Fraserburgh Fitness Centre incorporates Satorishido Martial Arts Centre and it teaches karate, WKN kickboxing, K-1 and MMA classes.  The centre also boasts a Body Tec Gym, where you can find a large amount of high level equipment and a wide range of free-weights.  The gym also includes a big cardio area with on-site personal trainers.

In addition, you can also find Masami Pamper Treatment rooms, a sauna area or you could get a nice tan in one of their three sun-beds.

Sensei Ross, as he is known, is the founder and Chairman of the Satorishido Martial Arts Association which he started in 1998.  And with over 30 years experience in Martial Arts he has devised his own style of freestyle Karate, with emphasis on self defence.

In the year 2000 Mr Ross had the vision to create a purpose built Martial Arts Centre, a first in the North-east of Scotland, and with hard work and personal sacrifice he saw his vision come true when the clubs headquarters opened at James Ramsay Park Fraserburgh in 2003.

It has been a labour of Love and it's not over yet, there is more plans for further re-developments.

Billy Murray visited Mr Ross to learn about some of the pit-falls regarding re-building and had this to say: “This has been a really informative trip coming ahead of my guy’s match’s tomorrow night.  Albert has done an amazing job here.  He started in a worst place than ours, at ProKick, and now through hard work and sacrifice he and his team have a truly state-of-the-art fitness centre, which is now part of the Fraserburgh community. I've learned so much today just by spending a few hours with Mr Ross and I can't wait to get back home to start working on Prokick's developments.”

Thanks Albert, and to all your team for making me feel so welcome and for being an inspiration for us all to follow.

A walk through video will be up-loaded soon featuring Mr Ross on a walk and talk through the Fraserburgh centre.


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