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Archive for the year 2017

June 2017

24-06-17New ProKick web-site 2017
20-06-17Billy’s ProKick Bootcamp 2017
20-06-17Adult Yellow & Orange belt Grading
19-06-17Boxing Drills for Beginners Part 1
19-06-17Boxing & Knee Drills for Beginners Part 2
15-06-17Fitness Course - 6 weeks Of Kickboxing for 2017
15-06-17Kids sparring class Starts Friday
15-06-17SATURDAY three-in-one style class
14-06-17Wednesday Sparring Class
13-06-17Finished proKick Course 13th June 2017
11-06-17The Gym is open all this week
10-06-17Weigh-ins Usual Suspects 3
09-06-17Killian Emery Vs Rytis Danuiles
07-06-17Cathy McAleer faces Beatrice Marcialis from Sardinia
06-06-17Happy Birthday Cathy McAleer
06-06-17ProKick Sparring 2017

May 2017

31-05-17Friday Night at ProKick Gym
30-05-17Bootcamp May 2017 FINISHED
29-05-17New Beginners Kick Off at ProKick 29th May 2017
28-05-17Billy’s ProKick Bootcamp 2017 TODAY
28-05-17May 2017 ProKick Grading
27-05-17Here is your chance to grade and belt-up
26-05-17Saturday Morning ProKick Kids Class
26-05-17Circuit and Pads class BACK
25-05-176 weeks of Kickboxing finished May 2017
15-05-17New 6 week Beginners Finish 15th May 2017
12-05-17WKN Challenge 2017 from Poland - Video on-line
09-05-17Poland here we come
09-05-17ProKick Beginners Course kicks-Off May 2017
05-05-17Gran Canaria Weigh-ins 2017
03-05-17Last training session for travelling ProKick fighters
01-05-17ProKick team Back in Las Palmas
01-05-17Tickets now on sale - Usual Suspects 3

April 2017

30-04-17Bank Holiday May 1st 2017
30-04-17Tuesday Senior class at ProKick
27-04-17Thursday Night ProKick Belfast
25-04-17Finished six weeks at ProKick April 2017
20-04-17ProKick Beginners Course number 9 in 2017
16-04-17A ProKick Happy Easter 2017
09-04-17April 2017 ProKick Grading
03-04-17New Beginners at ProKick 3rd April 2017

March 2017

30-03-17Beginners Finish 6 week Kickboxing March 2017
25-03-17Do you want to become a ProKick Fighter
23-03-17Kick Me
23-03-17Calling All Fighters
22-03-17Finished 6 weeks of ProKick 20th March 2017
17-03-17Happy Saint Patricks Day
14-03-17New Beginners course starts March 2017
05-03-17New Belters in March 2017

February 2017

28-02-17Beginners Finish 6 week Kickboxing Feb 2017
23-02-174th New ProKick beginners in kickboxing FEB 2017
22-02-17Canada on the Cards
21-02-17A message from Billy Murray
20-02-17Join The WKN
20-02-17Early Morning Training
19-02-17New Promoters Wanted
16-02-17Kickboxing ProKick Level 2 sparring 2017 - FINISHED
13-02-173rd New ProKick beginners in kickboxing FEB 2017
09-02-17Kickboxing Beginners Finish 9th Feb 2017
05-02-17All Unusual Suspects weigh-ins finished
03-02-17Weigh-ins Usual Suspects
03-02-17New Challenger for Cathy McAleer

January 2017

24-01-172nd New ProKick beginners in 2017
19-01-17Bootcamp Final day
09-01-17Level 2 ProKick Sparring 2017
06-01-17ProKick Classes Back in Ards
05-01-17First ProKick beginners class 2017
04-01-17Beginners Sparring Course Finished
03-01-17First Kickboxing Course Finished 2017