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December 2010

27-12-10ProKick News for Christmas 2010
26-12-10Team Prokick and J-Network Japan - Video added
24-12-10Santa hits ProKick 2010
23-12-10Ashwin Balrak Arrested
19-12-10Biggers Better 3
18-12-10Santa may hit ProKick gym TONIGHT
17-12-10Prokick weathers the storm
16-12-10Dream-K1 Dynamite 2010
16-12-10It’s Showtime December 18 2010
16-12-10Kickboxing beginner to advanced beginner
16-12-10Bigger’s Better Boxing 3
15-12-10Lindsay lost British title
13-12-10Martin Lindsay defends British title
13-12-10Prokick meets Shidokan karate kickboxing in Japan
13-12-10Irish Eyes are smiling - home
10-12-10K1 WGP 2010 results
10-12-10K1 Grand Prix final 2010
09-12-10K1 Grand Prix final
09-12-10ProKick team at K1 Press day Tokyo 2010
09-12-10Dynamite Jerome LeBanner
09-12-10Fight-night in Japan
07-12-10Boot Camp Japan
06-12-10Northern Ireland Vs Japan 2
04-12-10Mark Bird lifts top stylist award
04-12-10Another Match in Japan for ProKick team
03-12-10Here we go
02-12-10The Mighty ProKick have landed
01-12-10O’Brien’s help the Japan team

November 2010

29-11-10Massive Hoost for Belfast kickboxers - Video Posted
28-11-10ProKick team ready for Japan
27-11-10Nuit des Champions 2010 - Results
27-11-10WKN title in Zurich
24-11-10FIGHT CODE - a brand new kickboxing tournament
23-11-10kickboxing Belters
22-11-10Habib Bakir hit back at rumours
22-11-10Kickboxer to Government Official
22-11-10Advance beginners to try yellow belt
21-11-10Rogan wins again
20-11-10World kckboxing Forum - Kicks off
18-11-10Get well soon from Ernesto Hoost
18-11-10World Kickboxing groups to meet
16-11-10Ernesto Hoost in Belfast today
16-11-10PSNI support ProKick event in Japan
15-11-10Get Well Chelsea-Leigh
14-11-10Boxer Rogan back on winning form
14-11-10Boot Camp - the real deal
10-11-10New beginners sparring class kicked off
09-11-10Hoost to Boost Japan trip
08-11-10Gone but will never be forgot
08-11-10Gary Fullerton on the mend
06-11-10ProKick kickboxer in Newcastle
05-11-10New class kick off
03-11-10Pack your bags guys
03-11-10Sparring class move up a level
02-11-10LIVE Kickboxing tonight
02-11-10Challenge tonight

October 2010

30-10-10Samir is out
30-10-10Two become one - MMA
30-10-10Bigger’s Better 2 - Boxing on Eurosport
28-10-10Advertise on ProKick
28-10-10K1-Max 2010
27-10-10EBU title is an all Celt affair
27-10-10Wings Clipped
26-10-10ProKick News - Halloween
26-10-10Brock Lesnar Lost at UFC 121
25-10-10Biggers Better Boxing 2 - results
25-10-10Kickboxing beginner to advanced beginner
24-10-10Young kickboxer aim high
24-10-10Advance beginners to yellow belters
23-10-10The lone line dancer
23-10-10Bruce CODRON Vs Samir MOHAMED
21-10-10Jess and Bird challenge for titles
21-10-10Bigger Better Boxing 2
20-10-10Disco Night - A fund raiser
20-10-10Kickboxing sparring action
17-10-10Kickboxers Ready for next Level
16-10-10Two become one
14-10-10Fight Night as fighters test themselves
14-10-10Tone up for life the kickboxing way
13-10-10The bag packing Fab Five
12-10-10Fight Tonight
12-10-10Kickboxing beginners advance
12-10-10Northern Irish boxer wins Gold
11-10-10Codron versus Hamilton on TV
09-10-10K1- Seoul, Korea results 2010
09-10-10Paddy Barnes hits back
09-10-10Dad wins Kickboxing prize
08-10-10Hamilton is a real softy
06-10-10Sparring class for beginners Kicked off
05-10-10Kickboxing for fitness - Oh Danny Boy
05-10-10Loughshore Girls at ProKick
03-10-10Au revoir jusqu’à la prochaine fois
02-10-10It’s Crunch time - a Blow-by-blow account
01-10-10Fight Time - Hamilton Vs Godron
01-10-10The Weight will be worth it

September 2010

30-09-10On y va - Said Hamilton
28-09-10Land of the Rising Sun
27-09-10Fitness class Kickboxing style
26-09-10Alex Reid Fighter
25-09-10K-1 Final 16 in Seoul Korea
21-09-10Kicks Punches thrown on UN Peace Day - Video added
21-09-10Alex Reid Vs Tom ‘Kong’ Watson -MMA
20-09-10Peacefighters take to the ring
20-09-10Early start for Peace
18-09-10Pack your Bags Please
18-09-10Barry McGuigan’s first boxing event - Results
16-09-10Kickboxing class for Fitness go to next level
14-09-10Big Daddy Paul McClintock
13-09-10Day of Peace Geneva
13-09-10Hamilton Vs Codron - France
13-09-10Ernesto Hoost Fighter wins WKN world title
13-09-10Belfast City Hall Welcome
13-09-10Domination 5 - Australia
11-09-10Live Internet Streaming on
11-09-10ProKick lotto winner
11-09-10Weighting is over - Clubs and Hammers are Battle Ready
10-09-10Information For - Celts Vs Vikings event
09-09-10Big 8 in Belarus
09-09-10LIVE Weigh-in from Holiday Inn Belfast
09-09-10Midlife crisis Mr Masterson?
08-09-10Tragedy in the World of Kickboxing
08-09-10Belfast Boxing Ring exhibition
07-09-10Muay Thai Boxing Champions Trophy
06-09-10Green for Go
05-09-10Fight Shorts ProKick Style
05-09-10Kickboxing grading at ProKick
04-09-10ProKick kickboxing gading September
03-09-10Kickboxing beginners finish 6 week course
03-09-10Mr & Mrs Weiniger
02-09-10Preparing not to Fail in the Ring
02-09-10Barry McGuigan promotes at Ulster Hall
01-09-10Prizefighter Heavyweights October 9th
01-09-10Big test TONIGHT for wannabe ProKick fighters

August 2010

31-08-10Fitness classes Kickboxing style
31-08-10Alex Reid training hard
29-08-10Brian Magee back in action
29-08-10Couture vs Toney the aftertalk
28-08-10Alex Reid Hits ProKick
27-08-10UFC 118 to hit Boston
25-08-10ProKick news August 2010
25-08-10World Kickboxing Forum
22-08-10It’s Showtime Amsterdam Event
20-08-10Bucket Boyz
18-08-10Gary Hamilton Is the Daddy
17-08-10Mark Hennessy - Good Luck
17-08-10WKN Judge punched in Turkey
17-08-10Bucket boys
15-08-10Gary Hamilton Vs Bruce Codron
15-08-10John Duddy still wants world title
15-08-10UFC will return to Ireland
13-08-10Boot Camp Returns - Final day
12-08-10Fitness through kickboxing
11-08-10Deepest Sympathies
10-08-10Talking Japanese - Video added
10-08-10Legendary Boxing coach Herbie Young
08-08-10More heartache for Stuart Jess
07-08-10UFC 117 Siliva Vs Sonnen - Results
07-08-10ProKick Lotto Roll-Over
06-08-10Fedor, Strikeforce and M-1 Global
06-08-10Kickboxing new yellow belts
05-08-10Anderson Silva Vs Chael Sonnen UFC
05-08-10UFC San Diego results
05-08-10Lucky to be alive
04-08-10New Kickboxing sparring class
03-08-10Kickboxing graduates
02-08-10Thinking Japanese

July 2010

31-07-10Lottery Ticket Winner
30-07-10Kickboxing for beginners kicked off
28-07-10Female kickboxer Adrienne Simmons dies
26-07-10UFC Hits San Diego
23-07-10Condolences to the Jess Family
22-07-10Lotto Winner
22-07-10Richard Collett
19-07-10Kickboxing Test
16-07-10Heino Heiwegen
15-07-10McBride Lost Boxing Come Back
15-07-10Swann Dive
14-07-10Rogan In Training
14-07-10WKN Back IN Ukraine
11-07-10Steve Bonner - 2010 K1 Oceania Grand Prix
10-07-10ProKick News July
08-07-10Six Weeks Of Kickboxing For Fitness
07-07-10Stampede Rumble, Stand Up and Fight
07-07-10Duddy Vs Chavez jr
07-07-10UFC The Power
06-07-10ProKick Kids in Action

June 2010

30-06-10Supplements for Athletes
29-06-10Body Builder Martin Spence
25-06-10Boot Camp For June
24-06-10Bird And Gillen Compete In England
22-06-10Beginning In Kickboxing
20-06-10Kickboxing events back-back
20-06-10Nathan Corbett In Talks With WKN
18-06-10Boxer Martin Lindsay Wins Award
16-06-10ProKIck Families
15-06-10Kickboxers Ready For More
13-06-10It’s Showtime Press release RE - Badr Hari
13-06-10Results UFC 115 - Vancouver, British Columbia
12-06-10McCloskey Ko’s Lauri
12-06-10Wannabe a ProKick Kickboxing instructor
11-06-10What Is Next For Brian Magee
10-06-10Bash ‘n’ Mash Dinner Pictures - Video Added
10-06-10McCloskey vs Lauri - The Weigh-in
10-06-10UFC 115 - Liddell Vs Franklin
07-06-10Kickboxing Black Belts
06-06-10Hoost Master Class
04-06-10Bash ‘n’ Mash 2010 - TODAY
04-06-10Ernesto Hoost Seminar Names List
04-06-10Bird Makes Weight
04-06-10Kickboxing Mania Weekend Started On Friday
03-06-10New kickboxing Beginners kick off
03-06-10Mark Bird Vs Kevin Eiberg
02-06-10Badr Hari - K1, It’s Showtime Or Boxing
01-06-10Making the Grade

May 2010

30-05-10Ernesto Hoost Masterclass Returns
30-05-10Beginners Move Up A Level
29-05-10Rashad Evans and Quinton “Rampage - Results UFC 114
29-05-10Hesdy Gerges Wins ShowTime World Title - Results
29-05-10Showtime Vs K1
29-05-10UFC 114 - Evans Vs Jackson
28-05-10Boot Camp Is Back - Are You
28-05-10Badr Hari Vs Hesdy Gerges Amsterdam Arena
28-05-10Steve Bonner new World Beater
27-05-10Paul McCloskey Vs Giuseppe Lauri
26-05-10No Prize for McCullough
26-05-10Carl Frampton Boxes At Kings Hall Belfast
21-05-10Championship Kickboxing In Malta
20-05-10Weigh To Go
20-05-10Adrian and Erin’s Invite
19-05-10Il-Irlandiż huma ġejjin
18-05-10Wayne McCullough The Prizefighter
15-05-10London Kickboxing Event
15-05-10ProKick In Dubai
11-05-10New Beginners Kick Off
10-05-10May Boot Camp
10-05-10Former ProKick Fighters
10-05-10Happy Birthday Lisa
09-05-10Happy 50th John & Kathy
09-05-10Belgium WKN Fights
09-05-10Baby Boom At ProKick
09-05-10Grading Sunday 9th May
07-05-10Stuart Jess Ready For Malta Event
06-05-10Weighed-in Perfect
06-05-10Mickey Sheilds Back At ProKick
04-05-10Boot Camp - How Much Do You Want It
04-05-10Beginners Finish Six Weeks
03-05-10New Sales Person At
02-05-10New K-1 63kg Division
01-05-10Bigger Better Boxing Live May 7th
01-05-10K-1 Bucharest 2010
01-05-10UFC 113 Fight Card
01-05-10Kickboxing Kids Kick Out
01-05-10WKN Switzerland - Kinigamazi Wins

April 2010

30-04-10Prizefighter - Cruiserweight
29-04-10Kickboxing In Dublin
28-04-10Pro Boxing In Belfast
28-04-10A New Sparring Class Kicked Off
28-04-10Waterford Event On - TONIGHT
28-04-10I am a lean mean cleaning fighting machine
27-04-10Congratulations Mr Houston
24-04-10Off To Waterford
22-04-10Kickboxers Throw First Punch And Kick
22-04-10Kickboxers Finish The Course
22-04-10The Foster Family
21-04-10Get Well Soon Lisa
20-04-10Next Generation Broadcast Thursday at 7.30pm
18-04-10ProKick Club News - April-n-May
17-04-10WKN Belgium Event
17-04-10Boxer Corbett Back In PrizeFighter
17-04-10It’s Showtime Budapest -News, Results
17-04-10Strikeforce Middleweight Championship - Results
17-04-10Job Positions at Prokick
14-04-10WEC - Aldo Vs. Faber
13-04-10Waterford Event
11-04-10Belfast Event
10-04-10Live from Belfast At 3pm - technical problems
08-04-10LIVE test from Venue - Thursday Night
06-04-10The Belfast Boxing Ring
05-04-10New opponent for Bird
05-04-10LIVE Kickboxing From Belfast
04-04-106am Boot Camp - Tuesday Morning
02-04-10K1 Yokohama Results
01-04-10HooRah Last Day Of Boot Camp

March 2010

29-03-10Fighter Wanted
29-03-10Last Chance Boot Camp
28-03-10K1 Poland Results, Video - Słowiński wins
27-03-10UFC 111 - Georges St-Pierre
27-03-10K-1 WGP 2010 - Warsaw Poland
27-03-10UFC 111
27-03-10Foster’s Fan Club
27-03-10Michael Kearns To Face Gillen
27-03-10LIVE From The Prokick Gym
26-03-10The Kickboxing Graduates
26-03-10Sparring Class Under Way
26-03-10Martin Lindsay
25-03-10Kickboxing Boot Camp - No.7 - Final Day
24-03-10A Fitness Course With A Difference - Kickboxing
23-03-10Kickboxing LIVE From
20-03-10The English Are Coming
19-03-10LIVE Kickboxing On ProKick
18-03-10Rebooted to 5am
18-03-105am Boot Camp
17-03-10More LIVE Kickboxing On
13-03-10John Wayne Parr Wins WKN World Title
13-03-10IT’S Showtime Milan Italy Results
12-03-10John Wayne Parr Vs Dmitry Valent - Results Parr Wins
12-03-10Kickboxing Kids Grade
12-03-10John Is No Duddy
11-03-10Kickboxing Boot Camp - No.5 - Day 5
11-03-10There Can Only Be One - The Hylander
10-03-10Kickboxing LIVE on the Internet
09-03-10Mickey Sheilds Back In Belfast
06-03-10K1 WGP - Hari Vs Ignashov
06-03-10Burton V Shields
06-03-10James Toney To Enter UFC
04-03-10No Jess, Stuart Back In Title Tilt
02-03-10I-1 World Muay-Thai Grand Prix 2010
01-03-10Strikeforce Add Another Big Name
01-03-10Hesdy Gerges Still On Course For Badr Hari In Amsterdam

February 2010

28-02-10Advanced Beginners Kickboxing Course
28-02-10McCloskey Wants a Date
28-02-10Dunne and Dusted
28-02-10John Wayne Parr Vs Dimitry Valent Coming Soon
28-02-10Michael Bisping wants Back In Action
27-02-10Oliveira Double Champion
27-02-10Loris ‘The Blade’ Audoui In Hot Demand
27-02-10Prizefighter - Neil Sinclair
25-02-10Boot Camp Starts 6am - Day 5
21-02-10Kickboxing Grading At ProKick HQ
20-02-10UFC - 110 results
20-02-10Prizefighter KO glory For Neil Sinclair
20-02-10Birds Wings Clipped
19-02-10ProKick Grading
19-02-10Mickey Sheilds Back In Action
19-02-10New kickboxer At ProKick
18-02-10Loris Audoui Wins In Japan
17-02-10Mark Bird Fights On John Wayne Parr Undercard
17-02-10John Wayne Parr In WKN World Title
15-02-10Van Damme In Real Fight
15-02-10Justin Orr Gets First Ticket
15-02-10Prokick Development
15-02-10G’Day ProKickers
14-02-10Andy Murray wins in 5
14-02-10Badr Hari Vs Mourad Bouzidi Results
13-02-10Demian Maia ready for a challenge
13-02-10Carl Frampton Still Unbeaten
13-02-10Prizefighter Neil Sinclair
13-02-10Kids Kickboxing Fun Day
12-02-10Its On Mark Bird Vs Sofiane Taib In Belfast
12-02-10ProKick Kids Fun Day - today Saturday 11am
11-02-10Billy’s Boot Camp No.3 Day5 - 2010
10-02-10Kickboxers Finish Course
06-02-10Listen Up Fight Recruits
06-02-10Change Of Opponent For Bird - Results
04-02-10Back into the Mix

January 2010

31-01-10Strikeforce Hits Miami
30-01-10Result for Brian Magee Vs Mads Larsen
30-01-10Rocky Balboa
28-01-10Boot Camp Week 2 Day 5
25-01-10Tokyo Japan - WKN Event
24-01-10MMA Hits Carrickfergus
24-01-10Bird flies south
24-01-10Saturday Fight Day at ProKick
23-01-10ProKick Young Kickboxers Unite
22-01-10UFC 109 - Relentless
22-01-10Scott Belshaw Vs Larry Olubamiwo
22-01-10Fight Day Saturday
21-01-10New Kickboxing Class Kicks Off
16-01-10Magee Vs Larsen - Euro Title
14-01-10Boot Camp Day 5
14-01-10A Boot Campers Blog - day 5
14-01-10Murphy’s law
13-01-10Princes Trust at Prokick
10-01-10Listen up recruits 6am Monday morning
09-01-10Sparring Class For ProKick’s Next Fighters
06-01-10Look who’s fighting next
05-01-10Kickboxing New Starts For 2010
02-01-10Happy New Year ProKick Surfers