Follow the chart six days a week and on the seventh, substitute a meal, by giving yourself a little treat that you enjoy. (Do not over indulge but keep to sensible eating). The seventh day can be any day, Sat; Sun Tue or Wed but keep to this day and don’t change your pattern.
If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor before you start the sensible eating chart.

Choose from the following
- Breakfast
- Your choice of cereal with skimmed milk
IE:- Cornflakes
     - Albran
     - Muesli
    - Porridge
  -Toast with low fat spread or honey
  -Liquid (water, skimmed milk or Tea)

Mid-morning break
  -Fruit or yoghurt and liquids

  -Sandwiches (whole meal bread with low fat spread)
  -Chicken or tuna (sandwich)
  -One piece of fruit

  -Any combination of baked potato, basmati rice, salad, grilled chicken, fish, tuna or turkey.
  -Fruit or low fat yoghurt
  -Liquids (skimmed milk or water)

Supper (NOT AFTER 9:30pm)
  -One round of brown bread toasted with low fat spread or honey or a small banana.

Stay off
  -Chocolate, sweets, crisps,
  -chips, fried food,
  -butter, cheese,
  -beer or alcohol

If you feel hungry between meals carry a carrot or a tub of tuna in brine to eat when peckish.

Furthermore, a good multi- vitamin should be taken!

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