Former football star Ian Young had entered in an 8 man winner takes all event which was under K1 style rules.

The light middleweight amateur world champion showed that he has what it takes by mixing with the very best in a professional competition. In the elimination bout of the 8 man event, Ian was drawn against one of the favourites Fabio Teixeira.

Just one minute into the opening round Young was settling into the fight when out of no where he got caught with a knee to the head that rocked not just Ian but all the fight fans watching the live televised event back home in Belfast. The referee was forced to administer a standing count but the former Linfield player came back fighting with a warrior’s heart and will to win.

Up-hill struggle; the task was too high after a standing count in the opening round. However, Ian took the second and third round but it wasn’t enough to sway the judges and Young’s dreams of winning the WKN tournament had gone as swift as the knee he took in the opening round.

ProKick’s other contender Stuart Jess was hoping he could make it third time lucky to be crowned as a world amauter WKN super welterweight champion. And it looked as if that was going to be the case as the Saintfield man had the champion /jose Oliviera in serious trouble throughout the second and third rounds. By the end of the 5th and final round - home fans thought that Stuart had done enough to lift the title along with Coach Murray. It went down to the judges and a split decision gave it to the lucky Portuguese fighter Oliviera.

The champion Jose Oliviera said, “Stuart fought very well this time and I know it was a very close fight that could have easily went to him that’s why I am willing to come to Ireland for a rematch.”

The promoter of the event Mr. Paolo Magalhaes Silva had this to say, “ Stuart was very good tonight, the last time the two met my fighter Oliviera knocked out Stuart but made a foul by following it up as Stuart hit the ground. That time the fight was called a Non contest which was very had for us to accept, but we did. We will come to Belfast for a third fight with Jose and Stuart who knows what will happen next time!”

We will have video and picture on-line as soon as we can.

The event was promoted by Mr. Paolo Magalhaes Silva well done to him and all the team who helped out on the event..