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December 2008

31-12-08Dynamite and K1 results
31-12-08Happy New Year
30-12-08Santa Claus in Barbados
30-12-08Bernard Dunne hits RTE tonight at 9.30pm
30-12-08All I want for Xmas is to be champion
30-12-08Last chance training for 2008
30-12-08UFC 92 Results
29-12-08K1 Dynamite 31 December 2008
27-12-08Pre-Order KICKmas DVD
26-12-08UFC 92: Classed As The event Of 2008,
25-12-08Belfast kickboxing website hits top three spot
22-12-08Kickboxing Mad Youngsters
21-12-08Kickboxers hit the heights
20-12-08Kickboxing Santa at Prokick
18-12-08WKNEuropean Grand Prix
18-12-08Hamilton ready to Fight
18-12-08K1 Dynamite Schilt V Mighty Mo
18-12-08K-1 Dynamite Le Banner Vs Hunt
16-12-08Young Kickboxer - Alana
14-12-08Pro Boxer Jason McKay
14-12-08UFC 92 - From The MGM Grand
14-12-08Magee stops McGuire to take title
13-12-08Kids Competition Time at Prokick
13-12-08Palestine WKN
12-12-08Big time boxing is back at the Ulster Hall
11-12-08Prokick News for the Festive Season
11-12-08Ken The Hit Man Horan
11-12-08Former IBO Boxing Champion - Brian Magee
11-12-08Ken the Hit man Horan to Turn Promoter
10-12-08Aphrodite’s Kick 4
09-12-08Prokick Kids class
07-12-08Boxing Audley Harrison Beaten By Belfast’s Martin Rogan
06-12-08Ernesto Hoost Back In Belfast
06-12-08Hair raising experience at the Waterfront
06-12-08K1 2008 Results
06-12-08Belfast’s Martin Rogan faces Audley Harrison
06-12-08Competition Time At Prokick Kickboxing Gym
01-12-08Results From KICKmas

November 2008

30-11-08Primed and ready to go
30-11-08A KICKmas special from Schwarzkopf
30-11-08Info for Fighters and coaches
28-11-08Mr ‘Perfect’ Ernesto Hoost Back In Belfast
28-11-08Wanted Female Fighter
28-11-08Ian Young in World title tilt
28-11-08Last Man Standing Takes All
25-11-08Kicking Off on setanta
23-11-08Pro Boxing contender Jason McKay
22-11-08Martin Rogan Vs Audley Harrison
20-11-08X Factor Style competition - Search For A Star
20-11-08Kickboxing On TV
19-11-08More Kickboxing to hit Setanta Sports
19-11-08Meeting Belfast Lord Mayor Mr Tom Hartley
18-11-08Belfast’s Lord Mayor Tom Hartley to officially launch KICKmas
16-11-08Brock Lesnar Makes History In The UFC
16-11-08Dunne deal for Boxer Bernard
16-11-08Prokick competition winner
16-11-08Day II of 1000 kicks
15-11-08Brawl on the Wall - Aired on Setanta Sports
15-11-08Paul Slowinski wins by 1st round KO
14-11-08Day of 1000 Kicks
11-11-08KICKmas Time for O’Brien’s
11-11-08Girl Power
11-11-08Is this the end for Hamilton?
10-11-08Pro Boxer Jason McKay
10-11-08K1 fighter Paul Slowinski
10-11-08Boxer Paul McCloskey
10-11-08Hitman Returns
09-11-08Ian Young Vs Ange Moriconi
07-11-08Schwarzkopf Flies In To Belfast
06-11-08Ken Horan V Szymon Was
06-11-08Fraserburgh’s Dougas Morrison back in action
06-11-08Kickboxing in Aberdeen
04-11-08Murray: A Little Minter
03-11-08Billy’s Boot Camp Is Back - Today!
03-11-08Norman Emerson Group - Back Big James Gillen
01-11-08KICKmas BOX Poster

October 2008

31-10-08Six Week beginners class
31-10-08Exclusive TV deal for WKN
31-10-08Kickboxing On BBC Radio Ulster
31-10-08Irish Muay Thai explosion
30-10-08That’s my girl
30-10-08Oasis Fans Maybe In For A Treat - Kickboxing
29-10-08Bird A Star In The Making
29-10-08North Belfast Princes Trust
29-10-08Setanta To Broadcast Kickboxing
29-10-08DJ Joe Lindsay - BBC radio Ulster today
28-10-08Bernard Dunne Vs Eduardo Garcia
28-10-08Kids competition week 6
28-10-08World Martial Arts Games, Italy
28-10-08The Rinty Monaghan Story
27-10-08Ken in Geneva
26-10-08UFC 90
25-10-08Sunday Morning Sparring
24-10-08a White KICKmas
23-10-08Kombat League World Cup
23-10-08Kickboxing Enthusiasts
23-10-08Shake ‘n’ Vac
22-10-08KICKmas on Setanta
21-10-08KickBoxing Fun Day
21-10-08Kickboxing in the Big Picture
20-10-08Lisburn Kickboxing club
20-10-08All White Alexander
18-10-08Kickboxing Kids working hard
18-10-08UFC 89 England
16-10-08Hamilton Ko’d
16-10-08Kicboxing at Stadthalle, Rostock
16-10-08Direct au Coeur 6
16-10-08Hyland Makes quarter-finals
16-10-08Duddy’s Hill Climb
16-10-08Jordan’s Blog Day 5
14-10-08Kids competition week 5
12-10-08Slovakian Kickboxer - Miroslav Herda
12-10-08Kickboxing Mad Kids
11-10-08Gary Hamilton: First Time In Full Muay Thai Bout
11-10-08UFC To Hit Dublin Ireland
09-10-08Anne Gallagher wins first fight in Dublin
04-10-08Prokick and IKF meet in Dublin - Results below
03-10-08We Are All Aboard The Prokick Bus to Dublin
02-10-08K1 Max Winner
02-10-08Kickboxing in the Community
01-10-08Farid M’Laika is back!
01-10-08WKN Argentina

September 2008

30-09-08Carl Emery: Hwarang
28-09-08Seoul searching Homeward Bound
26-09-08Fields K-1 World GP 2008 Seoul - Final 16 Fightcard
23-09-08Gary Hamilton Vs Marty Cox Jnr
23-09-08Anne Gallagher to compete in Dublin
21-09-08Contact - Irish Boxing Online
21-09-08Seoul Searching
21-09-0810th ASFAA Congress, Korea
20-09-08ProKick Motley-Crew
20-09-08Australia’s John Wayne Parr
19-09-08Neil Sinclair on the next Prize fighter
19-09-08The Deal Is Done
19-09-08Belfast City Council Back KICKmas
18-09-08Birthday Girls First Cake
17-09-08Galway’s Ken Horan hits Prokick
17-09-08Gary Noade returns!
17-09-08Its On - Shawn Burton Vs Mohamed Samir
16-09-08Princes Trust Newtownards Team
16-09-08Kids competition week 4
15-09-08Princes Trust Team East Belfast
14-09-08WKN Marseille France
14-09-08Venice the city of Love
14-09-08Hong Kong - Muaythai Grand Slam
14-09-08Caribbean world classic
14-09-08British Title Shot for Brian Magee
14-09-08Belshaw wins in London
14-09-08New Yellow & Orange belts
14-09-08Day of 1000 kicks raised over £1000
14-09-08Lady Killers
12-09-08Boxing Paul McCausland to hit LA
11-09-08Contender Asia Champion
11-09-08New Kickers in Town
10-09-08Dylan Scally Cant get Enough Sparring
09-09-08Week 3 Kids competition
08-09-08Gary to Go Full-on
08-09-08Congratulation Mrs Macartney
08-09-08Belfast’s Neil Sinclair
08-09-08Lebonese Beauty Murdered for $2 million
07-09-08Belfast heavyweight hope
07-09-08Irish boxing online now on
07-09-08Pro Boxing Irish Title
06-09-08UFC 88 - Legend Chuck Liddell Ko’d
06-09-08NEWS From ISKA-UK
06-09-08Girl Power
06-09-08Wishing You A Quick Recovery
05-09-08The final of the contender Asia
05-09-08TKO Mixed Martial Arts On TQS
05-09-08FFSC & WKN France
04-09-08Contender Asia - Final
04-09-08Kickboxing mad kids back KICKmas
04-09-08Schwarzkopf Artistic team
03-09-08New Sparring class
02-09-08Week 2 Kids Competition
01-09-08Mullingar Man Mountain

August 2008

31-08-08Steve Bonner accident update
31-08-08New Bruce Lee Game
31-08-08Joining Forces
30-08-08The Contender - Final Four
30-08-08Ian Young Gun: Is Back
29-08-08Beginners Getting A Kick
28-08-08New kids competition
28-08-08KICKmas Box Mania Tickets
27-08-08New beginners class
25-08-08Press Launch For Kickboxing Event In Belfast
25-08-08Major Hoost for Irish Kickboxers
24-08-08Our thoughts are with you
24-08-08K1 and kickboxing legend Ernesto Hoost
24-08-08Steve Bonner in motorcycle accident
24-08-08Dj Joe was in the House
24-08-08Alexander white in belfast for press launch
23-08-08Tonight: Music Night with Joe Lindsay
23-08-08Ernesto Hoost to hit Belfast again
22-08-08A kickboxing Olympic champion
22-08-08Kickboxing Baby Boom
22-08-08England’s Muay Thai Legends
22-08-08Muay Thai on ITV4
21-08-08Kickboxing: Hair-Raising
21-08-08Bank Holiday Weekend Fever
20-08-08Marty Cox Jnr to Hit Belfast
19-08-08Holiday Inn back Kickboxing Mania
17-08-08Belfast Kickboxing Press Launch
16-08-08American Fighter Wanted
16-08-08Fullerton: Pain in the Butt
16-08-08Muaythai Legends tonight 16th August
15-08-08Young 11 year-old Kickboxer cleans up!
15-08-08Triple A Student
14-08-08WKN on YouTube
13-08-08Hot weather training
12-08-08Kickboxing for peace in Corsica
11-08-08Jump with Joe in the Errigle Inn
11-08-08Gokhan Saki wins K1-USA GP
10-08-08Get ready for fireworks in the ring
10-08-08That’s my Boy
09-08-08Ian Young On The Ropes
09-08-08Hoost’s Fighter wins at K-1 HAWAII
08-08-08Friday - 8-8-08   Was it lucky for you
06-08-08WKN Belfast Event – A classic in the making
06-08-08Fight of the year is on!
06-08-08Kickboxing mourns along with Al Azzawi
05-08-08Ring Master Oumrani
03-08-08Belfast’s Getting Ready For Ernesto Hoost
03-08-08Mac’s back in town
02-08-08Young Deletes Profile Of Myspace
02-08-08Episode 4 Contender Asia
02-08-08Lisa McAlees spends a night in Hospital

July 2008

31-07-08Swiss Roll Into Town
31-07-08Get your
28-07-08Wax on - Wax off
27-07-08Released today to Prokick Members
27-07-08Swiss Connection in Belfast Today
26-07-08Episode 3 Contender Asia
25-07-08Competition Day For Young ProKick Members
25-07-08WKN Turkey 25 of July results
25-07-08Fields K-1 WORLD GP 2008 HAWAII
24-07-08Joe Lindsay on air every Friday night
23-07-08Attention Kickboxing Makers -n- Shakers
23-07-08Right Hook Brooke
22-07-08Contender Asia Kicks Off On British TV
20-07-08Are you ready to make a deal
20-07-08Contender Asia starts Tuesday 22nd July
19-07-08Belfast man received a hero’s welcome
18-07-08Battle Of Atlanta 2008
17-07-08A message to all Full-Contact Kickboxing Clubs in Ireland
16-07-08WKN Cyprus
16-07-08Contender Asia on British TV
16-07-08Kickboxing baby boom
14-07-08North Vs South on the cards
14-07-08K-Star Thaiboxing interclub
14-07-08Prokick fighters back on the road
14-07-08Strabane’s Chris McCosker
13-07-08Brendan Thompson celebrates 40 years
10-07-08WKN Turkey
10-07-08Murray makes a come back
09-07-08New UFC champion Forrest Griffin
09-07-08Fighter from Minsk Belarus
06-07-08Prokick kickboxing grading today Sunday July 6th
05-07-08Prokick Club News For July 08
04-07-08WKN Italia 11 July 2008
03-07-08UFC 86 Jackson Vs Griffin
02-07-08In Appreciation

June 2008

30-06-08A Special Commemorative 4 Page Pull-Out
30-06-08WKN FRANCE - Samir Ready to Rumble
30-06-08WKN POLAND
27-06-08Brooklands Cup winner week 52
26-06-08Billy Murray Senior   -  1935 - 2008
23-06-08Prokick Fighters in Scotland this weekend
21-06-08Prokick Says June Competition
21-06-08New TV programme for SKY
19-06-08Prokick House
19-06-08Big Daddy Stuart
16-06-08Kickboxing for all the family
11-06-08Leicester kickboxing present Championship kickboxing
09-06-08Kickboxing sparring day for Kids
09-06-08Jamaica, June 20th - PAY-PER-VIEW Muay Thai
09-06-08Movilla high school fighting fit with Prokick
08-06-08Prokick Says Competition Is a Big Hit with All the Kids
08-06-08Hamilton Ko’d
07-06-08The prince SAMIR is back
07-06-08Kickboxing Kids Event June Belfast
06-06-08UFC London - a massive success
06-06-08WKN Kickboxing to hit the Emirates
05-06-08The Scottish go to the Caribbean
05-06-08Belfast’s Billy Murray hits 50 years young
04-06-08WCL Turf Wars weekly Newsletter issue 18
04-06-08See Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell Tonight
04-06-08Dispatched same day as ordered - guaranteed - Or goods for free!
03-06-08Prokick’s biggest Whinge

May 2008

31-05-08Hamilton Wins Boxing match in 1st round on his Birthday
30-05-08Gary boxes tonight
27-05-08European Fight Network News - CBS will broadcast MMA
27-05-08Mixed Martial Arts Championship in France
27-05-08WKN Kickboxing Romania
27-05-08US-Open one of the biggest martial art events in the world
27-05-08Fran Spence reporting for LIVE from the USA
26-05-08Marseille France - WKN 4 Man Event
26-05-08A year-long competition is coming to the climax
22-05-08Love will conquer All
21-05-08Kicking of a different style
20-05-08Gladiator Night 6 WKN Portugal
20-05-08WKN Mongolia Imperial Kickboxing event
20-05-08WKA Event Belgium
20-05-08New Reality Martial Arts Show
19-05-08Absolute Adrenaline ‘Night at the Opera’
18-05-08Uncle Murray
16-05-08It’s Prokick-San
15-05-08Caribbean War II
14-05-08WKN Italy - Nota Del Dragoni
12-05-08Brooklands Cup reaches its final stages
10-05-08Prokick kickboxing grading
10-05-08Ciaran Magill is Well-Fit
10-05-08kids battled it out for medals and trophies
10-05-08Prokick Club News For May
09-05-08Prokick Beginners competition
06-05-08WCL Turf Wars Weekly Newsletter
05-05-08Andrew Kelly wins Prokick Says
03-05-08WKN Corsican Kickboxing Spectacular
03-05-08Results from Geneva, Switzerland
02-05-08Two Kickboxing talents - Salvador and Bird
02-05-08Bird’s In The Ring And Waiting
01-05-08Mark Bird in Corsica to fight this weekend

April 2008

29-04-08Giant Hoost for the Fight Game in northern ireland
24-04-08Major Hoost seminar at Prokick
24-04-08WKN Corsican Cup 2008 Ajaccio, Corsica - May 3 - Fight card
24-04-08No Bull Fight night - WKA event
23-04-08Strictly Baby Fight Club was no publicity stunt to attract viewers
22-04-08New IKF All Ireland Light Welterweight Kickboxing Champion
22-04-08Mark Bird set for Corsica
21-04-08WKN Canada Fight Night 1 ” - BATTLE CRY
21-04-08Pain and Glory Saturday 26th and 27th April 2008
21-04-08Belfast & Swiss school kids help launch new peace initiative through sport
18-04-08THE Irish President Mary McAleese Sent Her support
17-04-08Launch a great success
16-04-08Message from Mr. Mark MULLER, Governor of State – Canton of Geneva - Switzerland
16-04-08Today Murray and Emery launch their initiative ‘Fighting For Peace’
16-04-08WTKA World Championships & Martial Arts Marathon
16-04-08Nürnberg Germany - Kickboxing K1 Titles
13-04-08WKN - World champion Riyadh Al Azzawi - London
11-04-08The Weight Is Over
10-04-08Desi and Abie are heading to Geneva with Lord Mayors Backing
09-04-08WKN Germany April
07-04-08WCL Turf Wars weekly Newsletter
07-04-08Spring Skirmish International Muay Thai Gala
07-04-08Seni08 Excel London, England
07-04-08WKN Corsican Cup 2008 Ajaccio, Corsica - May 3
07-04-08Lennox Lewis ringside at a WKN event in London
07-04-08Prokick Universal
06-04-08Well-Fit for Sparring

March 2008

30-03-08It may be the Easter holidays - but not at ProKick
29-03-08WKN World Championship Kickboxing Back In London
29-03-08Big Time Kickboxing To Hit Aberdeen Today
27-03-08Tomas Glazer with debut fight in Aberdeen this weekend
26-03-08Unicef HQ Geneva - Kickboxers Plan For Out Of Control Kids
25-03-08Gary Fullerton fights in Scotland this weekend
20-03-08Kickboxing King meets the Queen
18-03-08Congratulation - G & A - two years today
17-03-08Prokick Easter competition for Kickboxing mad kids
16-03-08Irish Kickboxers are a step closer to compete in Hong Kong
14-03-08Sport promoters to help try to find a way to deal with out of control teens
11-03-08Murray in China Read his Daily Blog
06-03-08David bird has his full contact debut this weekend
02-03-08Wanted - Promoters Trainers and Fighters in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong

February 2008

23-02-08Bash ‘n’ Mash Awards
22-02-08Big Fish In Little Belfast
22-02-08Ernesto Hoost finally hits Belfast with a bang
22-02-08Prokick Bash ‘n’ Mash to take centre stage
20-02-08Kickboxer Gary Hamilton to fight Aubrey Tarr
19-02-08Prokick Wannabes to take to the ring this Sunday
17-02-08Prokick Grading February 2008
15-02-08ProKick hopes to become a Market leader
14-02-08Oh Danny Boy - returns to his roots after 40 years
11-02-08Official launch of the incredible brand new ProKick Kickboxing website.
09-02-08Prokick News for February 2008
08-02-08Prokick Says Competition For junior beginners
08-02-08Usual Suspects

January 2008

23-01-08Kurtis wins Prokick Says
18-01-08Mr Perfect to hit Belfast
08-01-08Chef Tomas Glazer has got the right ingredients