Michael Swann Vs Cathal Dunne - What a fight, Dunne forced the fight from first bell, Swann knocked down in the 2nd by a right hand and taking a count from the Ref Mr Bob Hunter. In the third Dunne piled on the the pressure against the bigger taller man as he worked in the inside not giving Swann a second to get into his stride.
Going into the fourth and final round Swann needed something big as he was clearly behind on points. Half way through the 4th round - 'BOOM' and right out of the blue - a spinning back fist with another right for good measure and that was it! A dramatic turn around with the referee called the doctor Mr John Doherty in immediately, thankfully Cathal was back on his feet and okay.

A big shout-out and thanks to Leon Parsons and the #TeamWolfpack for travelling to the event.

#MichaelSwann‬ ‪#‎SamanthaRobb‬#JakeMcCready and #‎KillianEmery all had good fights on Saturday 17th Sept at the Queens Hall Newtownards.


WKN championship of Ireland
Amateur 67kg Full-Contact rules Title over 4x2 rounds
Michael Swann WINNER 4th KO (Belfast, NI) Vs Cathal Dunne (Athlone, IRE)
Michael hit the scales at 66.2kg

WKN - Low-Kick Style Amateur Prestige Match 67kg 4x2 min rounds
Samantha Robb WINNER POINTS Vs (Tyrella, NI) Dominika Rembelska (Poland)
Samantha came in 62.5kg the lightest in years - Dominikia made 61kg

WKN - Low-Kick Amateur rules. 3x2 min rounds - 68kg
Jake McCreedy WINNER POINTS (Belfast,NI) Vs Courtney Vella (Malta)
Both boys came in the same 66kg

WKN - K1 Style Oriental Amateur rules. 3x2 min rounds - 65kg
Killian Emery WINNER POINTS (Swiss) Vs Aiden Borg (Malta)
Again the two young fighters hit the scales the same weight 65kg