Northern Ireland First Minister, Peter Robinson, marked a special visit to a famous sports gym in his native east Belfast on Tuesday, February 21, to honour the achievements of four young kickboxing students.

Mr Robinson was guest of honour at the Prokick Gym on Wilgar Street, where he present Saskia Connolly (Carrickfergus), Leith Braiden (South Belfast), Kyle Morrison (East Belfast) and Jamie Phillips (Bangor) with the highest accolade after several years of dedication to their sport, their Black Belts.

The First Minister said: “The Prokick Gym is well-known throughout Northern Ireland and the rest of the world for its achievements in kickboxing, and none more so than Billy Murray, its founder and four-time world champion.

“I recall Billy Murray at his sporting prime and how he brought many entertaining occasions and visitors to Northern Ireland during difficult times. He is a fine example of the many inspiring sports people in our country.

“Prokick Gym is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and it is testament to Billy Murray’s dedication, coaching and love for his sport that, after opening the doors two decades ago, the club is producing new talent to this day.” He added: “Saskia, Leith, Kyle and Jamie have achieved a great honour – we all know that the Black Belt in martial arts is special. They should be proud, as I’m sure their parents, family and their coach is proud of them.”

Ex-world champion, Billy Murray, said: “To have our First Minister, Peter Robinson, visit us for this presentation to our fabulous four young Black Belt students, was a proud moment in the history of Prokick Gym and the sport of kickboxing in Northern Ireland. It is a tremendous boost for us all and one the children will never forget.”

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