Billy O'Sullivan's top of the bill fight was sidelined due to complications and the West Belfast girl stood in to help save the day. Opportunities for titles only come once in a while especially on your fourth fight. After the bout, Ursula Agnew proved she is more than an Irish title contender. After four hard rounds the judges failed to split the two battlers. Ursula Agnew had a battle on her hands after judges scored her Irish tile bout a draw after a close four round fought fight. Both fighters agreed to go another round for the decision and after a great fifth round Waterford's Lean Carberry picked up the Irish Crown.

The two fighters gave their all and still the judges found it difficult to split the pair, after some deliberation they judges declared Leanne Carberry The Irish 60k full contact champion.

"It's a hrad and bitter pill to swallow". Said Ursula's coach Billy Murray. "Especially when a fighter gives their all in the moment looking for glory. Sometimes there needs to be exc eptions and the judges should have stuck to their original decision of a draw, however they needed to come up with something, and it was Ursula being told off once by the referee for a low kick and being inactive on her kicks, one judge said that she only kicked twice with two front kicks.

I'm not complaining about it, there is plenty of time and more room for improvement for Ursula, but looking at the tape when we got back, Ursula not only kicked over 20 times, but actually out kicked her opponent. But we understand that things are conveyed differently on the night and the judges have a tough job."

Watch out for the trilogy and it will be a cracker, let's hope we can get it on in the future.

Mark Bird may have been on the wrong side of the judges at his last outing but the teenager made sure he didn't need any judges intervention when he stopped flashy Sean Barrett from Waterford in the third round with a devastating right roundhouse to the midsection.

Bird sent Barrett crashing to the canvas late in the second round with an accumulation of punches. and going into the third it seemed Barratt was still on shaky ground.

Coach Billy Murray is looking for a venue for September 12th as long time colleague Trevor Ambrose is in negotiations to bring a team of Norwegians for a Celts Vs Vikings event.

Anne Gallagher faced Irish champion Ann Marie Berigan from the Top Pro Gym Kilkenny over three rounds. The match was made at 66kilo both fighters came in at 65kilo. it was a tit for tat fight until the end round as Berigan's experience just pulled in front. Judges saw it unanimously in favour of Ann Marie Berigan.

Karl McBlain was also to fight on the card but his fighter pulled out at short notice. Rather than travel all that way for nothing the novice fighter with only one fight on his record was offered by experienced Kilkenny fighter Johnny McCabe a couple of rounds. There was approximately 4 kilo of a difference in favour of the Kilkenny fighter but that didn't deter the young Belfast lad, he gave it his best but experience shone through and the judges were kind enough to award a draw.

Thanks again to top pro Kilkenny for making it worthwhile for the young fighter.

A big up for Billy O'Sullivan for putting another event on, look forward to the next one.