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When planning to enter a sparring competition, full contact fighting, kick, box or Thai, you must train for the fight.

Fight Training Programme For Beginners

November 03 2016

Do you want to Fight, then here’s what you need to do. (ProKickers, meet us up at back gates of Stormont 9am 5th NOV) ‘Train hard fight easy’ Well, that’s an old saying but I never believe or say a…

These moves in this video are demonstrated by, #JohnnySwiftSmith #JakeMcCready & Swiss born #KillianEmery - the narration by ProKick’s senior coach #BillyMurray .

Kickboxing Yellow Belt Syllabus on Video

October 17 2016

ProKickers, we’re happy to say, here it is: The first official video of #ProKick #kickboxing moves for the first level #Grading Syllabus - Yellow-Belt. On average it normally would take…

Our 2nd #video on #basic #ProKick pad drills for #beginners is instrusted by #BillyMurray and demonstrated here in picture by #JohnnySwiftSmith kicking both from

Billy Murray on Beginner Boxing and knee drills

June 29 2016

Part 2 of Basic boxing and Knee striking drills by Belfast’s Billy Murray. Here’s a follow on from Part No.1 of Basic Boxing drills for the Beginner - Our 2nd…

Pad Training at Prokick

Beginner Boxing Drills

June 24 2016

So you’ve finished & survived 6 weeks of basic training at a ProKick beginners course. In the next level, ‘advance beginners’ you will incorporate a little contact (don’t worry, no…

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