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December 2016

30-12-16Last ProKick class of 2016
30-12-16It was the Last Friday Night ProKick class for 2016
21-12-16Last Sparring class of 2016
20-12-16Santa at ProKick Senior Class 2016
20-12-16Santa to hit ProKick
18-12-16Christmas Grading at ProKick 2016
18-12-16Kids Le Grande Grading
17-12-16Le Grande Grading 2016 - TODAY
12-12-16New 6 week kickboxing started 12 Dec 2017
08-12-16New 6 week Beginners Finish 8th Dec 2016

November 2016

25-11-16Billy Murray on BBC Radio Ulster
22-11-16Beginners to Kickboxing at ProKick in 2016
22-11-16New Level 1 Beginners Sparring Course
19-11-16Frank Munoz Master Class at ProKick
18-11-16Frank Munoz hits ProKick
14-11-16Beginners Finish 6 week Kickboxing Nov 2016
12-11-16Lots going on at ProKick Belfast
12-11-16UFC 205 Results
11-11-16Help us - who is this
06-11-16November Grading 2016
03-11-16New beginners course at ProKick
03-11-16Friday Classes at ProKick
01-11-16ProKick Kids Video Ards Show

October 2016

29-10-16Ghostly going-ons at Stormont
28-10-16Weather Good for Stormont
28-10-16Halloween is coming 2016 - SEE YOU AT STORMONT
26-10-16Kickboxing beginners finish course Oct 2016
10-10-16A new Beginners course 10th OCT 2016
06-10-16We Finished Kickboxing course 5th Oct 2016
04-10-16​Cathy on the Radio
01-10-16Jake McCready hits 16 years old

September 2016

30-09-16Cathy McAleer vs Tina Harvey video
29-09-16Thursday Beginners Class at ProKick
28-09-16ProKick Grading Belters - Sept 2016
27-09-16ProKick Adult grading September 2016 - Belt-up
26-09-16Advance Beginners preparing for grading
25-09-16Cathy McAleer in England
23-09-16Weigh-ins - McAleer Vs Harvey
20-09-16New kickboxing beginners sign-up Sept 2016
19-09-16Finished your kickboxing course on Monday
19-09-16And the New WKN Irish kickboxing champion
16-09-16Weigh-ins for Back N Ards
15-09-16Welcome kickboxing team Malta
14-09-16Kickboxing Kids go through the Ropes
11-09-16Killian Emery Vs Aiden Borg Catania
09-09-16Robb Vs Rembelska
05-09-16Maltese Fighters back in Northern Ireland
05-09-16Swann Vs Dunne Irish title shot
02-09-16Bruce Lee Hits ProKick
01-09-16ProKick Beginners Sept 1st 2016

August 2016

30-08-16Finished kickboxing Course 2016
30-08-16Speed is Power: Gilbert Yates
30-08-16Support for: Cathy McAleer guns for another World title
15-08-16The next squad of Beginners at ProKick
14-08-16August Kickboxing grading 2016
12-08-16ProKick Beginners working hard
04-08-16Champions help-out New Beginners at ProKick
02-08-16The latest high kicking Kids from ProKick

July 2016

30-07-16Frampton Vs Santa Cruz LIVE Stream
28-07-16McCusker gets first RingSide Tickets
26-07-16Hello and Welcome New Beginners
25-07-16Beginners Class Finish July 2016
08-07-16News - Events and Classes
04-07-16Join us on twitter
02-07-16Jim Crone back at ProKick
01-07-16New ProKick Gloves

June 2016

30-06-16kickboxing classes for beginners
28-06-16New challange for Cathy McAleer
23-06-16Beginners Completed Course at ProKick
22-06-16The passing of an old guard
19-06-16New ProKick MMA Style fight shorts
18-06-16Send Us Your News
13-06-16The tenth kickboxing course at ProKick in 2016
12-06-16Summer Kicks Grading day
12-06-16Grading June 12th 2016 Kids
08-06-16Another class finished 6 weeks at ProKick
05-06-16ProKick Idols great day
04-06-16Idols weigh-ins Part 1 Done
03-06-16Studying the form
03-06-16Cathy McAleer now to face Fabienne Erdas
01-06-16Weigh-ins ProKick Idols Event

May 2016

30-05-16Killian Emery hits 18 years-old
30-05-16Johnny Smith to face Adrian Tomescu at ProKick Idols
26-05-16Samantha Robb to face Norwegian Janne Dimmen
22-05-16Cathy McAleer to face Michelle Page in K1 match-up
19-05-16Ninth kickboxing course in 2016
16-05-16ProKick 6 weeks Finished - What’s Next?
03-05-16Kickboxing Course for Beginners NO.8 Kicks off May 2016

April 2016

30-04-16ProKick Idols
28-04-16Advanced Beginners Course is Next
20-04-16Fight Here - Limited Matches Left
20-04-16McGregor tweeted Retirement
20-04-16Finishing Beginners Kickboxing at ProKick
15-04-16Gran Canaria Weigh-ins
13-04-16Live Tonight from ProKick Gym
11-04-16ProKick Beginners course NO.7 Kicks off 2016
10-04-16April 2016 - Adult grading
10-04-16Kids in kickboxing - Grading
04-04-16ProKick: Our latest beginners squad who finished
03-04-16Birthday Girl
03-04-16Johnny Smith back in the Ring

March 2016

27-03-16Early Morning Training - Part 2
27-03-16face-Off - Frampton Vs Quigg RESULTS
27-03-16Mayweather 1 in a Million
27-03-16Conor McGregor first loss in UFC
24-03-16Beginners course NO.6 Kicks off at ProKick 2016
24-03-16Killian Emery at ProKick 2016
24-03-16Carl Frampton Vs Scott Quigg in Manchester
23-03-16Tickets now on sale for ‘ProKick Idols’
23-03-16Kids Easter Eggstravananza 2016
21-03-16Scottish warrior back in Belfast
20-03-16Happy Easter 2016
19-03-16Kids in kickboxing
11-03-16Swann joins team to Canaries
10-03-16Congratulations on Finishing a ProKick course
08-03-16New Beginners course NO.5 Kicked off at ProKick
02-03-16Johnny Swift Smith Back at School
01-03-16Kickboxing Beginners worked up to next Level

February 2016

29-02-16New ProKick Pad class
28-02-16We finished - hurrah!
23-02-16GLORY 27 Chicago
22-02-16Forth New beginners course of 2016
18-02-16Lia Del Toro Cabrera at ProKick
08-02-166 Week Beginners course Ends
07-02-16ProKickers make Grade
04-02-16New beginners kick off at ProKick 2016

January 2016

30-01-16ProKick Kids Saturday Class
25-01-16Bootcamp 2016 Blog
23-01-16Fun Walk - Jog and Run at Stormont
22-01-16We need you
21-01-16ProKick ethos back at School
20-01-16New Beginners Kick off at ProKick
20-01-16End 6 weeks - Now moving up
10-01-16ProKick Review 2015
06-01-16First Kicks and Punches of 2016
06-01-16New Sparring Course Kicks Off
05-01-16The upper echelons of ProKick
04-01-16First ProKick Beginners 2016
04-01-16First back for 2016
01-01-16Happy New Year 2016
01-01-16ProKick Martial Art equipment