William soon became a popular face at ProKick HQ in East Belfast, getting involved in all aspects of gym life from helping with the ProKick Kids to being a welcome helping hand at many of ProKick's competitive events. Very soon, there were 3 members of the Mahood family training at ProKick, William, Kane and sister Christine. William's son Kane also fought at an event in Switzerland in which many of the ProKick Kids were able to attend by way of a fundraiser.

Not only did William help out with many of the fundraising events for the trip, he also paid an outstanding £300 for a signed Northern Ireland Football Jersey. Committment and dedication such as this, was what William was known for by many in the gym for displaying. He was a good friend, team-mate and kickboxer and he will be sorely missed by everyone at the gym that was fortunate enough to meet him.

William was buried today from his home in Belfast and among those in attendance were ProKick members Gary Hamilton, Julie Cross, former fighter and ProKick coach Eddie Salmon, Kenneth Thornton, Fran Spence and Lisa McAlees. Many more ProKick members who knew William unforunately couldn't make it to the funeral but floods of good will messages have been pouring into the gym ever since the sad news of his passing was announced.

Again, so much so was the popularity of William, we will be arranging a special visit to show our support to the entire Mahood family next week when ProKick members, past and present will make their way up to pay their respects and say their own goodbyes. If anyone would like to attend, please drop us a line to the gym for further information and we will arrange something with the family.

Very shortly, we will be uploading various pictures and videos of William's time here at ProKick so please feel free to continue sending in your messages for the Mahood family, every message no matter how short is much appreciated. They have greatly appreciated every sentiment and in the mean time, should you wish to drop the family a message through us, click here

For those of you who didn't have the privilege to meet William, we have found his Profile Questionnaire whilst sorting through his various pictures and videos and we thought it would be a fitting gesture to let William tell you what he was like, in his own words.

What are your hobbies outside kickboxing?
Socialising, going to the cinema, crossword puzzles, making time for my family, travelling and work, work and more work!
Favourite food?
Any sort of meat!
Favourite films?
Anything gory, especially zombies!
Favourite Music?
Cyprus Hill, Kylie Minogue, Black Eyed Peas, basically all sorts
What is your occupation/job?
Painting Contractor
Favourite Holiday Destination?
Other information?
I have a lovely wife (but I'm still waiting on a call from Kylie) and two children for sale (any biders)