KickTec Scotland) Vs Jamie Bays (Winner 4th doctor Stoppage cut) (London)
Stuart jess was out Broken Wing

Davy FosterScott-Bryant-london
WKN British Amateur Full-Contact Title
Full-Contract Style Kickboxing Rules
64.4kg - 66.7kg - 4x2 Minute Rounds

Davy Foster (ProKick NI) Vs Scott Bryant (Winner KO2nd) (London)

Paul BestGlenn-Coert-Amsterdam

WKN Super-Heavyweight Oriental Rules REMATCH
  96+Kg - 3x2 Minute Rounds

  Paul Best (ProKick NI) Vs Glenn Coert (Winnner KO 3rd) (Holland)

Soundes Arif will face Ursula Agnew in Belfast
Ursula Agnew
WKN European Amateur Amateur Oriental Rules Title
62kg Female - 4x2 Minute Rounds
  Ursula Agnew (Winner Pts) (ProKick NI) Vs Soundes Arif (Holland)

Another four ProKick Fighters will make their first appearance as a kickboxer on the under-card they are:
Darren Pope vs David Ward (Winner Pts) 75kg
Keith Shaw vs Scott Halsey (Winner KO Round 3rd) 75kg
 Amy-Lee Tonner (Winner Opponent Retired Rd2) vs Olive McGrane 58kg

ALL will make their competitive début on the under-Card.