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December 2009

31-12-09Peter McDonagh A Promising Boxer
31-12-09No Kidding Stevie
31-12-09Scott Belshaw Vs Larry Olubamiwo
31-12-095 years to go Max
30-12-09Badr Hari Vs Mourad Bouzidi – Its Showtime
30-12-09It Was Dynamite At K1 Event - Results
30-12-09Kickboxers Throw Last Kick In 2009
29-12-09Last Classes Of 2009
29-12-09Seyda Aygun Daygun -Turkey
28-12-09Class Times & Competition Week
27-12-09Mary Patterson Signs-Up
24-12-09A Message From The WKN
21-12-09Kickboxing Santa
20-12-09Me And My Son
20-12-09Prokick December News - Class times over Xmas
20-12-09Le Grande Grading
19-12-09Andy Murray Hot Boxing Prospect
18-12-09UFC 108 - Evans Vs Silva
18-12-09Irish Boxing champ Paulie Hyland
17-12-09K1 Dynamite 2009
16-12-09Le Grande Grading Sunday Dec 20
16-12-09WEC MMA Las Vegas
15-12-09Step Away From The Turkey Dinners And Puddings
15-12-09Who Will Win The iPod
13-12-09WKN In Paphos Cyprus
12-12-09DVD - Next Generation Kickboxing - Trailer Added
11-12-09Kids In Kickboxing Sparring Class
09-12-09Season Greeting From Germany
08-12-09kickboxing Sparring Class Sign-Up For More
07-12-09New Kickboxing Beginners
05-12-09Out With The Old In With The New
05-12-09No More Weighting
04-12-09K1 WGP 2009 Results
04-12-09K1 World GP - 2009
03-12-09Busy Time For Boxer Sweeney
03-12-09Stuart Jess Is Back On
02-12-09It’s No Joke for Jess
01-12-09Boxing - O’Sullivan Believes he Can Have Healy

November 2009

29-11-09Quinton ‘RAMPAGE’ Jackson Quits MMA
29-11-09Shidokan Karate Federation Japan and WKN
28-11-09Boot Camps Final Day
27-11-09The Big Friendly Giant Fights Sunday 6th
21-11-09Showtime Gary Hamilton
21-11-09Its Showtime 37 Results
21-11-09UFC 106 Las Vegas
21-11-09Shawn Burton In New York
21-11-09Ken ‘The Hit Man’ Horan Jets Out To Italy
20-11-09It’s Showtime in Barneveld
20-11-09Stuart Jess Back In World Championship Action
20-11-09Hamilton Vs Wielzen - Weigh-ins
19-11-09Fedor vs Rogers Pure Power
19-11-09Gary Hamilton In Holland
19-11-09Kickboxing Happy Mason Spence
15-11-09UFC 105 Results From Manchester England
15-11-09Samir Vs Codron - Results
14-11-09Martin Linsday Vs Jamie Arthur
14-11-09Heavyweight Martin Rogan Injured
13-11-09Billy’s Boot Camp Is Back This Monday
13-11-09Its Showtime - Hamilton Vs Wielzen
13-11-09Jerome Le Banner Wins 6th Boxing Match
13-11-09Ernesto Hoost In Galway Ireland
12-11-09New WKN Rep for Australia!
12-11-09Jerome Le Banner boxing Live
10-11-09Sparring Course Week 3
09-11-09Belfast MMA
08-11-09Kickboxing Grading
07-11-09Grading Day - It Is Exam Time At Prokick
07-11-09Kickboxing Double Celebration for Owen Cullen
05-11-09Wayne McCullough fires from the lip
05-11-09Mike Tyson tour in Belfast Ko’d
05-11-09Mike Tyson, Martin Rogan or Paul McCloskey
05-11-09Sam Sexton and Martin Rogan
05-11-09Belfast Boxer Corbett Helps Sexton
04-11-09Kickboxing On BBC
03-11-09Kickboxing For Beginners In Big Demand
02-11-09K1 Fight Legend Ernesto Hoost Back In Belfast
01-11-09Becoming The Natural
01-11-09Dublin Kickboxing Event
01-11-09Gary Hamilton Is Not A Broken Man

October 2009

31-10-09Ernesto Hoost Celtic Tour - Videos added
29-10-09Judgement Day in Dublin
28-10-09Kickboxing Sparring Course
27-10-09Six Week Course Ends - Kickboxing Just Begins
27-10-09Carl Frampton Gets Kick Out Of Boxing
26-10-09Boot Camp For Fitness
24-10-09UFC Results - 104
24-10-09Sexton Is Sure Of Victory
24-10-09Martin Lindsay Boxing
23-10-09Billy’s Boot Camp Is Back - This Monday
23-10-09Event Date Change
20-10-09Kickboxing Beginners Having Fun
18-10-09Andy Lee Vs Affif Belghecham - Boxing
16-10-09New Boot Camp Started - Final Day
16-10-09Starting Kickboxing For The First Time
15-10-09Boxer McCloskey Calls Out Khan
15-10-09Chuck Liddell Dancing With The Stars
15-10-09Former boxer set to face assault charge
15-10-09Thai Boxing Event Canada
13-10-09Sparring Levels 1 and 2
09-10-09Butterbean Boxer, MMA and K1 Fighter
09-10-09New WBA super-bantamweight champ
09-10-09Samir Vs Codron - France
08-10-09ProKick News October 2009
06-10-09Listen up recruits
06-10-09Sparring Class Level 1 & 2
06-10-09W1 MMA Is Back
06-10-09H2H Punishment - Canada
04-10-09The Kickboxing Excellence Continues
03-10-09Hair Rising Time At Prokick
03-10-09Exam and Test Time - Sunday 4th October
02-10-09Audley Harrison Wins Prizefighte
01-10-09Kickboxers Move To Next Level

September 2009

30-09-09Down-under In Australia
30-09-09Corsica Cup - Kickboxing
30-09-09New Beginners In Kickboxing
30-09-09Congratulations Mr Jess
30-09-09It’s All In The Loft
27-09-09Kickboxing kids day
27-09-09Billy’s Boot Camp Returns
26-09-09Bernard is Dunne
25-09-09Irish Boxer Dies
25-09-09Belshaw Vs Harrison - Boxing
25-09-09A Thai Boxing At The O2 Dublin -Tomorrow
25-09-09Cox Vs Hamilton
25-09-09Ken Horan Hopes Third Time Lucky
22-09-09Kickboxing For Beginners
22-09-09Princes Trust Kick-it
19-09-09Malta Welcome to the WKN Family
19-09-09James Gillen Wins
18-09-09Bob Sapp To Fight In Hong Kong
18-09-09Ken ‘The Hit-Man Horan’
18-09-09Weigh-in Is Over
18-09-09The Weight Is Over
18-09-09WKN Gathering In Malta
17-09-09ProKick Hit Malta - Blog below
17-09-09Visit Malta
17-09-09Malta Vs World In Kickboxing
15-09-09Kids In Kickboxing
14-09-09Boot Camp Revisited - 15-09-09
14-09-09Kickboxing Beginners Classes A Big Hit
12-09-09Cheers To The New McCabe’s
12-09-09New Class Timetable For ProKick HQ
12-09-09This day 20 years ago
11-09-09Kids Kickboxing Class
09-09-09Rogan Vs Sexton II Is TKO’d
09-09-09Paul Houston a murder investigation
08-09-09Oliver Comes Up Downunder
08-09-09Billy’s Boot Camp is Back
07-09-09Kickboxing Birthday Bangers
05-09-09Hitman Horan Is KO’d Without A Punch
05-09-09Boot Camp Finale
04-09-09New Class For Beginners In Kickboxing
04-09-09Japan Gets Perfect Gym
03-09-09Beginners Course fully Booked
03-09-09Boot Camp Day 5 In Belfast
03-09-09Billy’s Boot Camp Day 4
01-09-09Billy’s Boot Camp Day 3 - Missing In Action 3
01-09-09New Kickboxers Move To Next Level

August 2009

31-08-09Billy’s Boot Camp Day 2 - Six Missing From Action
30-08-09Boot Camp Gears Up For Another Week
30-08-09Do you want to get fit - Starts Monday
29-08-09Results From UFC 102
29-08-09UFC 102
29-08-09Prizefighter the tournament
29-08-09Mark Bird Wins By KO
28-08-09Sparring Levels 1 and 2
26-08-09Fighting In Thailand - Mark Bird
24-08-09Next Generation DVD on sale now at £15
23-08-09Boxer Rogan splits from long-time coach, Breen
23-08-09HBO turned down an all Irish Boxing clash
20-08-09Chefs have right ingredients to go the distance
19-08-09WKN and MMA events
19-08-09A Word From The Lord
18-08-09ProKick Kickboxing Testimonial
17-08-09New Kids Class Timetable At ProKick
16-08-09Belfast Kickboxing event - WKN
15-08-09Sparring Classes Back To Normal
15-08-09UFC Star To Hit Belfast
14-08-09Information For - Next Generation Kickboxing Event Belfast
12-08-09Few Tickets Left For - Next Generation
11-08-09The Lonerunner
11-08-09Junior Kickboxers Make The Grade
10-08-09Kids Kickboxing Grading
10-08-09Sparring classes
09-08-09UFC 101 Main event results
09-08-09K1- Final 16 - 2009
08-08-09Let Sleeping Birds Lie
06-08-09Boot Camp Day 6
06-08-09Ken Considers Double Whammy
06-08-09Class Time Change For One week Only
04-08-09Fedor The Last Emperor Switches Sides
04-08-09Wounded Shoulder
04-08-09Smiling and Tiling
02-08-09Maccers is Back in Town
02-08-09Bedtime Story

July 2009

30-07-09papà di congratulazioni
29-07-09Dinosaurs Meet at Waterford
28-07-09Rebooted 6am
28-07-09WKN Hits Peru
28-07-09Swine Flu on the Increase
27-07-09Kickboxing And Motherhood
26-07-09Affliction MMA Show Cancelled
26-07-09Rogan Vs Sexton it is on
26-07-09Making The Grade
25-07-09Hyland-er this are three
24-07-09Fight Day At ProKick
24-07-09Will You Make The Grade - TODAY
23-07-09Saturday Fight Day
22-07-09Billy’s Boot camp Is Back!
21-07-09The Passion For Kickboxing Continues
21-07-09Billy’s Boot Camp On Way Back!
20-07-09New beginners 6 week Kickboxing course TONIGHT
18-07-09Simms Joins Bill
15-07-09Barrie For British Title
14-07-09Turkey Before Christmas for Ian Young
13-07-09ProKick News July - Class Times
13-07-09Kickboxing in Amman
12-07-09UFC Grossed The biggest Gate Ever On 100
12-07-09Belfast Boxer Brian Magee
11-07-09UFC 100 Results
10-07-09Mark Bird In Thailand
10-07-093 Amigos
09-07-09The baby boom continues - another Murray
09-07-09New Kickboxing Graduated
09-07-09New Kickboxing Level 3 Sparring Class
07-07-09Apple Of Her Daddies Eye
06-07-09K1 Max 2009 Final 8
06-07-09UFC 100
06-07-09Carl Frampton Boxing Hope
06-07-09The Pride Of Tallaght
05-07-09WKN Lisbon 8 Man Tournament
04-07-09Young Gunned
04-07-09Mark McCann Lifts The Weekly Kickboxing Cup
04-07-09WKN 8 Man Event - Portugal tonight July 4th
03-07-09Its On - Hamilton V Cox
03-07-09A Weighting Game
03-07-09Making waves
03-07-09The Eagles have Landed
02-07-09In Transit
02-07-09What difference a week makes
01-07-09A Hot Summer Night

June 2009

30-06-09Belfast Boxer Magee
30-06-09Thai Boxer wants Dunne
30-06-09Cox Jr V Hamilton - Could It Be On?
30-06-09July Parades Halted
29-06-09The Graduate
27-06-09Sunday peaceful Sunday
27-06-09Matthew Stitt Wins Best Boy
27-06-09In The Fast Lane
27-06-09Gone Fishin’
26-06-09Mark caught more than fish
25-06-09Kickboxing Grading Sunday 28th June
24-06-09Remembering Billy Murray Senior
24-06-09Kickboxing frenzy continued this week
24-06-09Muaythai In Montego Bay
22-06-09Crowe’s feet will do the talking
22-06-09Northern Irish Trio Kickboxing In England
20-06-09Ricky Burns Defends Boxing Crown
20-06-09Brian Magee Vs Tony Quigley For British Title
19-06-09James Gale Vs Ciaran Healy
18-06-09Kevin O’Hara Vs Ricky Burns -Commonwealth Champ
18-06-09Jerome Le Banner Boxing Again
17-06-09The kickboxing frenzy continues
16-06-09ProKick Club News - June
16-06-09Are You Looking For Fights - Drop Us A Line
16-06-09Kickboxers On TV3 - Ireland Am
16-06-09Kickboxing Mad Kids
15-06-09Full Contact Kickboxing - UNLEASHED
15-06-09Kickboxers On TV3 - Ireland AM
14-06-09Carvery Kickboxing Style - Photo’s Added
13-06-09Franklin Vs Wanderlei Silva - UFC 99
12-06-09Girl Power kickboxing style
11-06-09Kickboxing Event SUNDAY
10-06-09Young Talent David Neill
10-06-09Frantastic Fran
10-06-09Another chance For Those who Cant Make Sunday Sparring
09-06-09Newest ProKick Members Work Towards Yellow Belt.
07-06-09Kimbo Slice To Appear On The Ultimate Fighter
06-06-09DAY Two In The ProKick House
05-06-09Shawn Burton Hits Belfast - Day 1
05-06-09I’m Fat and I’m happy
04-06-09Vote For kickboxer Star Zaffron Murray
04-06-09Kung Fu Star David Carradine Dies
04-06-09Duddy Vs Camacho Jr or Sinclair
04-06-09New Kickers At ProKick
03-06-09Burton Arrives In Belfast Today
03-06-09Contender Asia Star Wins WKN World Title
02-06-09Kickbox your way to a healthier Fitter Life - Starts TONIGHT
02-06-09Next Generation Of Kickboxing Champions
02-06-09Kickboxers Graduated
02-06-09ProKick kids Supremo’s

May 2009

31-05-09Sam Sexton Vs Martin Rogan - Will it Happen?
31-05-09Rich Franklin Vs Wanderlei Silva
31-05-09A Snappy Day At ProKick
31-05-09Sunny Belfast - 8pm Class Merger
31-05-09Rising Star 27 Vegas Muay Thai Fight Night
29-05-09ProKick Fighters
27-05-09Frantastic Fran
27-05-09Happy Birthday Belfast Boy
26-05-09W1 Unplugged - Canada
26-05-09Do You Want To Fight?
26-05-09WKA England Squad Taining
26-05-09Niamh Dougal Lifts Sparring Trophy
24-05-09Contender Asia Star World Title Fight
24-05-09Le Banner Wins Boxing Fight
23-05-09UFC 98 Results
23-05-09Belshaw Felt Tyson’s Fury
22-05-09Jerome Le Banner Boxing
22-05-09Murderers to be hanged for their crime
21-05-09Jerome Le Banner to Box on May 23rd
21-05-09Sparring Video Ready
21-05-09Boxing Prizefighter Cruiserweight title
20-05-09Two Heavyweights Prospects Clash
20-05-09Level 2 Sparring Course Kicked Off
20-05-09WKN France 5th June
19-05-09Chelsea Leigh Wins Again
17-05-09Showtime results
17-05-09Stephane Cabrera King Match-Maker
16-05-09IVC Returning to Europe
15-05-09Mr Cabrera Jets into Amsterdam
15-05-09Rogans Dreams ripped to shreds
14-05-09It’s Showtime
14-05-09McCloskey Vacates British Title
14-05-09Sinclair in Irish Title Bout
13-05-09Nothing like testing the water
13-05-09Sparring Mania
12-05-09ProKick Top Kids
12-05-09Sparring Wednesday 6pm
11-05-09Hamilton Video action from Switzerland
10-05-09Birthday Girl lisa
10-05-09Fab Fourth
09-05-09Marathon Men - Doing Their Bit For Charity
09-05-09Dreams Sometimes Turn to Reality
07-05-09Prokick Members News
06-05-09Jerome Le Banner Vs. Jorge Acero Calo - under negotiation
06-05-09Beginners Sparring Course Week 5 Completed
06-05-09Six Of The Best
04-05-09Martin Rogan Is Box Office Demand
04-05-09Last Chance To Catch Joe Lindsay Play Barry Champlain
04-05-09Dean “Irish Lightning” Byrne
03-05-09Happy 51st Rose Dunn
03-05-09Happy Birthday Mr Cabrera
03-05-09Congratulations Muller’s
02-05-09Hamilton lost more than battle with the scales
02-05-09Pawel Gorka wins in Switzerland - Video added
02-05-09Frantastic’s day
01-05-09Hamilton Finally Hits Weight

April 2009

30-04-09Incredible Sleeping Hamilton
29-04-09Hamilton’s final session before Big Fight
29-04-09Kinigamazi Hits Back
29-04-09Beginners Sparring Course Week 4 Completed
28-04-09James Wins Best Boy
28-04-09A new class started at ProKick
28-04-09Silva Vs Griffin UFC 101?
28-04-09Jerome Le Banner and Ernesto Hoost
27-04-09Kids Kickboxing Competition
26-04-09Welcome To ProKick Philippe Brélaz
26-04-09ProKick News April - New Kids Time For Saturday’s
25-04-09Patrick and Carl in Villars
25-04-09Early Morning Runs
25-04-09Martin Lindsay Wins British Featherweight Boxing title.
25-04-09John Duddy’s Dreams Of World Glory Went Up In Smoke
24-04-09Pro Boxing Is Back At Belfast’s Refurbished Ulster Hall
24-04-09Derry’s John Duddy Back In Action
24-04-09Murray comments on the upcoming Hamilton and Kinigamazi fight
23-04-09Kickboxing Beginners Finish 6 week Course
23-04-09East Belfast Princes Trust
21-04-09North Belfast Princes Trust Returns
20-04-09Winners Of The ProKick Says Kickboxing Event
19-04-09Hamilton Ends Controversy
18-04-09Ken Horan Regains World Title
18-04-09Ian Young Back in Action
17-04-09Is It the End For Chuck Liddell?
17-04-09The Main Event
17-04-09Hamilton Vs Burton II
17-04-09Freak Injury Puts Jess on hold.
16-04-09Kickboxing World Ascends on Galway
16-04-09Is It Jim Carey
15-04-09Galway Whistle stop tour
14-04-09The Final Countdown
14-04-09Easter Monday & Tuesday Training
12-04-09Mark Winter wins Easter Egg Hunt
11-04-09Picture Caption Competition Winner Announced
11-04-09Frank Shamrock Stopped By Nick Diaz
11-04-09Ken Horan is Ready
11-04-09ProKick Kids Easter Competition Results
10-04-09Shawn Burton speaks to
10-04-09Easter Kickboxing Fun
09-04-09ProKick Kids Easter Competition
09-04-09Ken Hits ProKick this weekend
08-04-09Magnificent Seven
07-04-09New Sparring Class
07-04-09McCloskey Vs Witter
07-04-09UFC vs Affliction
07-04-09Adult Kickboxing Grading - Photos Added
06-04-09School of Hard Knocks
06-04-09Oh to be 18
06-04-09Liddell vs Ruaon
05-04-09UFC 97: Redemption
05-04-09Fighting talk or just hot air
05-04-09ProKick Grading
04-04-09Its Back On
04-04-09Moany Lisa
03-04-09Kickboxing James Is A Winner
03-04-09That’s My Girl - Happy Birthday Brooke
02-04-09WBO Boxing Champ heads to WKN event
02-04-09Yo Adrian
02-04-09£150’000 Reasons to Box
02-04-09Rogan V Sexton
01-04-09No April Fool - Video Added
01-04-09Kickboxing Winners at ProKick

March 2009

31-03-09Attention All 8pm Sparring Class Members
30-03-09Ken and the Mayor of Galway
29-03-09ProKick Forum Launches Today
29-03-09All Aboard For Galway
29-03-09Mohamed Samir Wins
29-03-09Big Show Today in Galway
28-03-09Jess wins by KO in the 2nd
27-03-09Corbett Back in Action
26-03-09Jess in first K1 rules match up
26-03-09New kickboxing class
25-03-09Chris Simpson on the Big Screen
25-03-093 Weeks Before the Hitman Hits Galway
25-03-09Beginners Complete 6 Week Course
24-03-09Samir V Andrei
24-03-09Fun Day at the Races
23-03-09Is it the Bionic Man?
23-03-09Rogan to appear in Odyssey Arena
23-03-09Kickboxing Mad Kids Competition Day
23-03-09Congratulations Tara
23-03-09WMC I-1 Grand Prix 2009
23-03-09Fatal Car Crash for the Mask
22-03-09K-1 World GP 2009 Yokohama
22-03-09Belfast Kickboxer hits South Africa
21-03-09Historic night for Irish Boxing
21-03-09No Jess as Stuart is Back in Action
20-03-09Kickboxing beginner course now head towards 1st level
18-03-09Lose weight and Get Fit - New Class Started
18-03-09MMA Mania To Hit Belfast - Cagewars
17-03-09St Patrick’s Day in Galway - Video Added
17-03-09Level 2 Sparring Class - Wednesday
16-03-09Ringmasters Amateur Muay Thai
15-03-09WKN Portugal - Live TV Event
14-03-09Ken & Team hit Belfast’s ProKick Gym
13-03-09Boxer McCloskey Wins By TKO
13-03-09Magee Stripped of British Title
13-03-09Comic Relief Fun Day
13-03-09Bernard Dunne to face Ricardo Cordoba
13-03-09King of Kick
11-03-09Bernard Dunne Vs Ricardo Cordoba
11-03-09The ProKick Lovely People
11-03-09Sponsor ProKick’s Fighters for Comic Relief
08-03-09Barry Morrison Vs. Paul McCloskey
08-03-09Quinton Rampage Jackson On UFC 96
06-03-09Bash n Mash Results in Brief
05-03-09Mark Winter the Blogenator
05-03-09Forget Cirque du Soleil - The Bash n Mash is in town
05-03-09Information for Bash n Mash
03-03-09The Breen Team - BBC 1
03-03-09Major Hoost For Event This Friday
03-03-09Sparring Course Level 2 Kicks Off
03-03-09K1 Style in Belfast as Bird Aims High
03-03-096 week beginners head toward 1st level
03-03-092nd Week in a Row for Chelsea Leigh
02-03-09G’Day Mate
01-03-09The Chosen Few

February 2009

28-02-09Martin Rogan KO’s Skelton in 11
28-02-09Rebekahs Work Experience - Daily Blog Final Day
27-02-09It’s Got to be Perfect Mr
26-02-09It Is Sunday Morning And We Are Calling all ProKickers
26-02-09Jennifer’s Hero
26-02-09New ProKick Tracksuit
26-02-09Throw Down in the Casino
26-02-09Alert causes city traffic chaos
24-02-09Chelsea-Leigh Swift - A Winner
24-02-09Tomas’ Blog from Slovakia
23-02-09Paddy Barnes to Box in O2 Dublin
23-02-09Armed but no longer Dangerous
23-02-09No Joke Jess Ready for 2nd Tilt
23-02-09French and Romanian Giant’s to Clash
23-02-09Boxer Duddy is No Dud
23-02-09Kyle wins best kickboxer of the week
23-02-09The Race Is On
22-02-09Martin Rogan Vs Matt Skelton
22-02-09UFC 95 Results
21-02-09UFC 95 tonight
21-02-09John Duddy Fights in Madison Square Garden
20-02-09Sparring DVD Ready
20-02-09The Return of Christopher Bryans
20-02-09Ken Horan
19-02-09Homeward Bound for Tomas Glazer
18-02-09More New Kickboxers sign up
17-02-09Kinigamazi One Step closer to Hamilton
17-02-09New Sparring Class at ProKick
16-02-09Remy Bonjasky to hit the UK
16-02-09Beginners ProKick Says Winners
15-02-09The right to fight continues
15-02-09UFC at London o2 Arena
15-02-09Irish World Champions
15-02-09Irish Film & Television Awards tonight on BBC2
13-02-09This weeks most improved student
13-02-09Space Coast Karate Championships 2009
13-02-09Valentines Birthdays
13-02-09Hitman & his Team gear up for April
13-02-09Samir ‘The Prince’ is Back
12-02-09Happy Birthday
12-02-09Finishing post is in Sight
12-02-09Andrew Murray for European Glory
12-02-09The plight of Thailand’s national sport
12-02-09Contender Asia Italian Elimination
12-02-09Special Delivery Overdue
12-02-09Congrats to Edd and Jordonna
11-02-09Protect Muaythai, Reject Muay
10-02-09The return of the hit man to Galway Bay.
10-02-09The Belmont Blackout
09-02-09Bash n Mash Raffle winner
08-02-09I.K.F. Amateur Championships
08-02-092009 US Open ISKA World Championships
08-02-09Full-Contact super heavyweight wanted
08-02-09Lurgan boxer Stephen Haughian wins
08-02-09Adult Kickboxing Grading
07-02-09Kids In Kickboxing
07-02-09Judgment Day At ProKick Kickboxing School
06-02-09Happy Birthday Kallum
06-02-09New Kickboxing beginners strut their stuff
06-02-09Jerome Le Banner Seminar
05-02-09Lurgan boxer Stephen Haughian
05-02-09Congratulations and Celebrations
05-02-09Congratulations Stevie Kidd
03-02-09Young Champions at Prokick
03-02-09Hideous Leg Break - not for the squeamish
03-02-09Full Muay-Thai WKN event Italy
02-02-09A review of UFC 94 St-Pierre vs. Penn
02-02-09Lance Thompson Wins ProKick Says
02-02-09Congratulations Carl Emery

January 2009

31-01-09Hamilton wins by 1st round KO
30-01-09Weight is over for Gary
29-01-09Missing in Action
29-01-09UFC - Georges St-Pierre Vs BJ Penn
29-01-09Boxer Michael Sweeney has withdrawn
28-01-09No Saturday 12.30pm class
28-01-09K-1 WORLD GP 2009 IN YOKOHAMA
27-01-09Loris ‘The Blade’ Audoui
27-01-09A Leith out of Hamiltons book
26-01-09French Visitors at Prokick
26-01-09Hamilton Jets out to Italy this weekend
25-01-09German fighter Weimer Dmitrij set for Portugal
25-01-09MMA - Fedor Emelianenko Vs. Andrei Arlovski
24-01-09ProKick Kickboxing Mad Kids
23-01-09Fedor Vs Arlovski - Affliction Day of Reckoning
23-01-09Wayne McCullough Wants To Fight On
23-01-09Pro-Boxing At Ulster Hall On Hold
22-01-09New writer for
22-01-09Carl Heralds New Paper
21-01-09McGreevy Talks to Belshaw
20-01-09Heavyweight Boxing - Skelton Vs Rogan
20-01-09Prokick Kids Fun Day
20-01-09Kicking in the New Year
19-01-09Kickboxing classes for beginners
16-01-09Happy Birthday Jean-Yves Theriault
16-01-09Gary Hamilton Vs Patrick Kinigimazi
16-01-09UFC 93 Weigh-In Results
16-01-09Carl back home
15-01-09Belshaw Helps out Prokicks Pawel Gorka
15-01-09Carl Emery Back In Belfast
14-01-09Lose weight and get fit for 2009
13-01-09Murray Joins Breen In Belfast
13-01-09Gladiators of the North
13-01-09Finally - Husband and Wife
12-01-09Football Stars To Come Out At WKN Kickboxing Event
12-01-09What Made Prokick Great in 2008
11-01-09New ProKick Kickboxing Sparring class
10-01-09Carl Emery Limps Back To Belfast
10-01-09Good News Paper For Kickboxing
10-01-09Kickboxer Shawn Burton will face Gary Hamilton
10-01-09Queen of her kickboxing club
08-01-09MMA in Montreal Quebec
08-01-09Love has conquered all
07-01-09UFC Sell-Out In Dublin
07-01-09Fight Confirmed for Hamilton
07-01-09Hair raising win
05-01-09Kickboxing new starts
03-01-09Skelton Vs Rogan - is it on?
02-01-09KICKmas DVD now on sale
01-01-09New 6 Week Beginner’s Courses for the New Year