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December 2011

31-12-11Happy New Year - 2012
30-12-11ProKick Gym News
30-12-11RESULTS UFC 141 - Lesnar Vs Overeem
29-12-11Brock Lesnar returned to the UFC
28-12-11New year Greetings from the WKN
26-12-11DREAM New year for Fedor Emelianenko in Japan
26-12-11Ernesto Hoost return
22-12-11Santa Claus hits ProKick - Photos Added
20-12-11Carl Emery Visits Belfast
20-12-11Baby Boot Camp
20-12-11Kris Hanna Happy Birthday
19-12-11Last Kids Class before Christmas 2011
19-12-11WKN Germany Results
19-12-11Kickboxing Elite Hall Of Famers
18-12-11Tommy Tolan Loses Out In York Hall
18-12-11Pauline Goody - Alive And Kicking
16-12-11Biggers Better Boxing Grand Final 2011 (RESULTS)
16-12-11Kickboxing Mania Weekend 2012
15-12-11A New Beginners Kickboxing course Kicked Off - FINALE
14-12-11ProKick Awards Double Celebration
14-12-11Paddy Barnes Struts His Stuff On The Catwalk
13-12-11Fight Code Broadcasting In USA
13-12-11Bigger’s Better Boxing On Eurosport
11-12-11ProKick Grading 2011 Results
10-12-11Le Grande Grading 2011
08-12-11Daniel Zhara New WKN European Champion
04-12-11ProKick boxed in Kilkenny (VIDEO ADDED)
03-12-11Kickboxing Original Four Reunion - Swizerland
02-12-11Diarmuid O’Sullivan Invitation To ProKick Fighters - TODAY

November 2011

29-11-11Beginner Kickboxers Start Their Journey
28-11-11History Lesson For Kickboxing’s Young Generation
27-11-11WKN Big 8 Tournament Results
27-11-11Vitaly Akhramenko Wins Fight Code Grand Final
26-11-11K1 kickboxing - is this a new era
26-11-11Gary Hamilton to face Michael Johnston - (Video Added)
25-11-11Fedor The Last Emperor Emelianenko - Results from Russia
24-11-11Wkn Belarus 8 Man Tournament
24-11-11ProKick Ballynahinch Update
24-11-11Rogan Challenges Fury - End My Career
24-11-11WAKO World Championships Dublin 2011
24-11-11Fight Code hits Geneva
22-11-11McCloskey Opponent Search Continues
20-11-11UFC 139 - Dan Henderson V Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua
18-11-11Frampton’s Possible American Debut
17-11-11Tomas Glazer’s Brief Return
16-11-11Olympian Boxer Paul Douglas Visits ProKick
16-11-11Gary Fullerton Shows Son The Ropes
14-11-11ProKick Roadshow Coming Soon!
14-11-11Gladiator Fight Night 2 Malta
14-11-11Samir Returns To The Ring
14-11-11Kickboxing In Ballynahinch Re-Opening
12-11-11It’s Showtime No.53 - Results
07-11-11World Muay Thai Premier League Round 3
06-11-11It’s Showtime Goes International
06-11-11ProKick Fighters Interviewed By Alex McGreevy
06-11-11Bigger’s Better King Title On The Line
03-11-11Beginners kick-start their fitness - kickboxing style
02-11-11Fright Night Video Online Today
02-11-11Bigger’s Better Boxing 8 In Portugal
02-11-11Barry McGuigan Charity Lunch
01-11-11McCloskey May Have To Wait For World Crown
01-11-11WKN International Kickboxing Belfast

October 2011

31-10-11Happy Halloween From ProKick
30-10-11What a FRIGHT NIGHT!
30-10-11Fright Night - Live Updates
29-10-11French weigh ins
29-10-11Professional Ring Builders Arrive For Fright Night
29-10-11French Team Arrive For Fright Night
29-10-11Fright Night Event News Brief
28-10-11Peter Rusk - Running Man
27-10-11Kickboxing enthusiasts join new sparring class - (FINAL NIGHT)
27-10-11McGreevy Father And Son Kickboxers
27-10-11Gary promises hair-raising performance
26-10-11ProKick Adult Grading Picture Special
26-10-11Darren McMullan - Cold as ice but fire within
25-10-11Live Updates Fright Night Kickboxing Belfast
24-10-11Ken Horan Setting An Example
23-10-11Can’t get a ticket for the MTV Awards
23-10-11ProKick Grading Day Results
22-10-11ProKick Grading Returns (UPDATE)
21-10-11Rogan Vs Skelton 2 is off
21-10-11Stuart Jess To Face Aubrey Tarr
21-10-11ProKick’s Latest ‘Odd’ Couple
20-10-11Fright Night Tickets On Sale NOW
19-10-11Davy Foster - Ladies Man
19-10-11Frampton Vs Martinez Fight Back On?
18-10-11News From Simon Rutz Regarding K1
17-10-11We finished 6 weeks of Kickboxing
17-10-11Martin Rogan Vs Matt Skelton Part 2
16-10-11Badr Hari to Bow out
16-10-11Beauty From Belarus World Title Fight
16-10-11Fight Code Marseilles ‘TK2’ Results
16-10-11McCloskey Vs Maidana looking doubtful
16-10-11Boxing star Kenneth Okungbowa to face Paul Best
14-10-11Rogan Vs Skelton Press Conference
14-10-11MMA Redemption Kilkenny
14-10-11ProKick fighters hit Lincoln England
13-10-11Fight Code Marseille This Weekend
09-10-11Gary Langford Third Time Lucky
09-10-11K-1 World Grand Prix China - Final 16
09-10-11Belfast Kickboxers in Dublin
09-10-11Fright Night Needs YOU
07-10-11Happy 40th Birthday Ursula
06-10-11Gillen’s ‘Swan Song’ (UPDATE)
06-10-11Johnny Smith Set For Dublin
05-10-11ProKick Rising Star Ursula Agnew
05-10-11Martin Rogan To Face Matt Skelton
05-10-11Friends Reunited ProKick Style
05-10-11Beginner Kickboxer Shows Fighters His Winning Form
04-10-11Stefanie mcMullen - ProKick’s Latest Ladykiller
04-10-11Beginner Kickboxing Still On The Rise
02-10-11USA Vs Ireland in Dublin
01-10-11Muay Thai Premier League Round 2
01-10-11It’s Fight-Time In Switzerland

September 2011

30-09-11Celts Vs Vikings In Dublin - TONIGHT
30-09-11ProKick Land In Switzerland
28-09-11Beginner Kickboxers Finish Their Course - (UPDATE)
26-09-11Heavyweight Boxer Kevin McBride
26-09-11Biggers Better Boxing 7 Results
25-09-11ProKick Northern Ireland Vs Switzerland - This Weekend
25-09-11Kickboxing students move up a level - CHECK out Photographs
25-09-11Kickboxing event in Galway
23-09-11ProKick Gym News
23-09-11ProKick Fighters Return To Galway
23-09-11Hamilton in Talks about return
22-09-11Bigger’s Better 7 Coming Up
22-09-11Happy birthday Anne Gallagher
22-09-11Kids Cage Fighting Controversy
19-09-11What Next For Rogan?
18-09-11Tyson Fury wins in Belfast
16-09-11Martin Rogan World Title Fight Called Off
16-09-11School’s Back From Summer - Boot Camp returns
15-09-11Mark Bird On Year Out
14-09-11Condolences To The Cox Family
14-09-11Zhara Vs Oliveira European Title Clash
14-09-11Is This The Real Gary Hamilton?
12-09-11Beginner Kickboxing Fitness Class Belfast Full
11-09-11Triumph For Jess Family
11-09-11McCloskey beats Prescott in Belfast
10-09-11Fury Opponent Named
10-09-11Martin Rogan Secures World Title Clash
09-09-11ProKick Fighters Return To Dublin Update
09-09-11McCloskey and Frampton Weigh In
06-09-11McCloskey - Prescott War Of Words
06-09-11Alistair Overeem Signs To UFC
06-09-11UFC to hit Japan
06-09-11More Beginners Finish On A High
05-09-11Baxter ‘The One Armed Bandit’ Humby
04-09-11Don Turner To Attend BBB7
04-09-11BBB7 Special Guest Don Elbaum
04-09-11Frampton Opponent Named
04-09-11Martin Rogan Press Conference
02-09-11Muay Thai Premier League Results
02-09-11ProKick ‘Fright Night’ Event
02-09-11Fight Code Hits Hard
01-09-11ProKick’s Youngest Member
01-09-11Casey Vs Frampton Is No Go
01-09-11Frampton Still To Fight

August 2011

30-08-11ProKick Team In Demand - London
30-08-11Is It Beauty Or The Beast?
29-08-11Muay Thai Premier League
28-08-11All aboard the ProKick Bus to Galway
28-08-11Strikeforce World Grand Prix Semi-Final
27-08-11Update on the katana event
27-08-11Katana 4 Weigh-ins Glasgow
26-08-11Three former world beaters meet up
26-08-11Katana 4 Glasgow - August 27th
26-08-11Saturday Kids Classes Update
25-08-11Rogan And Fury Verbal Clash
25-08-11ProKick News For August 2011
23-08-11McBlain Vs Lyall - Confirmed
20-08-11Kings of Kombat 4 - Slowinski wins by KO
19-08-11K-1 Tyrone Spong and UFC Rashad Evans
18-08-11Beginners Rise To The Challenge
18-08-11Tragic News From Australia
17-08-11Macklin’s American Move
15-08-11Frampton Ready For Martinez
15-08-11World Games To hit Ireland 2011
15-08-11Sesnsei Philip S Porter - 1924-2011
11-08-11Results from Night Of The Gladiator 2
10-08-11Johnny ‘Handy-Man’ Smith
09-08-11Battle Of The Middleweights
09-08-11WKN Malta Seminar
09-08-11Alex Reid Wins At Cage Rage
09-08-11Jorge Cali To Fight In BBB8
07-08-11Joe Lewis American kickboxer - His Biggest Fight
05-08-11Chris McCosker - Man On A Mission (Updates)
04-08-11Prokick Fitness Booster
04-08-11Luke Wilton Confirmed For Odyssey Event
04-08-11Alex Reid Back In The Ring
04-08-11ProKick Says Winner Amy Filer
03-08-11Time To Make A Come Back?
03-08-11Is K1 Japan - No more?
02-08-11William Mahood
02-08-11Beginners Go From Strength To Strength
01-08-11Magee wins WBA Boxing Crown

July 2011

31-07-11More ProKick Students Advance
31-07-11Advanced Beginners Notice
31-07-11Graduation day for Kickboxing beginners
30-07-11Strikeforce MMA Fedor Vs Henderson
30-07-11Kickboxing back in Las Vegas
26-07-11Rogan’s ‘Fury-Ous’ Challenge
25-07-11WKN Seminar Malta
22-07-11ProKick Kids Competition Winners
22-07-11Kids Class Time Change
22-07-11The PeaceFighters in Mexico
22-07-11US Open on ESPN
22-07-11Muay Thai Gala Canada
21-07-11New WKN Sardinia Representative
21-07-11Kavanagh Fights In Las Vegas
21-07-11ProKick Members Hotel Exclusive
20-07-11Double Birthday Celebration
19-07-11New Kickboxing Families
19-07-11First Ever Irish Women’s Title Fight
17-07-11Event DVD’s On Sale NOW
15-07-11Attention All Lady ProKickers
14-07-11Magee To Fight For Interim Title
14-07-11McCloskey Still In The Race
10-07-11Prokick fighters in Carrick-On-Suir
08-07-11ProKick Instructor Seminar
08-07-11Kids Fun Day Pics
08-07-11Kids Kickboxing competition - July 2011 TODAY
07-07-11More Beginners Join The Fold
06-07-11Rogan Out Of European Title Fight
06-07-11ProKickers On Tour
05-07-11Trinidad And Tobago Event
05-07-11Fight Code Istanbul
01-07-11WKN Malta Event Results
01-07-11Frampton Vs Martinez Possibility

June 2011

30-06-11New Beginners Complete Course
30-06-11ProKick news - June 2011
28-06-11ProKick Belters Make The Grade
25-06-11New Breed Fight Night Is HERE
25-06-11New Breed Novice Event - SOLD OUT
25-06-11New Breed Novice Event To ROCK
23-06-11ProKick Fighters In Dublin
21-06-11ProKick Grading Part 1
19-06-11New Breed - EXTRA Training
17-06-11Bigger’s Better Boxing 6 - Results
17-06-11It’s Showtime Madrid - LIVE
16-06-11Pro Irish Boxing Title Fight
14-06-11New Beginners Class Starts
14-06-11More Beginners Stay The Course
14-06-11New Advanced Beginner’s Class
12-06-11Jerome Le Banner Vs Leko fight pictures
12-06-11Boot Camp is Back
11-06-11Katana 3 Glasgow - Results
11-06-11Prokick team in Geneva results
11-06-11Le Banner Vs Leko Results
11-06-11Katana 3 Glasgow
10-06-11Geneva Weight is over
10-06-11Le Banner Leko Weigh-in
10-06-11ProKick Arrive In Switzerland
10-06-11Results From ‘Loyalty and Respect’ 2
08-06-11From ProKick To Pro-Click
07-06-11Loyalty And Respect 2
07-06-11Fighters Strike A Pose
05-06-11Carl Frampton Wins British Title Eliminator
04-06-11Irish boxer Andrew Murray lost European bid
04-06-11Bird, McMullan and Gillen on Le Banner Vs Leko under-card
04-06-11ProKick for all the Family
03-06-11Frampton’s British Title Eliminator
03-06-11Broken Orr
01-06-11Condolences To Hamilton Family
01-06-11Boot Camp Finished For The Week
01-06-11Press release from Its Showtime Re K1 Japan

May 2011

31-05-11Beginners Strive For Next Level
31-05-11Wilton ‘Luke-ing’ For British Title
30-05-11Leisure Industry Academy Teams Up
28-05-11Tarr Comes To Spar
27-05-11Never Too Young
26-05-11Fight Night Preparation - photos added
24-05-11It’s Showtime to hit Japan
24-05-11Le Banner V Leko - Switzerland
23-05-11New Breed Tickets On Sale NOW!
22-05-11Horan and ProKick team in England - update
17-05-11T-Shirts Now In Stock
16-05-11Flash Gordon Snaps ProKick
16-05-11Baby Girl No. 5
16-05-11Boot Camp May Week 2 -  2011
16-05-11Hesdy Gerges Is Back
14-05-11Badr Hari is back - It’s Showtime in France - results
14-05-11It’s Showtime - LIVE
13-05-11Biggers Better Boxing 6 Hits Portugal
11-05-11Mike Perez Heavyweight Prizerfighter
11-05-11Tom McKee Back From Travels
11-05-11No News For Foster
10-05-11New Junior Brown Belt Class
10-05-11New Beginners Take-Over
10-05-11McCloskey Sparks Interest
10-05-11Marvellous Marvin Enters Hall Of Fame
09-05-11New Breed Novice Event
07-05-11Horan Dealt KO Blow
06-05-11McBlain’s Good News
06-05-11Ken Horan In Action
03-05-11Boot Camp May 2011 - Day 3
02-05-11Have A FRAN-tastic Birthday
01-05-11Andy Lee in NABF title clash
01-05-11K1 news - Mr Tanikawa talks

April 2011

26-04-11Happy Easter Belters
26-04-11Marvelous Marvin Hagler
26-04-11Novice Fighters Wanted
24-04-11ProKick News Bulletin
22-04-11ProKick Easter EGG-Stravaganza
22-04-11Good Friday Celebrations
21-04-11Good News For Good Friday - TODAY
21-04-11Boot Camp April Results - Final Day
21-04-11New ProKick Fighters
21-04-11Tory Corbett big Easter test
20-04-11New Breed’s First Spar
19-04-11Fitness Class - Kickboxing Style
16-04-11Khan Vs McCloskey the aftermath
16-04-11Ken the Hitman Horan back in Belfast
15-04-11New Breed’s first Boot Camp
14-04-11New Breed Of Amateur Kickboxers
14-04-11McFarland’s Return To ProKick
12-04-11Bigger’s Better 5 Event
12-04-11Get Me In The Ring - Sign-up Form
12-04-11Khan Vs McCloskey Controversy
12-04-11WKN Cyprus Event
12-04-11Khan v McCloskey live on pay-per-view
11-04-11ProKick Gym News - April 2011
11-04-11IT’S SHOWTIME - va a España
10-04-11Grading Day at ProKick April 2011
10-04-11JCVD ‘Behind Closed Doors’
10-04-11Fight Code to hit Switzerland
08-04-11ProKick Kids Fun Day Results
08-04-11ProKick Support To Jess Family
05-04-11Winning kickboxing Kids
03-04-11Happy Birthday Brooke
03-04-11Results from Scotland

March 2011

31-03-11Fab 4 head to Scotland
30-03-11Graham Earl’s Belfast Show Postponed
29-03-11Prokick fighters return to Scotland
29-03-11Advance Beginners ready for next Level
29-03-11WKN CYprus Event April 1st
29-03-11Success for It’s ShowTime in Brussels
28-03-11Nathan ‘CARNAGE’ Corbett back in the ring
27-03-11Jean Claude Van Damme to fight
26-03-11St Pat’s Event Broadcast on Sunday
26-03-11ProKick team Weigh-in Dundee
24-03-11New Kickboxing Class
24-03-11Graham Earl Promotes in Belfast
21-03-11Marathon man Peter Rusk
20-03-11High kicking disco dancers
19-03-11Jon Jones UFC Champ - 128
19-03-11Brain Magee lost in Montreal
18-03-11St Patrick’s Day Bash LIVE results
17-03-11Amir Khan Vs Paul McCloskey - it’s on!
16-03-11Bird hopefully on Mark
16-03-11Long weight over
15-03-11Face Off
15-03-11John Wayne Parr and Tom McKee
15-03-11Beginners move to next level
14-03-11Needle match is Inked - Video added
13-03-11Young kickboxing stars
11-03-11Hoost boosts St Paddys’ Day
10-03-11Earthquake in Japan
06-03-11It’s Showtime No. 46 - Results
06-03-11Peter Foley 15 years of Kickboxing in Galway
05-03-11No more weight - It’s Showtime No. 46
03-03-11ProKick To face Skyaxe
01-03-11LIVE Sparring on last night
01-03-11Barrie Oliver Downunder 2

February 2011

27-02-11News results - UFC 127
26-02-11Ivica Bacurin wins Bigger’s Better Boxing No.4
24-02-11New kickboxing class for fitness
23-02-11Eyre’s - A family in sport
23-02-11Kickboxing sparring class kicked off
22-02-11Tarr Vs Hamilton II
22-02-11Advanced Kickboxing Class
20-02-11Bigger’s Better Boxing - No.4
19-02-11ProKick Senior Class Competition
17-02-11Boot Camp February 2011 - Final Day
17-02-11Ding-Dong sparring class finish 6 weeks
15-02-11Beginners Kickbox to next Level
11-02-11Is the Belfast Boy back
08-02-11Fight Code: A Star is born!
07-02-11It’s Showtime Edition 46
06-02-11RTE deliver KO blow to Irish Boxing
06-02-11UFC 126 Las Vegas
05-02-11Brian Magee gets world title tilt
03-02-11Fight-Code - Rhinos
03-02-11Kickboxing test for seniors
02-02-11Petrosyan wins in Turin Italy
01-02-11Alex McGreevy Snr and Jr

January 2011

31-01-11Mike Miles Muay-Thai Gala Canada
31-01-11New 6 weeks of Kickboxing kicked off
30-01-11K1 WGP on Eurosport 2010
30-01-11Shane in car accident
29-01-11Kickboxing Kids first event in 2011
28-01-11Kids Kickboxing competition - Jan 2011
28-01-11Wake me up before you go go
27-01-11It’s nose joke
26-01-11Be afraid, be very afraid
25-01-11Bob Given snappers
24-01-11Kickboxers move to next level
23-01-11Carlo Barbuto presents Thai Boxing Mania
20-01-11News from IT’S SHOWTIME and Mr Simon Rutz
20-01-11First Boot Camp 2011
18-01-11ProKick New Year News
16-01-11Paul McCloskey may face Amir Khan
15-01-11Tragic loss of young kickboxer
14-01-11It’s the return of Billy’s Boot Camp
13-01-11John Duddy Vs Andy Lee
12-01-11New kickers in contact action
12-01-11News from IT’S Showtime
11-01-11Kickboxing beginners stick the Boot in
08-01-11Fedor Emelianenko return February 2011
03-01-11First Kickboxing class of 2010
01-01-11Happy New Year to all Surfers