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December 2012

30-12-12Happy New Year 2013
30-12-12News From ProKick Gym - Updates
26-12-12Bigger’s Better King 2012 - TONIGHT
25-12-12Christmas Day Greetings from ProKick
23-12-12Get Your last Minute Christmas Gifts
22-12-12Santa Visits ProKick Kids 2012
22-12-12Santa says - I’m heading to ProKick Kids class
16-12-12Carl Emery In Belfast
16-12-12GLORY 4 Tokyo Japan
16-12-12New ProKick Kickboxing Sparring Course - Finished 13th Dec 2012
14-12-12K-1 Rising World MAX FINAL - 2012 Athens Greece
10-12-12Darren McMullen New WKN British Champion
08-12-12Mikkel Kessler New WBA Champion
07-12-12KICKmas Weigh Ins - All Done
07-12-12KICKmas The Countdown
06-12-12Kessler: I Will Beat Magee For WBA Title
05-12-12Gary Hamilton Headlines KICKmas In Belfast
05-12-12KICKmas Is Coming
04-12-12I Finished 6 Weeks of Kickboxing at ProKick
02-12-12ProKick Kickboxing Kids Christmas Graduation Day
02-12-12Kickboxing Mad Prokick Adults Show Their Moves
01-12-12Tyson Fury Back In Belfast Vs Kevin Johnson
01-12-12Alexander McGreevy Hitting All the Right Notes
01-12-12Kids Grading 2nd December

November 2012

23-11-12It’s Fight Time Malta Vs NI - Results
22-11-12Darren McMullan Lost In Germany - VIDEO ADDED
22-11-12ProKick in Malta: The Weight is now Over
20-11-12Team ProKick Arrive in Malta
19-11-12Kickboxing Beginners Class from Zero to Hero
16-11-12Darren McMullan In Germany - It’s Fight-Time
15-11-12Biggers Better 17 - November 16th
12-11-12Iceman McMullan To Defend WKN Title In Germany
10-11-12The mighty ProKick have landed - Results and VIDEO
07-11-12Aaron Anderson in Car Accident - UP-DATE
07-11-12Stuart Jess Back In Action
06-11-12Luke Wilton Wins in Dublin
06-11-12Katie Taylor Staying Amateur for Rio
04-11-12Adult ProKick Kickboxing Grading - MORE PHOTOS ADDED
03-11-12Grading Day Set For November 4th - SUNDAY

October 2012

30-10-12Kickboxing For The Next Six weeks at ProKick
30-10-12Fright Night at ProKick Kids Style
29-10-12Trick-n-Treat A ProKick Kids Halloween Special - TONIGHT
28-10-12Badr Hari Still In Dutch Jail
28-10-12Barrie Oliver Get First Fight In Austriala - VIDEO ADDED
27-10-12Barrie Oliver Fights Downunder
24-10-12Rousey Inspired Dana White For UFC Female League
24-10-12Daniel Ghita Signs With GLORY.
23-10-12Karl McBlain On German Fight Card
23-10-12Big WKN Fight-Card In France
22-10-12Bigger’s Better winner No.16. Evgenios Lazaridis
21-10-12Welcome back Ursula - Up-Date
21-10-12Johnny Smith To Face Daniel Zhara in Malta
18-10-12Remy Bonjasky Makes Return To Ring
16-10-12Send Us Your News
16-10-12We Survived 6 Weeks Of Kickboxing At ProKick
14-10-12Malta Vs Northern Ireland in Malta
14-10-12Bigger’s Better No.16 Bulgaria - Weigh-Ins ADDED
13-10-12WKN Stockholm Sweden
13-10-12K1 Final 16 Tokyo Japan 2012 - SUNDAY
13-10-12Wilton Must Wait For Title Tilt
12-10-12Double In Switzerland For Belfast Boys - VIDEO Added
06-10-12Smith n McBlain Battle In the Alps
05-10-12Belfast Boys Ready for Action In Switzerland
03-10-12A New Advanced Beginners Class Kicked Off at ProKick - PHOTOS ADDED
01-10-12New Fitness Kickboxing Class ProKick Style Starts
01-10-12Brian Magee Vs Mikkel Kessler - WBA World Title

September 2012

30-09-12ProKick in London - Brief Results
30-09-12ProKick Team Arrive In London
29-09-12Fighters from ProKick travel back to London
28-09-12Foster Put His Foot In It This Time
26-09-12New Image Gallery for
24-09-12We Finished 6 weeks Of ProKick Kickboxing
23-09-12Results Bigger’s Better 15 - Bulgaria
23-09-12ProKick Team Back In London Sept 30
22-09-12Carl Frampton Wins in Six Over Steve Molitor
22-09-12Carl Frampton Faces Steve Moitor
19-09-12UFC 152
19-09-12New Class Time for Green Belts
18-09-12Prokick Trousers
16-09-12Prokicks Whistle Stop Tour
16-09-12Adult ProKick Kickboxing Grading
15-09-12ProKick Grading September 2012 - TODAY
12-09-12Next Pit Stop for Prokick fighters
11-09-12New Fitness Kickboxing Class Starts
11-09-12prokick news for september 2012
10-09-12K–1 Rising 2012 U.S.A
09-09-12Alex Ciocoi wins in Glasgow
07-09-12Better Has Got Even Better
07-09-12Wilton: One step closer to British title
05-09-12Born To Be Wild
04-09-12Joe Lewis Martial Art Legend - RIP
01-09-12Hamilton Wins By KO
01-09-12Weight is over Katana 6

August 2012

31-08-12Ernesto Hoost arrives in Glasgow
30-08-12Gary Hamilton Back In the Ring This Weekend
26-08-12Ernesto Hoost to attend Katana 6: Rebellion
26-08-12Ernesto Hoost To Attend Katana 6 ‘REBELLION’
24-08-12Bigger’s Better No.14 in Morocco
23-08-12Last Night Of New Sparring Class
22-08-12Tyrone Spong Signs with GLORY
22-08-12Hello Hello - Calling Unwanted Mobile Phones
20-08-12New Kickboxing Fitness Class ProKick Style - August 2012
18-08-12Carl Frampton Now To Face Steve Moitor
18-08-12UFC 151 Sept 1st in Las Vegas
11-08-12Belfast Olympic Boxer Paddy Barnes Takes Bronze
10-08-12Michael Conlan Takes Olympic Bronze London 2012
09-08-12Olympic boxing: Katie Taylor Takes Ireland’s First Gold
09-08-12Paddy Barnes: I’m Going For Gold
08-08-12Michael Conlan Comes a Step Closer To Gold
07-08-12Katie Taylor Comes Closer To Gold in London 2012
04-08-12Hamilton Gearing Up For Ring Return
01-08-12Congratulations To The New Mr & Mrs Anderson

July 2012

29-07-12WKN Kickboxing Event In Corsica - VIDEO ADDED
29-07-12K-1 Hit Back With Event Dates
29-07-12Badr Hari hitting the News Agian
25-07-12Prokick Team in Corsica - FIGHT-DAY
25-07-12Tea-Time For Latest Sporting Stars
24-07-12New ProKick Sparring Course Kicks Off
24-07-12Kickboxing for Beginners Kicked Off at ProKick
23-07-12Kickboxers Now Ready For Next Level
21-07-12Alazzawi & Izzly Promote WKN In London
21-07-12It’s Showtime Hits Tenerife - RESULTS
21-07-12Big-Time Boxing Back In Belfast - Frampton Vs Martinez
20-07-12R.I.P. Mr Hamilton - Funeral Details Below
18-07-12Thai-Tanic squad Invited To City Hall
17-07-12Karl McBlain Birthday Boy
15-07-12Strength and conditioning Circuit - Video Added
11-07-12Pads and Circuit Class
10-07-12Kickboxing Beginners Move To Next Level
08-07-12Tyson Fury Irish champion takes another belt
08-07-12ProKick Adult New Belters
07-07-12Belters - Prokick Grading Day
07-07-12Anderson Silva 10th-straight UFC title defense
07-07-12Bigger’s Better No.13 Results From Cyprus
06-07-12Grading Day set For July 8th - TODAY
06-07-12K-1 Global President Mr Mike Kim Hits Back
05-07-12Luke Wilton Looking For British Title
04-07-12Bigger’s Better No.13 Back In Cyprus
03-07-12Fighter Legion More Than a Web-Site: André Keubler
01-07-12Is It Glory
01-07-12UFC Rashad Evans Was In Brussels

June 2012

30-06-12IT’S SHOWTIME Brussels Results
29-06-12Peter Aerts Swan-Song At It’s Showtime 58
29-06-12IT’S SHOWTIME Brussels June 30th - TONIGHT
29-06-12It’s SHOWTIME 58 - Weigh-ins
28-06-12Heavyweight Irish Boxing Champion Tyson Fury Arrested Then Released
27-06-12Ursula Agnew Off Corsica Event
25-06-12John Wayne Parr Retires On Top
24-06-12Is Emelianenko Truely Finished With MMA
24-06-12Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Faced Andy Lee
24-06-12Kickboxing To The Next Level At ProKick
23-06-12Thai-Tanic DVD now on sale
22-06-12Johnny ‘The Gasman’ Smith
21-06-12Billy Murray Honoured In Sports Exhibition
20-06-12Steve Quinn Jr A World Apart
20-06-12New Breed Take III
18-06-12New ProKick Members Get Fit For Summer
16-06-12Olympic Torch Shines In Prokick
14-06-12John Wayne Parr In Cage Fighting
13-06-12Titanic Thai-Tanic - Photos Added
12-06-12Thai-Tanic WKN Belters
12-06-12Irish champion Fury Back In Action
12-06-12Bigger’s Better 13 Cyprus
09-06-12Can’t Get a Ticket For Thai-Tanic - Watch it LIVE
09-06-12Ernesto Hoost Belfast Seminar
09-06-12Weight Over
08-06-12Mr Perfect Arrives On Time
08-06-12Fighters Arrive For Thai-Tanic Event
08-06-12Ernesto Hoost Returns
07-06-12WKN Meet-N-Greet In Belfast - Promoters - Fighters - Clubs
07-06-12Thai-Tanic Stormont
06-06-12Prokick Stormont Visit
05-06-12First Minister Invites Billy Murray, Team Thai-Tanic & the ProKick kids to Stormont
04-06-12ProKick’s own Jubilee
04-06-12Merged Classes For Queen’s Jubilee
04-06-12Kickboxers Move Up a Level
03-06-12New Mini Boot Camp
02-06-12Join Us This Morning At Stormont
02-06-12Stirit Health Club Get On-Board Thai-Tanic
01-06-12Boot Camp For School Of Hard Knocks - BACK TODAY

May 2012

31-05-12ProKick To Hit Stormont
30-05-12Deepest Sympathies To The Goody Family
29-05-12New Fitness Class ProKick Style
27-05-12K-1 Madrid Results
26-05-12K-1 Globe News - FIRST EVENT TONIGHT
26-05-12Badr Hari Is Back -TONIGHT
26-05-12Carl Frampton Vs Raul Hirales - Result
26-05-12Results From Bigger’s Better Edition No. 12
25-05-12Bigger’s Better Edition No. 12 - May 2012
24-05-12Help Raise The Thai-tanic
22-05-12New ProKick Fight-Club
20-05-12Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix - Results.
20-05-12Hoost Cup Results - 2012
19-05-12Thai-Tanic made Airwaves
19-05-12Martin Rogan Offered Prizefighter Again
18-05-12Happy Birthday Ferris
18-05-12Tetsuya Yamato Vs Sergio Wielzen Hoost Cup - 2012
17-05-12Thai-Tanic Event Making Waves
17-05-12Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Final
17-05-12Mickey Shields Jumps On-board
17-05-12New Sparring Course Kicks Off At ProKick
17-05-12Stuart Jess Thai-Tanic Is Sunk
15-05-12Kickboxing Beginners Course Move Up a Level
12-05-12Adam Peel Thai Fight In London - VIDEO
11-05-12Happy Birthday Paul
11-05-12Happy Birthday Lisa
09-05-12Kids Sparring Class
06-05-12Jerome Le Banner Tour - Geneva Switzerland
05-05-12Paul McCloskey lost To DeMarcus ‘Chop Chop’ Corley.
05-05-12Irish Prizefigther – Results
04-05-12Ernesto Hoost Gets Onboard Thai-Tanic
04-05-12Paul McCloskey Vs Chop Chop DeMarcus Corley
02-05-12Happy Birthday Frantastic
01-05-12Selection For Thai-Tanic Event - PART III
01-05-12Is The Bad Boy Badr Hari Back

April 2012

30-04-12New Keen Kickboxing ProKickers
30-04-12Luke Wilton On Course For British Title
27-04-12ProKick Kickboxing Grading - TODAY
26-04-12ProKick Return To london - Venom
23-04-12Beginners Kickboxing Fitness Course - Go Up a Level
21-04-12Happy Birthday Riley
19-04-12Barnes Qualifies For Olympic Games
19-04-12Jerome Le Banner Fight Series
19-04-12K-1’s Event Producer Sadaharu Tanikawa
17-04-12Thai-Tanic Selection
16-04-12Dinesh Kunar Wins ProKick Competition
15-04-12It Will be No Holiday at the Inn
14-04-12Tyson Fury Stops Rogan In 5th
13-04-12Bigger’s Better Results No.11
13-04-12Thai-Tanic Tickets Now On Sale
13-04-12Fury Vs Rogan - Big Time Boxing Back In Belfast - TONIGHT
13-04-12War Of Words - Fighting Talk
09-04-12Rogan Confident He Will ‘Sink’ Fury’s Career
08-04-12ProKick Easter Class Times
07-04-12Kickboxing Easter Kicking Kids - 2012
07-04-12Sam Harris - Get Well Soon
06-04-12Rafa Del Toro Back At ProKick
05-04-12Bigger’s Better Boxing 11
04-04-12Alistair Overeem May Be Out Of UFC
03-04-12Happy Birthday Brookie
03-04-12Big Belters At ProKick
03-04-12New Beginners - Welcome To ProKick
02-04-12Anne Gallagher Leads Senior Grading Team

March 2012

31-03-12ProKick Senior Belters - Concluding On Tuesday
30-03-12Kickboxing Kids Storming Ahead
29-03-12Biggest MMA EXPO Show In Europe
27-03-12Kickboxing Beginners Move To Next Level
21-03-12ProKick Senior Belt Grading
21-03-12LIVE Video Press Release - TODAY
20-03-12ProKick ‘Fight Club’ - Sign Up - TONIGHT
19-03-12Kings Of Kombat Australia Event RESULTS
18-03-12St Patrick’s Day NYC Boxing Event - RESULTS
18-03-12Rob Powdrill WKN World Title This Weekend - RESULTS
17-03-12News for K1 Fans
16-03-12St Patrick’s Day Grading - Picture Special
15-03-12Fighter Profile Template
15-03-12Kings Of Kombat Australia Event THIS WEEKEND
14-03-12ProKick First 2012 Grading - Part 2
14-03-12New ProKick Fighters Meeting
11-03-12Beginner Kickboxing Class Started Tonight
09-03-12New European Champ - Karl McBlain
08-03-12Team Hit Cyprus
07-03-12Open Sparring Class - (PICTURE SPECIAL)
07-03-12Dynamic Duo’s Double European Title Header (UPDATE)
07-03-12Dima Weimer To Defend WKN World Title
06-03-12Bob Sapp To Fight In Freefight Challenge
05-03-12Ice Man Dealt A Bad Hand (UPDATE)
05-03-12Boot Camp Feb/March INTENSE SPECIAL - FINAL DAY
05-03-12Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett WKN World Title (UPDATE)
04-03-12ProKick Grading 2012 - PICTURE SPECIAL
03-03-12ProKick HQ’s Saturday Swiss Surprise
03-03-12Alex McGreevy ProKicker 9 Today
02-03-12Happy Birthday David ‘Boot Camp’ Jones
02-03-12Russian K1 Style Event Announced
01-03-12UFC 145 - JONES V EVANS
01-03-12Watch ProKick fighters LIVE - (UPDATE)

February 2012

27-02-12Carl Frampton To Defend Commonwealth Title Again
27-02-12Boxing In Belfast 25th February 2012 - RESULTS
27-02-12Beginner Kickboxers Finish Course
27-02-12Bigger’s Better Boxing 10 - RESULTS
25-02-12Fight Results from London
25-02-12It’s FightTime London - Weight is Over
25-02-12Martin Rogan Vs Tyson Fury CONFIRMED
23-02-12Willie Casey On Road To Redemption
23-02-12Paul McCloskey Vs Julio Diaz Confirmed
23-02-12First Minister Peter Robinson Wishes ProKick Team Luck For London
22-02-12ProKick Team Ready To Hit London
22-02-12Boxing In Belfast 25th February 2012
22-02-12Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson Visits ProKick HQ - VIDEO ADDED
21-02-12Extreme pad work-out - TONIGHT
21-02-12LIVE ProKick Video TONIGHT on UTV
20-02-12Beginner Kickboxers started tonight
19-02-12Brian Magee wins by KO
19-02-12Ursula Agnew’s Title Quest (Fight Card Added)
16-02-12Magee Vs Markussen TOMORROW NIGHT
16-02-12Level 2 Sparring Class - (Feb Update)
15-02-12UFC 144 Edgar Vs Henderson - RESULTS
15-02-12McCloskey Vs Woodhouse Still To Be Confirmed
15-02-12Billy’s Boot Camp - February 2012 (Final DAY)
14-02-12K-1 legend Mike Bernardo has Died
12-02-12ProKick Gym News - Feb 2012
09-02-122012 Kickboxing Beginners Finish Course
04-02-12Carlos Condit defeats Nick Diaz - UFC 143
03-02-12Frampton Career Reaches New Heights
02-02-12ProKick Junior Black Belts - VIDEO SPECIAL
02-02-12Badr Hari moves to Boxing
02-02-12ProKick Awards Roaring Success

January 2012

31-01-12UFC 143 - February 4th 2012
31-01-12Paul Best Back Track - VIDEO ADDED
31-01-12Happy Birthday Tibor
30-01-12The Fantastic Four
28-01-12Awards Event - Live Updates!
27-01-12Junior Black Belt Grading - DAY 6
24-01-12Fighters Wanted (UPDATE)
23-01-12New Kickboxing Class For Beginners
20-01-12Brian Magee Lifts Irish Boxer Of The Year Trophy
20-01-12Prizefighter Coming To Belfast?
20-01-12Big Storey with Sam
19-01-12Boot Camp Jan 2012 - Done and Dusted
19-01-12Bon Voyage Peter Rusk
17-01-12ProKick’s Dynamic Duo To Strike Again
17-01-12ProKick Kids Go For Broke - UPDATE
16-01-12Beginner Kickboxers Swarm To ProKick
16-01-12Paul Best Back In Action
13-01-12UFC 142 Aldo Vs Mendes - Results
13-01-12ProKick Prepare For Awards Night
12-01-12First Beginners Class Of 2012 - (UPDATE)
10-01-12Beginner Kickboxers Finish On A High
10-01-12WKN CageMania Spain 2012
09-01-12Carl Frampton To Face Kris Hughes
08-01-12Brian Magee WBA Interim Title Defence
08-01-12Badr Hari last kickboxing bout
06-01-12ProKick’s Biggest Loser/Winner
06-01-12ProKick Member Needs Help
01-01-12New Year Boot Camp - 2012