Saida winner 4th TKO (Belgium) Vs Darren McMullan (N. Ireland) 

Darren McMullen was first-up to fight in the WKN 4 man K1 style tournament.  He faced Saida from Belgium.  The bout was scheduled for 4 x 2 rounds, it was the first fight of the night and it didn’t disappoint!  The first three rounds were very close with both fighters showing good technique and neither man wanting to take a step back making an all action match.  McMullan took a few hard low kicks in a row when suddenly Saida switched the attack to a high right kick which landed on the neck of the Belfast fighter, rocking McMullan and putting him on ‘jelly legs’.  The Ref jumped in right away and gave McMullan a standing 8 count.  Smelling victory Saida took the opportunity firing in a blistering combination that forced the referee to stop the fight.  It was a very competitive and well matched fight from both young fighters, with a lot of respect for each other.
Alan Gozdzicki (Belgium) Vs Johnny Smith (N. Ireland)

Johnny Smith's journey was not all in vain, he took part in a demonstration match with ALLENN, a top professional from Osman's Gym in Belgium. Smith, dubbed ‘The Gas Man’, faced Alan Gozdzicki of Belgium, a top professional from the world famous Osman Gym.  The two young fighters showed a lot of respect for each other in one of the best controlled matches seen in a kickboxing ring.  Thank you to Team Osman and Alan Gozdzicki for stepping into the ring so Smith's trip would not be wasted.
Vadala (Italy) Vs  De Wulf 1st KO (France)
Second fight in the tournament: De Wulf came out in a hurry, banging right off the mark with a low-kick onto Vadala's left leg.  Vadala countered another hard low-kick with a sharp right hand, but it wasn't enough as De Wulf fired in four more unanswered right low kicks to drop the Italian Vadala.  De Wulf moves to the final.
Krikorian (France) Vs Jacopo Winner points (Italy)

This was a great little scrap from two classy 58kg girl fighters.  It was non-stop from the start right up to the final bell at the end of round 4.  It was a see-saw battle, first Krikorian was taking the lead and then suddenly the little Italian Jacopo would come straight back and take the initiative.  This was the setting and at the closing rounds the Italian was out-working the tough French fighter Krikorian.  The New Corsican cup winner was Krikorian of Italy. It was a super scrap from the ladies, great technique mixed with good fighting instincts.
Final K1 style - Oriental rules tournament
Saida (Belgium) Winner points Vs  De Wulf (France)
De Wulf started quick throwing his trademark low kicks; Saida was well aware and countered the Frenchman’s attacks. The first couple of rounds looked even with both men showing good technique but Saida being that bit sharper, even though he had already finished 4 rounds with Darren McMullan.  The last couple of rounds De Wulf started to tire relying on his low-kick and his good right hand; however Saida had more variety in his technique and looked stronger and fitter at the final bell.
It was down to the judges but I don't think it was a hard job as they could only see it one way - Saida from Osman's gym in Belgium.
After the decision the French team did not take the verdict well thinking they should have won.  Part of victory is about being as magnanimous in defeat as you are in victory.  Take it on the chin, move on, get better and come back and win.
What an event!  At times, there was a lot of waiting around but the up-side: lovely country; nice people; great food and nice hotels.  Where else would a fighter travel on a speed bout to an island for a weigh-in and then have a barbecue?  It was like something out of the Kung-Fu movie ‘Enter The Dragon’.  One of the best venues we've ever been in and, after the event, some great food and company.  Well the only place that happens is in Corsica, at one of Mr Toussaint Andarelli's events!
A big thanks to you Toussaint for the invitation, hope to see you again soon my friend! 
Billy Murray from ProKick in Northern Ireland.