When you complete the six weeks beginners’ course your classes should now be up to twice a week at ProKick. To enhance your progress - on the days you are not training at ProKick you should go for a brisk walk at least three times a week and gradually build to a light jog of 15 to 20 minutes.

Everyone is individually different and levels of progress are quicker for some, however stick with it as the running aspect is a basic ingredient which is necessary for success.

You should always try to finish your run with a short sprint when home is in sight - increase your speed until the finish line. Remember to warm up and warm down before running so as not pull any muscles - a warm-up/down as taught at the Prokick classes will suffice.

If you have spare time at home during the week then you could fit these additional training exercises below into your programme:
Skipping 3x1 minute rounds with a break just long enough to get your breath back.
Flexibility & Stretching using techniques shown at your Kickboxing class,
Floor exercises using basic Kickboxing techniques.
Shadowbox for 3 minutes to warm down.
Follow with some light stretching.
As this starts to get easier increase your times on each exercise.

If you have joined the ProKick Sparring classes you will under go fitness tests at various times. This will give both you and your instructor an indication of your fitness level and how you are progressing. If you opt out of additional training at home, then this will most likely show in your fitness tests.

This process will be repeated throughout your stay at Prokick. Your training schedule will then be assessed and adjusted depending on the outcome of your fitness test.

IMPORTANT To help keep track of your progress we advise that you keep a daily diary which will include the training you have accomplished, your weight and what you have eaten each day.

You should weigh yourself once or twice a week but, please make sure you do this at the same times of the day, either first or last thing of the day and don’t let yourself be disillusioned if you haven’t lost or gained weight (if that is your goal). Try and keep to your training and healthy eating plan the best you can.

Always consult your own GP before entering into any type of fitness or healthy eating plans as they will know the family history best.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to ask.

Billy Murray

Further Training programs will follow for fighters and the fitness fanatics.

Stay Tuned