Gary sweeps French World Champion Mohammed SamirHamilton, 31, held the WKN featherweight title for six years – he is now setting his sights on light-welterweight honours. Having fought just once this year – a stunning demolition of old foe Aubrey Tarr in March – chef Hamilton was forced into a spell of inactivity due to work commitments. But he now promises to cook up a storm in Lincoln. He said: “It’s a perfect fight for me to make a comeback because Michael Johnston and I have been around for a long time – if anything; Michael is more experienced than me. Since the Aubrey Tarr fight in March I have found it difficult to put in the effort and commitment required to be at the top of my game.

“That has been down to work commitments mainly, making it hard for me to get to the gym and get a real focus on training. But, now, I am back. I may have said that before, but this time I mean it.

“My plan for next year is to capture another world title and this time at a heavier weight division. I believe I can achieve that; I wouldn’t be putting in the work if I didn’t believe it. I never fell out of love for kickboxing – it was simply due to work commitments. “It’s not as if I simply stopped training. While I was unable to get to the gym, I stepped up my road running and kept in shape.”

Hamilton isn’t concerned about his level of inactivity ahead of such an important contest against Johnston. Indeed, he believes his prolonged spell outside the ropes has provided him with mental and physical benefits.

He added: “When I started off my career I was consistently fighting. I fought 12 times in my first year as a professional and at the same time was training for professional boxing contests. So, this is the first real break I have had for many years.

“I feel well rested and my body is peaking – I feel stronger now than I have ever felt. I may be 31 years of age but to me that is just a number – I am charged and ready to go again. “This fight with Johnston may be low-key in comparison to what I have been used to in recent times but it is a massive one for me.

It is the beginning of a new stage in my career and I cannot afford to lose. I know there are champions out there waiting to see how I perform against Johnston and it is important that I do perform and win.

“Give me a world title fight next month and I will be ready for it. I know that’s not going to happen but I am determined that I will be challenging for a title at light-welterweight.”Gary Hamilton Kicks High in front of Goliath

Meanwhile, Johnny Smith will bounce back into the kickboxing ring on November 26 for his 10th fight of the year. Fresh from his first round Hallowe'en victory over Aberzak Hasan, welterweight Smith has been the busiest Prokick fighter this year.

He said: "It was great to get an early victory on Hallowe'en and that has been beneficial to me because I have now another fight to look forward to before the end of the year. "It's been a pretty good year for me and it will be a superb way to end it if I can secure another win."

Smith will be joined on the fight card in Lincoln by his pal and house-mate Karl McBlain, who will also compete in the welterweight division.

McBlain defeated Holland's Robin Venken on October 30 in Belfast.

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