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December 2014

30-12-14This was the Last ProKick Class of 2014
24-12-14Christmas and New Year Greetings from ProKick and Billy Murray in Belfast
21-12-14DVD Launch Yesterday
20-12-14Santa was back in ProKick 2014
19-12-14News from ProKick for Dec 2014
17-12-14Sky’s the Limit for ProKick kickboxers
17-12-14Beginners Finish after Gail Blows in
17-12-14Le Grande Grading 2014
10-12-14Carl Frampton First Defence in Belfast
09-12-14Kickboxing Beginners Course Started Dec 2014
07-12-14Jono Carroll wins Prizefighter
05-12-14Ķatie Taylor Irish Boxing legend

November 2014

29-11-14Sunday Morning Radio
26-11-14Billy Murray hits Malone College
25-11-14Back to school for Murray
18-11-14We are moving up the next Level in Kickboxing
16-11-14ProKick Team at Stormont - First Minister invite
13-11-14Rafa Del Toro Back in Belfast
11-11-14A New Beginner FightClub Kicked off
11-11-14ProKick New Kickboxing for fitness class Kicks off
08-11-14A double-bill to Hit Stormont
06-11-14New York Event Postponed to 2015
01-11-14Graduation day for some at ProKick - More Pictures added

October 2014

31-10-14Can you make the Grade - TOMORROW
30-10-14Social Media Guidance for ProKick Members
29-10-14Donation request: Help our fighters
29-10-14Happy Halloween from ProKick kids 2014
28-10-14Kickboxing for Beginners: Finish On A High
28-10-14TONIGHT Will be a Spooky Fright-Night Special at ProKick Gym
24-10-14ProKick team honoured by Ards
24-10-14Carl Emery announces SuperKombat for Geneva.
20-10-14Mayor of Ards to meet World Champion Darren McMullan
20-10-14Billy Murray receives Award in Spain
14-10-14Lord Mayor Nichola Mallon honours World Champions - VIDEO ADDED
13-10-14Gary Hamilton: NYC Bound
13-10-14New ProKick Kickboxing fitness class Kicks off - Week 4 TONIGHT
12-10-14NIMHAFF at ProKick
10-10-14ProKick Cinema - Tonight from 8pm
08-10-14Punch by Cinemagic showing at NIMHAFF 2014

September 2014

28-09-14Youth Initiative at ProKick
27-09-14Congratulations to the New Mr & Mrs Jones
27-09-14Lords Of The Ring to visit Belfast City Hall
26-09-14Peter Aerts Vs Ernesto Hoost No.6 Osaka, Japan - RESULTS
19-09-14Video Highlights Lords Of The Ring
16-09-14Photos from ‪#‎LordsoftheRing‬ Ulster Hall Belfast
13-09-14Lords of the Ring LIVE
12-09-14Three months of training now weight is over
12-09-14Lords Of The Ring - Weigh-Ins TODAY
11-09-14German Team Hit Belfast
11-09-14Away Fight Teams Arrive in Belfast
09-09-14Barry McGuigan wishes Lords Of The Ring Team Good Luck
07-09-14Gary Hamilton knock-out blow: Sam Allan is OUT
05-09-14Isaac Agnew Volkswagen back Ursula for World Title
05-09-14Promo Video for Lords of the Ring Belfast 2014
04-09-14Darren McMullan Vs David Wachs III - Video Interview
03-09-14Alex Ciocoi will face Mumun Batur at Ulster Hall
02-09-14Fighters BootCamp returns

August 2014

29-08-14Cathy McAleer Vs Fadma Basrir for WKN World Champion
29-08-14Get Your Balcony Tickets for Lords Of The Ring
28-08-14Johnny ‘Swift’ Smith Vs Hakim Ketaieb
27-08-14Kickboxing Star Samantha Robb world Title
26-08-14Water Babes
25-08-14ProKick Ice Bucket Challenge - Something like this Cathy?
24-08-14Ursula Agnew will face Ivana Miklasova
22-08-14World Martial Art Games 2014 Geneva Switzerland - World Open
18-08-14Titanic venue for Frampton fight
18-08-14Co.Down Duo is a Winning Combination
16-08-14Ulster Hall event coming closer - Banners Up for Lords Of The Ring
16-08-14Lords Of The Ring - Who will it be? - Video Added
16-08-14LadyKillers at Lords Of The Ring
14-08-14Johnny ‘Swift’ Smith receives backing for World Title
12-08-14Kickboxing for Fun - A New Six week beginners course kick off at the ProKick
09-08-14Samantha Robb talks to Gary Gillespie about the Lords Of The Ring 2014 - Video
05-08-14Dear ProKick Parents
02-08-14Ladies Of The Ring

July 2014

29-07-14Boxing at Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014
27-07-14Belfast Boxer at Commonwealth Games
24-07-14Well wishes for Irish Boxer John Joe Nevin
20-07-1425 years of World Championship Kickboxing in Belfast
20-07-14Next instalment of publicity for Ulster Hall Kickboxing event
19-07-14Nicky Fullerton Interviews Hamilton and Allan at Ulster Hall
17-07-14Gary Hamilton in Face to Face TODAY
09-07-14Johnny Smith talks to Gary Gillespie about Lords of the Ring - Video
08-07-14TV Film Crew at ProKick Tuesday 8th July
06-07-14Kickboxers young and older make the grade
06-07-14East and West meet at Belfast ProKick Kickboxing Gym
06-07-14Kids Strut their Kickboxing moves at ProKick
06-07-14ProKick Grading Day July 2014 -TODAY
05-07-14Video of Cathy McAleer at the Lords Of The Ring
03-07-14Cathy McAleer Video WKN World Championship Action
02-07-14Jesus Not another Birthday Daryl

June 2014

30-06-14Kickboxing for Fitness Here We Go
29-06-14Killian à bientôt vous voir bientôt
25-06-14Lords Of The Ring Released - A 25 year Special Event
24-06-14Launch today - 25 years of World Championship Kickboxing in Belfast
20-06-14Biggers Better is BACK
20-06-14Nosy Johnny - Good Luck
14-06-14WKN ProKick Results from Paris France June 14th 2014
14-06-14Darren McMullan back on the winning streak
13-06-14WKN Weigh-ins at the City Hall Clichy-sous-Bois Paris
12-06-14Bon voyage et bonne chance Team ProKick
12-06-14Good Luck To Belfast’s Kickboxing Karate Queen: Cathy McAleer
12-06-14Ballygowan man Darren McMullen to fight in Paris France
09-06-14Cathy McAleer to fulfill her Destiny
07-06-14Happy Birthday World Champion Cathy McAleer
06-06-14Samir ‘The Prince’ Mohammed makes ring return
06-06-14Frampton Vs Martinez II - IBF World Championship Boxing
03-06-14Well done for finishing the 6 week ProKick Kickboxing course
03-06-14New Six Week ProKick Beginners class Kicked Off

May 2014

31-05-14Killian Emery turns 16 years-old in Belfast
27-05-14Hamilton Hits 29!
27-05-14Do You Want To Become A Fighter?
18-05-14New ProKick baby - Jack ‘The Jab’ Dobson
16-05-14New ProKick Fouce Pad class hit off
15-05-14Kids in Kickboxing ProKick style
09-05-14Photographs Results from the New Breed kickboxing event Belfast April 2014 - NEW VIDEO ADDED
08-05-14GLORY: Last Man Standing on June 21st 2014
03-05-14Results from Greifswald, Germany
03-05-14Here we go again as Darren McMullen faces David Wachs No.2
02-05-14ProKick Team In Germany for Big Title Fights
02-05-14En-route to Germany
01-05-14McMullan will face German Champion Wachs for second time
01-05-14Join us on Facebook

April 2014

30-04-14New Breed Daily Blog - Their own Post fight Analysis
30-04-14Kickboxing beginners move up a Level - 30th April 2014
29-04-14April ProKick Grading 2014 - TONIGHT
29-04-14Carl Frampton back at the Odyssey Belfast April 4 2014
28-04-14A New Fitness Class kickboxing style Starts at ProKick
13-04-14Rowena Bolt faces Naomi Kongolo in Belfast
12-04-14Belfast Kids Face Southern High Kickers in kickboxing friendly
12-04-14Top of the Bill Clash on New Breed Belfast event
12-04-14Team Kongolo arrives in Belfast
12-04-14New Breed Fighters Get ready to ROCK
11-04-14Kids Friendly Team Event - THIS SUNDAY
10-04-14Teenage Kicks set for Holiday Inn Belfast
10-04-14Smith will bring his Big Guns to the Ring on Sunday
09-04-14New wannabe ProKick fighters want on next event
07-04-14Female kickboxing fighters wanted
07-04-14On set of Boogaloo and Graham
03-04-14A new Kickboxing Generation Leo the Lionheart Smith

March 2014

29-03-14Easter Fight Special Eggs-Travaganza gets financial clout
28-03-14K1 fight legend Ray Sefo WSOF MMA
24-03-14Kickboxing Beginners and Advanced Beginners move up a Level
24-03-14Carl Emery Receives Top award from Spanish
23-03-14New Breed Fighters Boot Camp 2014
22-03-14Ernesto Hoost Fight Return
21-03-14New Kids Sparring Class Kicked off
18-03-14New Kickboxing fitness Course Kicked off at ProKick Belfast
17-03-14Good Luck Mr Ernesto Hoost and Happy St Patrick’s Day from your Friends in Belfast
17-03-14Happy St Patrick’s Day 2014
14-03-14Northern Ireland’s Next Generation of world Beaters
14-03-14Kickboxing Kids Grading Friday 14th March 2014
13-03-14Ernesto Hoost to make Ring Return
10-03-14The Peace Fighters initiative Knock-out at UN
09-03-14Belters: Beginner to Senior Brown Grading at ProKick Belfast
07-03-14Six weeks of kickboxing finish at ProKick March 2014
07-03-14The Peace Fighters - Emery & Murray back at the UN HQ Geneva TODAY

February 2014

22-02-14Badr Hari jailed for 18 months
21-02-14Pro Boxing in Belfast March 21st 2014
18-02-14Billy Murray gets Local UTV Unsung Hero Award
17-02-14New kickboxers started their journey
11-02-14Beginner kickboxers at ProKick Gym move up a Level
01-02-14ProKick.TV is Launched

January 2014

28-01-14Punch: First Minister and Deputy First Minister for Northern Ireland at Stormont
28-01-14New Beginners head to ProKick for Kickboxing
27-01-14Young Filmaking Talent Showcased at Parliament Buildings
25-01-14Kongolo Vs Coco Result from Italy - WKN Intercontinental championship
24-01-14Thai Boxe Mania Turin Italy
24-01-14KICKmas 2013 Video - Purchase the FULL Fight-Card
22-01-14GLORY 14 Zagreb March 8th 2014
22-01-14Do You Want To Become A Kickboxing Fighter? Starts this Thursday
16-01-14ProKick.TV coming very soon
12-01-14Brian Magee not ready to hang-up gloves yet
11-01-14Tyson Fury in talks with Frank Warren
06-01-14First 6 week Beginners Class at ProKIck in 2014
01-01-14Happy New Year 2014